united states coast guard

11 JUN 2024

ALCGRSV 023/24
1. AY24 Selected Reserve (SELRES) assignment actions are complete
and AY25 preparations are underway.
   a. Assignment actions and processes were employed to address
Service requirements, meet unit needs, and consider member desires
to the greatest extent possible.
   b. Reducing assignments for members residing outside of Reasonable
Commuting Distance (RCD) remained a priority in AY24. The Service
continued to meet RCD requirements within the SELRES junior officer
and enlisted ranks through the Flexible Personnel Allowance List
2. Summary of AY24 CAPT and CDR assignments (AY23 numbers in
   a. CAPT/CDR assignment to SELRES positions:
      (1) O6/O6(SEL): 25 (20)
      (2) O5/O5(SEL): 71 (48)
   b. CAPT/CDR assignments to the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR):
      (1) O6/O6(SEL): 0 (0)
      (2) O5/O5(SEL): 0 (0)
   c. Total vacant CAPT billets: 2 (0)
   d. Total vacant CDR billets: 1 (0)
3. Summary of AY24 LCDR assignments (AY23 numbers in parenthesis):
   a. LCDR assignment to SELRES positions: 94 (83)
   b. LCDR assignments to the IRR: 0 (0)
   c. Total vacant LCDR billets: 21 (30)
4. Summary of AY24 LT and below assignments (AY23 numbers in
   a. Total assignment orders issued: 1276 (1514)
      (1) W2-O3: 232 (450), 19 assignments were issued
through FlexPAL (see paragraph 6)
      (2) E9: 13 (18), 6 assignments were Gold Badge and 6
were Silver Badge
      (3) E8: 35 (24), 10 assignments were Silver Badge
      (4) E7: 151 (170), 0 assignments were Silver Badge
      (5) E4-E6: 840 (852) assignments were issued
through FlexPAL (see paragraph 6)
   b. Enlisted pay grade mismatches resulting from AY24 orders
issued: 25 (33), RPM continues to follow a "2-up, 2-down" policy
for E4 to E6.
   c. Vacant billets:
      (1) O2-O3: 33 (46)
      (2) CWO: 6 (10)
      (3) E7-E9: 96 (98)
5. Enlisted accession-related assignment actions: 290 (230); these
actions are performed by CG Recruiting Command in collaboration
with RPM and are not calculated in the above total orders issued in
paragraph 4.a. of this message.
6. RPM-2 continues to utilize FlexPAL in assigning E4 to E6, and
Junior Officers, O1 to O3. The goal of FlexPAL is to reduce
long-term vacancies, provide a training position for every member
assigned to a unit with training capacity, and reduce commuting
distances when possible.
7. All members who received an assignment were notified NLT
01 Jun 24. Reservists who are tour complete in AY24 and submitted
an e-Resume but have not received assignment orders or notification
must contact their AO immediately.
8. Assignment to PSUs are the top priority. Due to ongoing staffing
shortages in the Deployable Specialized Forces (DSF) community,
RPM-2 continues to identify reservists who meet the criteria to fill
critical vacancies. Members that live within RCD of a DSF unit are
reminded that they may be involuntarily assigned if not enough
qualified volunteers are identified. Notifications of potential
candidacy for involuntary DSF assignment were sent to 89 members
residing within RCD of a Port Security Unit.
9. Lessons learned:
   a. Processing orders: Commands must ensure SPOs execute all
orders and extensions issued for their units within 30 days of a
member’s report date. Failure to process these will result in
PAL discrepancies.
   b. E-Resumes:
      (1) During AY24 a significant number of members who were
tour-complete or on long-term ADOS failed to submit, submitted late,
or submitted unrealistic e-Resumes. Members are required to know
their rotation or ADOS termination dates and comply with published
timelines. Members shall adhere to the e-Resume submission deadline
and may contact their AO for assignment counseling prior to
submitting an e-Resume.
      (2) Members are advised not to repeat information contained
in DA or the iPERMS (OERs, CG-4082s, etc.) in the Member Comments
section of their e-Resume.
   c. Assignment decisions are based on information contained in
official personnel records, kickoff messages, rank specific
assignment guides, current assignment policy and command input.
   d. Changes in Reserve Component Category (RCC): Status change
requests (retirement requests, transfer to IRR, etc.) received
after the deadline for Command Concerns and e-Resume submission,
place the unit at risk of a billet vacancy and the member at risk
of having his or her request denied or delayed. Retirement requests
can be submitted up to one year prior to the effective date, and
RPM encourages members to submit requests for retirement or other
RCC changes at least nine months prior to the desired effective date.
   e. RPM Virtual Roadshow: Commands are reminded to review
ALCGRSV 041/23 Reserve Personnel Management Roadshow Solicitation
for RPM outreach opportunities and to review updates in the next
Roadshow solicitation expected to be released in August 2024.
10. Members who decline SELRES assignment must notify RPM of their
intent to decline within 30 days of the orders issuance date.
Notification of intent to decline SELRES PCS orders must be
forwarded electronically to the appropriate AO for action. Failure
to notify RPM of intent to decline will result in discharge for
unsatisfactory participation.
11. RPM will continue to communicate through traditional channels
(message traffic, off-season solicitations, and shopping list
updates). Reserve assignment information is available on the
PSC-RPM website (
AY25 guidance will be provided in the AY25 Kick-off messages,
which we anticipate releasing in September 2024.
12. Command inquiries regarding Reserve assignments must be
directed to LCDR Marvi Rivera, Chief, Reserve Assignments
Branch (PSC-RPM-2), at or 202-795-6517.
13. CAPT T. E. Fryar, Chief CG PSC-RPM, sends.
14. Internet release authorized.