DHS Center Updates: Updated Webinar Series Invitaton on the Nonprofit Security Grant Program!

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Nonprofit Security Grant Program Webinars

The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Grant Programs Directorate, in partnership with the DHS Center for Faith and Opportunity Initiatives, invites faith-based, community, and nonprofit partners to participate in one of the upcoming webinars regarding the Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP). The Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 NSGP will provide $90 million in funding support to nonprofit organizations for security related activities. Additional program information is located at https://www.fema.gov/grants
Each webinar will present similar content, including: an overview of the NSGP, information on grant program eligibility and allowable costs, and a moderated question and answer session. (Note: the February 20 webinar will focus on other DHS and FEMA resources for the faith community, including but not limited to NSGP.) Please see the complete webinar schedule below, and share this invitation broadly.  

Webinar Links have been updated: Use the links below to register for future webinars.

February 2020 Webinars:

March 2020 Webinars:

  • Thursday 3/5, 2:30 PM ET – NSGP Webinar,   1-877-446-3914 (Code: 289309#)
  • Thursday 3/12, 2:30 PM ET – NSGP Webinar, 1-877-446-3914 (Code: 289309#)
  • Thursday 3/19, 2:30 PM ET – NSGP Webinar, 1-877-446-3914 (Code: 289309#)
  • Thursday 3/26, 2:30 PM ET – NSGP Webinar, 1-877-446-3914 (Code: 289309#)

 Please join 15 minutes early, so your name and organization may be recorded prior to entering the call and/or webinar. If you are unable to join, or if the event is at capacity, please join the next offering or view the archived January 22 webinar.

If you have any questions regarding these webinars, please contact FEMA’s Grant Programs Directorate Information Desk at 1-800-368-6498 or ASKcsid@dhs.gov.

DHS Center for Faith and Opportunity Initiatives

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