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R 291613Z SEP 23   MID120000489665U
ALCOAST 366/23
SSIC 1570
A. Reserve Policy Manual, COMDTINST M1001.28D
B. Reserve Duty Status and Participation, COMDTINST 1001.2A
C. Financial Resource Management Manual (FRMM), COMDTINST M7100.3F
D. Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) Program Policies and
Procedures, COMDTINST M4600.18
1. This ALCOAST announces key deadlines for Selected Reserve (SELRES)
members and commands scheduling Active Duty for Training (ADT) in
2. A ready Reserve Component (RC) is key to strengthening national
preparedness, resilience, and maintaining the Coast Guard's ability
to respond to contingencies. It requires leadership to create an
environment that promotes SELRES competency attainment. Commands and
supervisors should forecast unit training plans and link them to ADT
schedules well in advance to maximize SELRES training opportunities
and resulting competency attainment.
3. In accordance with REFs (A) through (D), SELRES members may
complete ADT throughout FY24 (01 October 2023 to 30 September 2024)
if requested, approved, and scheduled in Direct Access (DA) by the
deadlines below. Particular attention must be paid to the critical
dates and scheduling deadlines in paragraph 9. Scheduling deadlines
are intended to promote unit-level planning and support both
operational and financial management needs. SELRES members
completing orders shall file their travel voucher within three days
of order end date IAW Chapter 3.E.4.C.(11) of REF (D).
4. Initial Active Duty for Training (IADT): IADT orders for recruit
training (Boot Camp and DEPOT) and A-school may be entered,
processed, and executed at any time during FY24. To ensure orders
are funded correctly, Reserve Training (RT) funded IADT orders for
SELRES members must be created and authorized in Direct Access using
funding Department ID: 048206.
5. Active Duty for Training - Other Training Duty (ADT-OTD): ADT-OTD
may be authorized by District(dxr)/PAC-13 subject to funds
availability. ADT-OTD shall not be authorized until funds have been
distributed to the District (dxr)/PAC-13 RT funds manager. ADT-OTD
funding must be prioritized for C-school quotas and must provide
training related to the member's position, specialty, or rating.
6. Active Duty for Training - Annual Training (ADT-AT):
    a. SELRES members are authorized 12 days of ADT-AT (exclusive of
travel) unless assigned to a Port Security Unit (PSU), Maritime
Expeditionary Security Group (MESG), or Maritime Expeditionary
Security Squadron (MSRON). SELRES members assigned to a PSU, MESG,
or MSRON are authorized 15 days of ADT-AT (exclusive of travel).
    b. The ADT-AT requirement is met by the completion of IADT, and
by Active Duty - Other than Training (ADOT), if the duty is rating,
specialty, or position related training IAW Chapter 3.B.1.s.(1) of
REF (B). Members who enter the SELRES after completing 30 days or
more of active duty are not obligated to complete the annual ADT-AT
requirement within the same fiscal year. However, these members may
complete ADT-AT with District (dxr)/PAC-13 approval and subject to
funds availability.
    c. Funding priority for ADT-AT must be given to complete
position-assigned competencies and advancement requirements. Only
after completing both of the above requirements may SELRES members
request ADT for other professional development. Commands and
supervisors must validate ADT requests against position competency
requirements as well as formal school schedules and available
C-school quotas to ensure SELRES members do not utilize their ADT
prior to issuance of formal training orders, such as CPOA.
Utilization of ADT-AT prior to receipt of a formal training quota
may result in forfeiture of the training opportunity. Additional
orders to attend the formal training will be subject to District
(dxr)/PAC-13 approval and funds availability.
    d. District(dxr)/PAC-13 staffs may issue ADT-AT/OTD orders in
excess of 12 days for formal school attendance. ADT orders in excess
of 30 days require prior authorization from COMDT (CG-R82).
    e. SELRES members leaving the Service voluntarily (e.g.,
retirement or discharge) or involuntarily (e.g., non-selected
for promotion, non-continued, etc.) during FY24 are not authorized
to perform ADT-AT/OTD unless duty is deemed necessary by the member's
command. This requirement must be validated by a Commanding Officer,
Officer-in-Charge, or an O5 or above in the SELRES member's chain of
command, and is subject to funds availability and District
(dxr)/PAC-13 approval.
    f. District (dxr)/PAC-13 may authorize non-consecutive ADT-AT
when the command (Commanding Officer, Officer-in-Charge, or an O5 or
above) determines the nature of the training allows its
accomplishment in small increments or when needed to accommodate
attendance at formal training courses that are less than 12 days
in duration. When non-consecutive orders are authorized, travel
allowances must be authorized IAW the Joint Travel Regulations.
District (dxr)/PAC-13 should carefully consider the service need
and identify increased travel costs (in excess of consecutive
ADT-AT orders) resulting from discretionary non-consecutive duty.
7. Management Responsibilities:
    a. Duty not performed IAW this message and REFs (A) through (C)
is subject to recoupment.
    b. Accurate and timely management of ADT orders is a Command and
District (dxr)/PAC-13 responsibility. Direct Access User Guides are
available on the Pay and Personnel Center (PPC) website at:
(Copy and Paste URL Below into Browser)

Commands, Reserve Force Readiness System (RFRS) staffs, Senior
Reserve Officers (SROs), Senior Enlisted Reserve Advisors (SERAs),
and supervisors of SELRES members shall familiarize themselves with
the Direct Access User Guides outlining reserve processes.
    c. Active duty orders must be generated in writing, in advance
of SELRES members reporting for duty IAW Chapter 2.B.3.a. of
REF (B). Orders should be issued at least 30 days before the
scheduled duty to allow SELRES members time to provide notification
to civilian employers and family members.
    d. Supervisors must notify the servicing Personnel and Admin
(P and A) staff of any change to orders in Direct Access to
facilitate reallocation of training funds.
    e. Reserve Training funds managers must ensure obligations and
expenditures do not exceed FY24 distributions IAW Chapter 5.6 of
REF (C). To comply with Chapter 5.6.4 of R (C), RT funds managers
must continuously monitor their accounts to ensure obligations for
approved ADT (and other active duty orders) are executed as
scheduled and by the deadlines established in paragraph 9. Special
attention should be given to obligations resulting from unexecuted
orders, including travel orders. Districts (dxr)/PAC-13 shall review
unexecuted orders (including proposed and awaiting funds) no less
than monthly to ensure past due orders are executed or cancelled,
as appropriate. Minimizing unexecuted past due orders is a crucial
step to minimizing accumulation of residual obligations and
undelivered orders (UDOs), and allows for reallocation of training
8. It is a violation of the Antideficiency Act (ADA), outlined in
REF (C), for District (dxr)/PAC-13 funds managers to obligate or
exceed funds over the amount allotted to them.
9. Deadlines:
    a. 01 October 2023: SELRES members may request ADT-AT orders in
Direct Access. District (dxr)/PAC-13 staff may begin to execute once
FY24 funds have been allocated or as directed by COMDT (CG-R82).
    b. 30 June 2024: Deadline for SELRES members to request ADT
orders in Direct Access. District (dxr)/PAC-13 staffs may require an
earlier deadline. SELRES members must meet the deadline or risk not
meeting satisfactory participation standards outlined in Chapter 3.B
of REF (B). Late requests may be approved at the discretion of
District (dxr)/PAC-13 and subject to funds availability.
    c. 01 August 2024:
        (1) Deadline for District (dxr)/PAC-13 to authorize and
obligate funding for orders for the remainder of the fiscal year.
        (2) COMDT (CG-R82) will begin to sweep and re-obligate any
excess District (dxr)/PAC-13 RT funds.
    d. 30 September 2024: Deadline to file all outstanding FY24
travel vouchers. Members completing orders within the last week
of September shall file their travel voucher within three days
of the order end date or completion of travel IAW Chapter
3.E.4.C.(11) of REF (D). Members who choose to file a travel voucher
after FY24 may require a Antecedent Liability (AL) request.
10. Area/DOL/District (dxr)/PAC-13 POCs responsible to manage the
administration of this ALCOAST across their areas of responsibility:
    a. LANT-1: CDR John Hughes,
    b. PAC-1: CDR Michael Meyer,
    c. DOL-1: CDR Jasmine Barnard,
    d. PAC-13: LCDR Todd Smith,
    e. D1 (dxr): LCDR Veronica McCusker,
    f. D5 (dxr): CDR Andrew Brennecke,
    g. D7 (dxr): CDR Greg Peck,
    h. D8 (dxr): CDR Diana Harris,
    i. D9 (dxr): CDR Eric Meaders,
    j. D11 (dxr): CDR Victoria Taylor-Davis,
    k. D13 (dxr): CDR Karen Hewes,
    l. D14 (dxr): LCDR Jacqueline Bethel,
    m. D17 (dxr): LCDR David Holden,
11. COMDT (CG-R82) Point of Contact: CDR Jarod Ross,
12. CAPT Rebecca A. Drew, Acting Assistant Commandant
for Reserve (CG-R), sends.
13. Internet release is authorized.