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ALCOAST 511/23
SSIC 1500
1. The Office of Leadership, COMDT (CG-DCMS-DPR-5), is soliciting
applications for Graduate School USA, and the Partnership in
Public Service Excellence in Government Fellows Program,
offerings for civilians and military members. These outstanding
programs are designed to grow military and future public service
leaders with unique opportunities to expand their leadership
knowledge base in focused environments. Additional information on
these courses can be found at:
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2. Graduate School USA Courses:
    a. The New Leader Program (Course Code: 500917) is held
virtually. This six-month program develops future public service
leaders by providing assessment, experiential learning and
individual development opportunities, and is open to employees
who have high potential for leadership or have recently entered
leadership positions. Individuals should be nominated for this
program based on their potential and motivation to complete all
requirements and participate fully in all components of this
intensive six-month program. Participants will be away from their
primary duties for three, one-week sessions, and should be
prepared to dedicate 4-6 hours per week on assignments between
training sessions.
        (1) Eligibility: GS 7-11, NF 3-4, and equivalent wage grade
levels (WG 10-15, WL 6-14, WS 8-13).
        (2) CG Application Deadline: 1 FEB 2024
        (3) Program Duration: Six months, 12 AUG 2024 to 28 FEB 2025
        (4) Virtual Session Dates: 12 AUG to 16 AUG 2024, 18 NOV to
22 NOV 2024, and 24 FEB to 28 FEB 2025
    b. The Executive Leader Program (Course Code: 500916) is a
virtual leadership development program designed for mid-level
employees that provides assessment, experiential learning and
individual developmental opportunities, and career planning for
high-potential federal employees to prepare them for future
positions as leaders and managers. This training requires
participants to be away from their positions for a minimum of
four, one-week sessions, and participants should be prepared to
spend an average of 4-6 hours per week outside of sessions to
work on class assignments.
        (1) Eligibility: GS 11-13, wage grade equivalent (WL and
WG 10-15), NF 4-5 members who are not supervisors or are new
supervisors with less than one year of supervisory experience.
        (2) CG Application Deadline: 1 FEB 2024
        (3) Program Duration: Nine months, 16 SEP 2024 to 13 JUN 2025
        (4) Virtual Session Dates: 16-20 SEP 2024, 16-20 DEC 2024,
10-14 MAR 2025, and 9-13 JUN 2025
    c. The Executive Potential Program (Course Code: 500915) is held
in Washington, DC. This blended program provides leadership and
managerial training and development opportunities for employees
who have a high potential to become a future senior Federal
manager. The ideal participants are employees who may be expected
to assume responsibility for programmatic or policy leadership in
their departments or agencies in the near future. Participants
should plan on being away from the unit for four, one-week
sessions. Participants will complete two 60-day developmental
rotational assignments and should plan to spend an average of 20
hours per week on course work between resident sessions.
        (1) Eligibility: GS 13-15, wage grade equivalent (WS 14-18 and
WL WL-14) members.
        (2) CG Application Deadline: 1 FEB 2024
        (3) Program Duration: 12 months, 9 SEP 2024 to 12 SEP 2025
        (4) Virtual Session Dates: 9-13 SEP 2024, 13-17 JAN 2025,
5-9 MAY 2025, and 8-12 SEP 2025
    d. Units with members applying to GS Graduate School courses are
expected to support their participant in the following manner:
        (1) Help facilitate and support developmental rotational
assignment(s) if applicable - preferably in an area outside of the
member's specialty and command environment.
        (2) Be active in the member's leadership growth - to include
participating in the development of the Leadership Development
Plan (LDP), and shadow assignments. Supervisors should seek to
assist members in finding shadow assignments that will develop
and encourage leadership opportunities with possible advancement
        (3) Support and encourage member participation in the training
program and its extensive requirements.
        (4) Assist the member in completing required training
assignments in a timely manner.
3. Partnership for Public Service:
    a. The Excellence in Government Fellows program strengthens the
leadership skills of GS 14-15, O-5, and O-6 members through a
proven combination of innovative coursework, best practices
benchmarking, action learning projects, executive coaching, and
government-wide networking. During this 10-month program, fellows
remain in their full time positions and meet three days every six
weeks in person. This equates to spending a total of 24 days in
session. Fellows will be required to devote up to five hours per
week to coursework and will work in teams to develop a project
plan to address and solve actual agency problems.
        (1) Eligibility: GS 14-15, O-5, and O-6 leaders seeking to
solve national challenges by driving innovation, inspiring
employees, and delivering results (exceptional GS-13s are also
encouraged to apply).
        (2) CG Application Deadline: 1 FEB 2024
        (3) Program Duration: 11 months, MAY 7 2024 to MAR 6 2025
        (4) Session Dates: MAY 7-10 2024, JUN 25-28 2024;
AUG 27-30 2024, NOV 12-15, 2024; JAN 7-10, 2025, and MAR 4-6, 2025
4. Application Procedures:
    a. A selection panel will be convened to select the best
qualified candidates for courses listed in paragraphs 1 - 3 above.
Application procedures and course information are available for
individuals interested in applying for these courses at:
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    b. All tuition costs and travel to attend convenings for these
courses are funded by the Office of Leadership.
    c. The Coast Guard is committed to providing equal access to
these professional development opportunities for our employees with
disabilities. If you need reasonable accommodations, please forward
your request to Kin Szeto via e-mail.
    d. NAF employees interested in attending leadership courses or
programs should email completed packages no later than one week
prior to the due date to Ms. Victoria Council at, (757) 842-4790.
5. Questions can be directed to Kin Szeto at (202) 475-5515 or
6. Dr. Donna M. Navarro, Executive Director for Personnel and
Readiness, and Senior Advisor to the Commandant for Diversity and
Inclusion (CG-DCMS-DPR-XD), sends.
7. Internet release is authorized.