NPM Webinars Prepare Businesses, Children, Schools, Pet Owners, and Aging Americans


National Preparedness Month Webinars Prepare Businesses, Children, Schools,  

Pet Owners and Aging Americans  

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 September Webinars for National Preparedness Month  

National Preparedness Month (NPM) presents the perfect opportunity for everyone to get involved and learn more about disaster preparedness. In the wake of recent events such as Hurricane Irene, the East Coast earthquake, and the Joplin and Tuscaloosa tornadoes, now is a critical time to promote preparedness education.  


Join us for these upcoming informative webinar sessions aimed at educating individuals, communities and organizations about the various aspects of preparing for a disaster in today’s ever-changing world:
September 6th: Implementing a Youth Preparedness Program as you Kick-Off the New School Year
- This webinar was previously scheduled for August 23rd; however due to the East Coast earthquake, is rescheduled to September 6th.

This webinar provides you with resources for implementing an effective youth preparedness program including:


  • Implementing and funding a youth program 
  • Choosing from currently available curriculum 
  • Evaluating and sustaining a program 


Hear from those who have effectively developed and delivered some of the most successful youth preparedness programs across the country and learn more about engaging today’s youth in disaster preparedness!


September 8th: Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN): Improving Disaster Preparedness Through Education - Help with education in all disaster functions may be closer than you think. Since 1994, the Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) has focused on providing disaster education at the local level through each state’s land-grant university. Learn more about:


  • EDEN’s role in preparedness education 
  • Various preparedness education resources EDEN provides 
  • How to engage with EDEN 


September 13th: Available Resources to Prepare Schools - This webinar will answer many of your questions about getting schools prepared for a disaster of any kind. If you are a school administrator, principal, teacher or concerned parent, you won’t want to miss this integral discussion.  Some of the questions to be discussed include:


  • How was Joplin successful in preparing for and recovering from a disaster? How can other schools learn from their experience? 
  • Where can schools find additional funding and resources in today’s budget climate?  How does the DHS grant process work? 
  • What free preparedness trainings are available for schools and school administrators, both online and in person? 
  • What preparedness resources are available to schools at little or no cost?  


September 15th: Preparedness for the Pets in our Homes and in our Hearts - Whether it is a cat, dog, turtle, fish, horse, cow or llama – animals are a very important part of our lives; however when it comes to preparing for disasters, they can pose some unique challenges. Join us to learn from pet and livestock emergency preparedness experts about:


  • The considerations and trends emerging in household pet and livestock readiness strategies
  •   Disaster preparedness resources available to those with animals in their lives

 September 22nd: Preparedness Considerations for Aging Americans – Log in and learn about specific preparedness steps for Aging Americans.  Hear from FEMA officials and leaders at the forefront of Aging American Preparedness and have your questions answered: 

  • What can I do to bring preparedness to my community?
  • What are the free resources available to me?
  • How do I connect with my state emergency management?

If you know or care for someone that is aging, you’ll want to join.  

September 27th: Earthquakes can happen anywhere. Are you Ready? – You only have seconds. Do you know exactly what to do the moment the ground starts shaking? If it involves a doorway, a triangle, or running – these are not quake-safe actions. Participants on this webinar will learn:

  • How to get your organization involved in ShakeOut – the largest earthquake drill in the country
  • Actions to take during an earthquake, taught by experts from ShakeOut and FEMA
  • Where to register so you can practice updated quake safety and learn more about quake preparedness

Be sure to sign up as a National Preparedness Month Coalition member!  In as little as two minutes, you will have access to preparedness events taking shape across the country, templates, new ideas, and tools to promote your preparedness activities.  We are dedicated to forming a coalition that is large and diverse; so America’s communities can become better educated through the people they know.  Let’s work together to find new partners and bring preparedness to the forefront year round.

Thank you for your participation!