united states coast guard

01 SEP 2023

ALCGRSV 050/23
A. Reserve Policy Manual, COMDTINST M1001.28 (series)
1. This message announces the AY24 Reserve assignment season kickoff
and provides important guidelines and information for Reserve Junior
Enlisted personnel (E6 and below) competing for assignment, their
command cadre or supervisors, and Reserve personnel at large.
Supplemental information on the assignment process, including the
AY24 Reserve Personnel Assignment Guide, is available on the PSC-RPM
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2. E-resume/FlexPAL:
   a. All Junior Enlisted members of all ratings will ONLY select
position number 00047023 when submitting their e-resume in Direct
Access (DA). The FlexPal Reserve Training Capacity Worksheet is
available on the PSC-RPM website denoted in Paragraph 1, under the
AY24 FlexPAL section.
   b. Members must provide their Assignment Officers (AOs) with
their geographic location and desired drill location in the "Member
Comments" section of the e-resume.
   c. Additional guidance on the e-resume process is available in
the Reserve Personnel Assignment Guide available on the PSC-RPM
website denoted in paragraph 1.
3. AY24 Assignment Candidates:
   a. Members who have been assigned to the same unit for more than
five years and desire a new assignment may submit an e-resume.
   b. Members who relocate their primary residence to a location
beyond a Reasonable Commuting Distance (RCD) to their current
assignment must submit an e-resume, regardless of rotation date.
Command endorsement in DA is required and members must ensure their
physical address has been updated in DA. Continuing in a current
assignment is an available option, but other assignment preferences
must be included in the e-resume.
   c. Members serving on long-term voluntary ADOS orders that
terminate at any time during AY 2024 must apply for assignment using
a CG-2002 and submit via email to appropriate Assignment Officer
before the e-Resume submission deadline. Members who do not apply
for assignment will be transferred to the Individual Ready Reserve
(IRR). Members in the IRR may request a change in Reserve Component
Category (RCC) and compete for positions at anytime.
4. Reasonable Commuting Distance (RCD): REF A, Article 5.C. describes
policy regarding RCD. If there are no vacant positions available
within RCD, members may voluntarily accept assignment to positions
outside of the RCD.
5. Members who will voluntarily accept orders beyond RCD shall
include the following statement in their e-resume member comments:
“I, (rank and name) on (date), understand the Reasonable Commuting
Distance (RCD) policy stipulated in COMDTINST M1001.28 (series),
and will voluntarily accept orders beyond RCD.”
6. IAW REF A, Article 5.E.1., members may be assigned to a Deployable
Specialized Forces (DSF) unit without their consent if they live
within RCD of these units and not enough qualified volunteers are
identified. DSF units include the Port Security Units (PSUs) and
Maritime Expeditionary Security Groups. Members who have not been
assigned to a DSF unit are strongly encouraged to apply. Members who
have been assigned to a DSF unit for more than 5 years may apply for
reassignment through the normal assignment process.
7. Members who decline orders are subject to a transfer to the IRR,
Standby Reserve, or may request retirement or separation, IAW REF A,
Article 5.A.10.
8. Members who request a new SELRES assignment in AY24 must comply
with the timeline in paragraph 11. E-resumes submitted outside of
the submission period will only be considered based on the following:
   a. Member is relocating and their new residence is outside RCD.
   b. Member is requesting a critical fill assignment (e.g., PSU,
Strike Team) within RCD.
9. Junior enlisted personnel shall consider all positions applicable
to their rating, within RCD, as assignment options when crafting DA
e-resume Member Comments. Members are strongly encouraged to contact
their AO to ensure all possible assignment options are explored. For
e-resume guidance refer to the PSC-RPM-2 website at: To
ensure that an e-resume endorsement is completed on time, members
must notify their command when an e-resume requiring command
endorsement has been submitted.
10. For assignment guidance, refer to the PSC-RPM website denoted in
paragraph 1.
11. AY24 Junior Enlisted Assignments Timeline:
   a. 01 Sep 23: Potential shopping lists posted to DA for unit
   b. 31 Oct 23: Command Concerns and shopping list corrections due
to PSC-RPM-2.
   c. 17 Nov 23: Shopping lists released and available in DA.
   d. 17 Nov 23 - 14 Jan 24: E-resume submission period.
   e. 17 Nov 23 - 14 Jan 24: AOs available for assignment counseling.
   f. 14 Jan 24: Deadline for members to submit e-resumes.
   g. 19 Apr 24: Assignment slates approved and finalized.
   h. 10-31 May 24: PCS orders released in DA, available to units
in DA airport terminal.
   i. 28 Jun 24: Requests to retire or separate in lieu of orders
due to PSC-RPM.
   j. 01 Oct 24: Effective date for AY24 assignments.
12. Assignment officers:
   a. CWO Joel Laufenberg: CGD ONE Enlisted assignments,
(202) 795-6505,
   b. MCPO Dennis Tompkins: CGD SEVEN Enlisted assignments,
(202) 795-6531,
SEVENTEEN Enlisted assignments, (202) 795-6538,
   d. SCPO Jessica Barbay: CGD EIGHT and NINE Enlisted assignments,
(202) 795-6534,
   e. CPO Heather Salls: CGD FIVE Enlisted assignments,
(202) 795-6524,
13. CAPT T.E. Fryar, Chief, CG PSC-RPM, sends.
14. Internet release authorized.