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R 191800Z APR 24 MID120001041352U
ALCOAST 177/24
SSIC 1650
1. We are pleased to announce the selection of MK1 Emily Helterhoff
of CGC BERTHOLF as the 2023 Enlisted Person of the Year - Active
Duty Component, and OS1 Leland Kimball of Port Security Unit 313
as the 2023 Enlisted Person of the Year - Reserve Component.
   a. As CGC BERTHOLF's Main Propulsion Lead Petty Officer,
MK1 Helterhoff conducted 3,600 mission essential maintenance items,
three critical safe to sail repairs, and procured $100,000 of
supplies to guarantee operational continuity of vital equipment.
MK1 Helterhoff expertly stepped up to assume the duties and
responsibilities of the division's Senior Chief Petty Officer
position throughout a four-month Alaska Patrol. MK1 Helterhoff
managed personnel administrative actions, oversaw plant maintenance
and operation, and led junior petty officer development. As a
representative of the Main Propulsion Division and Engineering
Department, MK1 Helterhoff served as an invaluable on-scene subject
matter expert and Engineer of the Watch (EOW) during Bertholf's
Drydock Availability Period. Moreover, MK1 Helterhoff's role as a
teacher and mentor further enhanced the capabilities of the
Engineering and Damage Control Training Teams (ETT and DCTT).
MK1 Helterhoff played a pivotal role in the creation and execution
of numerous drills, resulting in a significant number of
qualifications for EOW, Basic and Advanced Damage Control, and
Security and Machinery Watchstanders. MK1 Helterhoff dedicated
time to promoting mental health, safety, and overall welfare among
crew members. As a certified Victim Advocate and trained in crisis
intervention (CISM, ASIST, and SafeTalk), MK1 Helterhoff provided
invaluable support and assistance to those in need.
   b. OS1 Kimball exemplified exceptional leadership and initiate
while the PSU 313 Shore Side Security Division Chief Position was
vacant. By assuming the role of Lead Petty Officer, OS1 Kimball
managed administrative tasks and took charge of developmental and
operational aspects of the entire division, demonstrating
versatility and dedication. One notable achievement was OS1
Kimball's role in onboarding and training two junior enlisted
Operations Specialists who were new to Deployable Specialized Forces
and the Coast Guard. This effort highlights OS1 Kimball's commitment
to fostering the growth and development of personnel within the
unit, ensuring they are equipped with the necessary skills and
knowledge to succeed in their roles. Furthermore, OS1 Kimball's
leadership in developing and delivering critical training on the
use and troubleshooting of PRC-152 handheld radios to nearly 30
members of PSU 313 Shoreside Security Division underscores a
commitment to operational readiness and effectiveness. Additionally,
OS1 Kimball's coordination efforts in developing and executing a
communications plan for a unit-wide joint field training exercise
with the King County Metro Transit Department in Puget Sound
demonstrate strategic thinking and collaboration across agencies.
This endeavor enhanced interoperability and readiness for real-world
scenarios, reflecting OS1 Kimball's dedication to ensuring unit
preparedness. Moreover, OS1 Kimball's coordination with the Naval
Beach Group communications division to develop and integrate a
multi-band, internationally compliant communications plan in support
of a DoD multinational field training exercise in the Philippines
highlights OS1 Kimball's ability to operate on a global scale and
adapt to diverse environments and requirements.
2. Petty Officers Helterhoff and Kimball are exceptional Coast
Guard Sentinels who embody our Core Values on and off duty.
3. The following individuals are also worthy of special recognition,
having earned nominations from their commands and the respect of
their fellow Coast Guard members as 2023 Enlisted Persons of
the Year at the District level:
   a. MST1 Thomas Houston, CG Sector Boston;
   b. BM1 Scott Mellen, CG Station Point Judith;
   c. ME1 Joseph Dellamura, CG Sector Maryland NCR;
   d. MK2 Shoja Ahmad, CG Sector Maryland NCR;
   e. YN1 Melody Benitez, CG Sector Miami;
   f. GM2 Jessica Willis, CGC Isaac Mayo;
   g. ME2 Adam Madore, CG Sector Corpus Christi;
   h. MST2 Ryan Wilbur, Marine Safety Unit Texas City;
   i. YN1 Karl Spiesman, Port Security Unit 309;
   j. SK1 Pierce Schrecengast, CG Sector Eastern Great Lakes;
   k. BM1 Chad Vacco, CG Station San Diego;
   l. BM1 Calvin Hernandez, CG Station Neah Bay;
   m. MST2 Bryan Rios, CG Sector Honolulu;
   n. IS1 Kevin Duong, CG Cryptologic Unit Hawaii;
   o. BM3 Kellan Ford, CG Station Valdez; and
   p. AET1 Jason Frayne, CG Air Station Kodiak.
4. Thank you to the numerous commands who recognized our many
high-performing enlisted personnel for a job well done.
5. The POC for the Enlisted Person of the Year Program is
SCPO Jetta Disco, COMDT (CG-00B) at
6. Admiral Linda L. Fagan, Commandant (CCG) and
MCPOCG Heath B. Jones, Master Chief Petty Officer of the
Coast Guard (CG-00B), send.
7. Internet release is authorized.