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ALCOAST 322/23
SSIC 1000
1. September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.
The 2023 campaign theme, "Showing the Connection to Build Better
Protection," reinforces connectedness as a key factor in mitigating
suicide risk. Social connections are proven to strengthen one's
sense of belongingness and serve as a protective factor against
thoughts of suicide. The Coast Guard's Suicide Prevention Program
will host Wellness Wednesday (3-4 pm ET) throughout the month to
strengthen the network of support across our entire Coast Guard
family. Our kick-off event on September 6th features a presentation
from Terri and Robert Bogue. The Bogues will describe their journey
of turning pain into prevention through the loss of their son,
IS1 Alexander Hedlund. They will detail how they honor their son's
legacy through their prevention efforts. On September 13th, Senior
Chief Joseph Hoff will share his personal mental health journey and
its impact on his Coast Guard career. On September 20th, there will
be a candid discussion with Chief Petty Officer Nate Hendrix
explaining the chain reaction from the loss of his former fiancée
(not due to suicide) to the impact of that death on his aviation
career and many others connected to her. Closing out the month on
September 27th, one of our CG Support contractors will detail
strategies and resources for building individual and group
resiliency within the military.
2. The Coast Guard continues to focus on curtailing circumstances
that can lead someone to consider suicide-related behaviors.
Through its push to continuously strengthen the network of safety
within our service, the Suicide Prevention Program strongly
encourages Districts to host either safeTALK and/or ASIST trainings
at their duty stations. Those already trained in ASIST and
interested in being designated at their units as a Shipmate Support
Peer (SSP) may contact their local EAPC or CDR LaMar Henderson,
Suicide Prevention Program Manager (
3. Numerous resources are available to help Coast Guard active-duty
members, reservists, civilian employees, and their family members in
need of assistance:
    a. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: If you feel someone
needs support please call/text 988. However, if you feel an
individual is in immediate danger of hurting themselves or others,
please call 911.
    b. CG SUPRT: Call 1-855-CG-SUPRT (247-8778) at any time. The
Coast Guard Employee Assistance Program (EAP), CG SUPRT, is
available to assist active-duty members, reservists, civilian
employees, and family members with a full range of issues,
including financial matters, relationship discord and other
stressors that, if neglected, could lead to more serious
consequences, such as depression and suicidal thoughts. You can
also visit CG SUPRT online at:
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    c. Regional Behavioral Health Providers (RBHPs). You, your
units, as well as Coast Guard leadership, have access to enhanced
prevention, intervention, and postvention behavioral health support.
To make an appointment with your RBHP, please contact your unit
medical officer for a referral or email
    d. Work-Life Employee Assistance Program Coordinators (EAPCs).
EAPCs are available to assist with connecting you to various
supportive resources. Their contact information can be found at:
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    e. Chaplains. Chaplains are another valuable resource. Their
contact information can be found at:
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or by calling 1-855-USCG-CHC (872-4242).

    f. Veterans Crisis Line. A Veteran, service member in crisis, or
any person concerned about one can call to reach caring, qualified
VA responders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 988 and Press 1 or
(800) 273-8255 and Press 1. If you would rather chat or text, a
confidential chat is available at:
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or you can text 838255.
    g. USCG Health Safety and Work-Life (HSWL) App. Download the
"USCG HSWL" app on your smart phone to have all the contacts and
phone numbers listed above readily available.
4. For more information on any of the above-mentioned topics or
other suicide prevention, intervention and postvention resources,
please contact your local Work-Life EAPC. Alternate POCs include
CDR LaMar Henderson, Suicide Prevention Program Manager
( or at 202-494-0561) and Mr. Jose Jasso,
Employee Assistance Program Manager ( or at
5. RADM D. L. Thomas, Assistant Commandant for Health, Safety and
Work-Life (CG-1), sends.
6. Internet release is authorized.