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R 081038Z MAY 24   MID120001089698U
ALCOAST 211/24
SSIC 7100
A. Miscellaneous Payment Field User Quick Reference Guide
1. PURPOSE: This ALCOAST announces the release of a new
Miscellaneous (Misc) Payment M360 Application (app) to facilitate
submission of member payment requests to FINCEN. The app builds on
the successful transition of personally procured move (PPM)
payments to a M360 app solution last year, which enabled
significantly improved speed of PPM payments. The M360 app solution
provides better transparency for members, the supporting unit, and
FINCEN to ensure faster payment and error resolution. The Misc
Payment app is available on Coast Guard Common Core at the following
link (scroll down to "Tools and Trackers" - then select FINCEN MISC
Payment Application):
(Copy and Paste URL Below into Browser)

2. MISCELLANEOUS PAYMENT TYPES: The most common Misc payment types
include: Voluntary Credentialing Program expenses (e.g., pilot,
diver, or equipment licenses), Civilian Uniform Allowance (e.g.,
safety boots & goggles), training courses (e.g., motorcycle riders'
safety), Recruiter expenses (e.g., applicant meals and parking), and
Personal Property Damage Claims. A full list of misc payment types
is available in Section 5 of the User Guide that is available on the
log-on screen within the app. PPM and Temporary Lodging Allowance
claims will continue to be processed through their own apps, also
available on Common Core.
3. MEMBERS REQUESTING PAYMENT: Members must obtain approval with
their Command before incurring reimbursable costs to ensure
compliance with policy and funds availability. Additionally, their
request must be obligated in FSMS by the supporting unit. Once
authorized and obligated by the unit, the CG member or respective
unit will then submit payment request along with the required
supporting documentation via the app.
4. SUPPORTING UNIT: To pay a miscellaneous payment in FSMS, an
obligation must be created with sufficient funds as an amount based,
two-way matched award. Exceptions are for CAT II MIPRs,
(third party payments) that require amount based, three-way match
awards, requiring receipting BEFORE being sent to FINCEN.
All relevant documents should be submitted with the request to avoid
any delay in the payment process. When the request is submitted,
FINCEN Misc Payables Team will review the documentation provided
and process the payment request. If any additional documentation
is required, the request will be returned to the member in the
Misc Claims Payment Application for review.
5. If a member or unit is unable to access Common Core, you may
need to submit your Misc Payment request to our Misc Payables (MR2)
shared mailbox at: Exception to Common
Core submission include but are not limited to, individuals who no
longer have a Common Access Card (CAC), do not have access to Coast
Guard SharePoint, and/or no or limited internet connectivity.
6. For questions or comments about the Misc Payment Application, or
the miscellaneous payment process, please contact FINCEN customer
service at:
7. RADM Matthew W. Lake, Assistant Commandant for Resources & Chief
Financial Officer (CG-8), sends.
8. Internet release is authorized.