united states coast guard

07 MAR 2024

ALCGRSV 010/24
A. Coast Guard Officer Evaluation System Procedures Manual, PSCINST
1. OVERVIEW. As we close out the 2023 Officer Evaluation Report (OER)
season, this message outlines information, best practices, and guidance to
assist units and officers with OER administration for IDPL Officers.
2. OER VALIDATION. OERs are tracked and prioritized for board and panel
candidates. To ensure timely OER validation, candidates for boards and
panels shall not delay their OER and should submit it to RPM-1 at least
30 days before the applicable board or panel convenes. Submit OERs to To expedite OER processing and
validation, the OER file name and email subject line should include the
ROO’s EMPLID, rank, last name, first and middle initials, and the end of
period of the OER (ie 1234567 LCDR Jones AB 30APR2024 OER).
a. IDPL Rating Chain. Per para 7.B.2a of Ref A, the rating chain of all
IDPL officers O-5 and below shall consist of at least 1 IDPL and 1 APDL
officer. This includes IDPL officers on the APDL submission schedule
due to being on Title 10/Title 14/ADOS for greater than 181 consecutive
days. Exceptions being units with more than 50 percent reserve personnel.
b. Prohibited comments. Per para 4.B.1-14 of Ref A, prohibited comments
(e.g. gender pronouns, medical status, refer to ROO by first or last name
in comments blocks, mention paid civilian employment, or emphasis on third
party's demographic, etc.) must be avoided.
c. Administrative data. Rating officials are encouraged to implement local
measures to eliminate administrative errors and improve the timeliness and
quality of OERs. Late or missing OERs, or OERs with errors, may jeopardize
an officer's competitiveness at boards, panels, or assignments. Use the
CGBI Employee Summary Sheet (ESS) or DA member info report to verify
administrative information when preparing Sections 1 (Administrative
Information) and 2b (PAL title/Position Description) to ensure it matches
d. Unit-level quality review check. Approximately 70% of OERs submitted to
RPM require administrative correction, delaying the OER validation process.
OER Quality Review Check Sheets for the CG-5310A, CG-5310B, and CG-5310C
highlight. The most common errors and are posted on the OPM-3 SharePoint
Page: OPM-3 (
e. Not Observed OERs. Not Observed performance dimensions within an OER or
even fully Not Observed OERs should be utilized if there is insufficient
observed performance for the rating chain to render a judgement. A Not
Observed mark does not indicate substandard performance nor does it cast a
derogatory light on an officer’s record when going before a board or panel.
This feature best depicts the overall picture of a Reported-on Officer’s
progression (such as why they may be at a different professional growth point
compared to their peers) and should be utilized vice requesting a waiver
for the entire OER period. Rating chains are encouraged to contact RPM-1
for assistance in completing a Not Observed OER.
f. RO Comments. ROs must be clear and direct when articulating whether an
officer is ready for promotion and positions of greater leadership and
responsibility. The RO comments must also align with their marks in block 5
This consistency provides a clear picture of their intent to the reader.
g. Concurrent OERs. Per para 7.C.4 of Ref A, IDPL officer performing active
duty for a period of 30 to 180 days at a unit other than their PDS must
receive a one-page Concurrent OER. This is based on the actual date of
orders not actual date of report/depart.
h. Writing. It is of utmost importance for the rating chains to write in
plain language to document Performance, Professionalism, Leadership, and
Education (PPLE). Rating chains must remember that the OER will be read
by members of all communities serving on boards and panels when
articulating the impact of a particular action.
i. OER procedures. Ref A outlines procedures for completing the CG Officer
Support Form and OER.
j. OER validation status. Members can check the status of their OER
validation through Direct Access. DA OER Status Guide can be found on the
OPM-3 SharePoint page:
OPM-3 - DA OER Status Guide.pdf - All Documents (
k. iPERMS. RPM-1 is not authorized to release copies of OERs or any
documents contained in a member's Coast Guard Official Military Personnel
File (OMPF). Members can check their record in iPERMS or contact Military Records
with any record specific questions.
4. Additional information and OER forms, guides, etc. can be found on the
OPM3 SharePoint page. Opening an OER in an internet browser may not work,
if you encounter the "Please wait..." Adobe message you should download and
locally save the form to your One Drive, then open the form using the Adobe
program. Then click “Enable All Features.”
5. For case-by-case guidance, clarification on above items, or any OER
inquiries Contact RPM-1 OES at RPM-1 is
available for OER training upon unit request.
6. CAPT T.E. Fryar, Chief CG PSC-RPM sends.
7. Internet release authorized.