united states coast guard

ALCGPSC 086/23
A. Officer Accessions, Evaluations, and Promotions, COMDTINST
M1000.3 (series)
B. Reserve Policy Manual, COMDTINST M1001.28 (series)
C. Body Composition Standards Program Manual, 
COMDTINST M1020.8 (series)
D. Coast Guard Officer Evaluation System Procedures Manual,
PSCINST M1611.1D, Chapter 8.C.4
1. Commanding Officers/Officers exercising administrative control may
promote the personnel listed below, effective on the dates indicated.
2. Members are categorized by the promotion list on which they were
selected. Prior to promotion, Commanding Officers must ensure 
compliance with Para 3.A.12 of Ref A for ADPL promotions to O-2 
through O-6, Para 3.B.6 of Ref A for ADPL promotions to Chief Warrant
Officer, and Para 7.A.10 of Ref B for IDPL promotions. Commanding
Officers must also ensure compliance with the provisions of Ref C, 
unless an exemption has been granted. If promotion is delayed, 
Commanding Officers must notify PSC (OPM-1) or (RPM), PPC, and SPO 
prior to the authorized promotion date.
3. If a promotion is delayed under these provisions, further 
proceedings under Chapter 3 of Ref A or Chapter 7 of Ref B will 
depend upon the circumstances leading to the delay. When an officer 
whose promotion has been delayed subsequently meets the standards for
promotion, Commanding Officers should contact PSC (OPM-1) or (RPM) 
and request authority to promote the officer. PSC (OPM-1) or (RPM) 
will authorize promotion with a date of rank at the time the officer
would have been promoted had the promotion not been delayed. For IDPL
officers, pay and allowances of the grade to which promoted are 
authorized from the effective date of the appointment, not the date 
of rank.
4. Acceptance of promotion obligates officers to serve two years time
in grade (TIG) prior to voluntary retirement. The TIG requirement 
does not apply to an officer resigning their commission. 
5. The following promotion is authorized:
NAME                        LIST   DOR        UNIT
To Captain:
Lavin, Christopher W.       ADPL 1-Aug-23     PRO GULF COAST
Burch, Joshua D.            ADPL 1-Aug-23     CGC DEPENDABLE
Albert, Rebecca L.          IDPL 1-Aug-23     COMMANDANT (CG-DCO-X)
Norris, Benjamin J.         ADPL 1-Aug-23     OL-FC-NAV AIR STA PENSACOLA
McKinney, Carrie Ann Kilroy ADPL 1-Aug-23     IST/JOINT MILITARY ATTACHE SCH
Mcwhite, John B.            ADPL 1-Aug-23     SS/NAVAL WAR COLLEGE
Goff Jr, Benjamin F.        ADPL 1-Aug-23     CGC HARRIET LANE
To Commander:
Edes, Kevin J.              ADPL 1-Aug-23     SEC SAN DIEGO CP/RDNS STF
Crusius, Lee K.             ADPL 1-Aug-23     CGC FORWARD
Han, Daniel K.              ADPL 1-Aug-23     MSST HONO COMMAND STAFF
Downend, Nathan R.          ADPL 1-Aug-23     SEC LAKE MICH RESPONSE DEPT
Lamorte, John P.            ADPL 1-Aug-23     AST COMMAND STAFF
Novak, Michael J.           ADPL 1-Aug-23     MSU BATON ROUGE
Davis, Daniel A.            ADPL 1-Aug-23     CGC CYPRESS
Creque, Biann I             ADPL 1-Aug-23     C5I IND TRNG CHESAPEAKE
Pelkey, Katherine M.        ADPL 1-Aug-23     COMMANDANT (CG-86)
Dunagan, Cody B.            ADPL 1-Aug-23     PATFOR SWA BAHRAIN
Ceelen, Andy J.             ADPL 1-Aug-23     OL-ATC-MCCLELLAN AFB
Collazo, Alejandro M.       ADPL 1-Aug-23     SEC CHARLESTON INSPECTIONS DIV
Martinez, Alberto D.        ADPL 1-Aug-23     SEC SAN JUAN INCIDENT MGT DIV
McNamara, Timothy P.        ADPL 1-Aug-23     SEC LA/LB PREVENTION DEPT
Herd, Joseph H.             ADPL 1-Aug-23     CGC CALHOUN
Clemons, Caitlin R.         ADPL 1-Aug-23     PACAREA (PAC-3MF)
Bizzaro, Peter A.           ADPL 1-Aug-23     OL-ACT FAR EAST-SINGAPORE SGP
Kelly, Morgan E.            ADPL 1-Aug-23     MSD NASHVILLE
Stutin, Tyler A.            ADPL 1-Aug-23     OL-(CG-LMI)-PACOM
Dixon, Michael D.           IDPL 1-Aug-23     SEC SAN FRAN RESPONSE DEPT
Trimble, Daniel G.          IDPL 1-Aug-23     PACAREA (PAC-5)
Carothers, Sean T.          IDPL 1-Aug-23     PSU 305 COMMAND STAFF
Osetek, Jennifer D.         IDPL 1-Aug-23     CGRU JOINT STAFF SOUTH
Cooke, Andrew S.            IDPL 1-Aug-23     OL-PAC MSRON 8-NEWPORT
Parvin, Edmund H.           IDPL 1-Aug-23     LANTAREA (LANT-35)
Courtney, Lucy J.           IDPL 1-Aug-23     GST COMMAND STAFF
Stone, Kyle A.              IDPL 1-Aug-23     CGRU US INDO PACIFIC COMMAND
Thornburgh, Terrence M.     ADPL 1-Aug-23     TRACEN PET CMD STAFF
Jolley, Justin R.           ADPL 1-Aug-23     MSU PITTSBURGH
Otey, Michell E.            IDPL 1-Aug-23     SEC BUFFALO WTRWAYS MGT DIV
Salter, Todd M.             IDPL 1-Aug-23     SEC PUGET SND RESPONSE DEPT
Yoder, Jeffery B.           IDPL 1-Aug-23     PSU 312 COMMAND STAFF
Valentine, Stephen M.       IDPL 1-Aug-23     SEC N NEW ENG RESPONSE DEPT
Harkins, Alisa G.           RCM  1-Aug-23     COMMANDANT (CG-R82)
Barnard, Jasmine E.         RCM  1-Aug-23     DOL-1
Owen, Julian M.             ADPL 1-Aug-23     OL-OPBAT OPCEN-NASSAU BHS
Brown, Timothy M.           IDPL 1-Aug-23     MSU CHICAGO
Johnson, Michael G.         ADPL 1-Aug-23     AIRSTA MIAMI
Dubois, Brian E.            IDPL 1-Aug-23     CGRU USNORTHCOM
Beach, Brian M.		    ADPL 1-Aug-23     CGC MAPLE
Murray, Ian J.              ADPL 1-Aug-23     SEC HOU/GAL INCIDENT MGT
Wiltshire, Daniel M.        ADPL 1-Aug-23     CGC MUNRO
To Liuetenant Commander:
Harper, Shanda L.           ADPL 1-Aug-23     OL-CGCC CISA DET-ARLINGTON
Powell, Nicholas B.         ADPL 1-Aug-23     SEC JCKSNVILLE CP/RDNS STF
Brown, Raqel K.             RCM  1-Aug-23     CGRC OFFICER ACCESSIONS BR
Allert, Mikael M.           ADPL 1-Aug-23     ATC MOB AVI SPEC MISSION DIV
Allen, David P.             ADPL 1-Aug-23     CGC ROBERT YERED
Stender, Scott R.           ADPL 1-Aug-23     CGC HAMILTON
Williams, Franklin D.       ADPL 1-Aug-23     CGC CHARLES MOULTHROPE
Campbell, Derek R.          ADPL 1-Aug-23     PACAREA (PAC-63)
Mccown, William George      ADPL 1-Aug-23     TC PET SUPPLY & ADMIN TRNG DIV
Ranger, Matthew S.          ADPL 1-Aug-23     BASE KOD COMPTR & OPS DEPT (B)
Schmid, Stephen J.          ADPL 1-Aug-23     ALC MRS PROJECTS BR
Linnemann, Erica L.         ADPL 1-Aug-23     OL-FORCECOM (TMS)-DC
Elliott, Ronald J.          ADPL 1-Aug-23     TRACEN PET CUST SPRT SERVICES
Moore, Rodney O.            ADPL 1-Aug-23     PATFOR SWA BAHRAIN
Dolan, Adam C.              ADPL 1-Aug-23     COMMANDANT (CG-1B4)
Rice, William K.            ADPL 1-Aug-23     MSRT WEST LOGISTICS DEPT
Brostowicz, Benjamin D.     ADPL 1-Aug-23     CGRC FINANCE BR
Wortman, Michael R.         ADPL 1-Aug-23     LANTAREA (LANT-512)
Olmstead, Nicholas C.       ADPL 1-Aug-23     MSD CINCINNATI
Schwalbenberg, Andrew P.    ADPL 1-Aug-23     AV STUDENT ENG-CLEARWATER
Brock, Nathan R.            ADPL 1-Aug-23     AIRSTA ATLANTIC CITY
Andrew, Shannon L.          ADPL 1-Aug-23     UNIV OF CALIFORNIA DAVIS
Hill, Joel R.               ADPL 1-Aug-23     MSU PORT ARTHUR
Phillips, Ross W.           ADPL 1-Aug-23     MSU PORT ARTHUR
Sable, Brandi R.            ADPL 1-Aug-23     OL-ACT FAR EAST-SINGAPORE SGP
Moss, Adam C.               ADPL 1-Aug-23     ATC MOBILE HH-65 TRNG DIV
Adams, Antoine A.           ADPL 1-Aug-23     SEC LIS CP/RDNS STF
Hull, Jessica L.            ADPL 1-Aug-23     D14 WATERWAYS MGMT BR (DPW)
Palmira, Shane E.           ADPL 1-Aug-23     MSD LEWES
Cole, Oliver O.             ADPL 1-Aug-23     COMMANDANT (CG-DCO-I-2)
Caraway, Katy C.            ADPL 1-Aug-23     AV STUDENT ENG-NEW ORLEANS
Bolton, Matthew J.          ADPL 1-Aug-23     D14 ENFORCEMENT BR (DRE)
Johnson, Ximena             ADPL 1-Aug-23     MSU MORGAN CITY
Fasoli III, James S.        ADPL 1-Aug-23     LDC OFF ACC & TRANSITIONS DEPT
Dunbar, James R.            ADPL 1-Aug-23     SECTOR DETROIT
Grandville, Tia R.          ADPL 1-Aug-23     CG RUITOFF HAMPTON ROADS
Mcdonald, Tiarra A.         ADPL 1-Aug-23     OL-(CG-255)-NCTC MCLEAN VA
Morris Jr., Elton K.        ADPL 1-Aug-23     C5ISC AFLOAT PLATFORM SEC
Relf, Kiley A.              ADPL 1-Aug-23     MSD PORTSMOUTH
Irvin, James C.             ADPL 1-Aug-23     MSD VICTORIA
Martin, Jordan H.           ADPL 1-Aug-23     OL-D7-SAN JUAN PR
Jocis, Stephanie J.         ADPL 1-Aug-23     CGA DEPT CHEM & ENV SCIENCES
Euchler, Kristin B.         ADPL 1-Aug-23     AIRSTA KODIAK-ALPAT
To Chief Warrant Officer W4:
Bannon, George J.           ADPL 1-Aug-23     SEC VIRGINIA ENFORCEMENT DIV
Carew, James P.             IDPL 1-Aug-23     SEC N NEW ENG INCIDENT MGT DIV
6. Pay and allowances of the grade to which promoted are authorized 
from date of rank specified. Pay increases will normally be included
in payments for the first payday after the date of promotion.
7. As a reminder, please ensure your mailing address is accurate in 
Direct Access. If you are transferring in the near future, please 
contact CWO Alex Acevedo at and provide 
your new mailing address to ensure you receive your promotion certificate.
8. Officers promoted to the grade of commander or below during a 
reporting period must apply the submission criteria for the grade to
which promoted to determine when their next OER is due. See Chapter 
5.E of Ref D for details. Promotion OERs are required for promotion 
to the grade of captain only if more than 184 days have elapsed since their 
previous OER submission.
9. In accordance with Ref D, biennial, annual, and semiannual OER
submissions shall not be delayed and substituted with promotion 
OERs. This means OERs delayed for PCS/Detachment may not be 
substituted with promotion OERs.
10. The following is an estimate of pending promotions. It is based 
on currently available PY23 information from the applicable selection 
board ALCGPSC and is subject to change.
        SEP      OCT       NOV
ADPL   55-60     61-83	   CLEARED    
IDPL   7         8-9       CLEARED        
ADPL   128-157   158-173   CLEARED             
IDPL   35-37     CLEARED   CLEARED          
ADPL   228-285   286-315   CLEARED             
IDPL   52        53        CLEARED	     
11. LT promotions normally occur 30 months from the LTJG date of 
rank. LTJG promotions normally occur 18 months from the ENS date of 
rank. IAW 14 USC 3747, all IDPL officers will be promoted on the same
date as their running mate. Law limits the number of LCDR and above 
promotions, and the number is authorized each year by the Commandant. 
Each controlled grade can only comprise a certain percentage of the 
total officer corps. Even if the Coast Guard has vacant billets in a
controlled-grade, we can only promote officers until we reach our
authorized cap. The authorized number of officers in each controlled 
grade is determined every year in May after the Academy class 
graduates and the Coast Guard officer corps is at its largest. 
Promotion numbers for controlled grades are significantly larger 
during the summer months due to the higher number of officer 
separations during these months.
12. POC for Reserve Officers is LCDR Josue Roman, PSC (RPM-1) 
(202)795-6525. POC for Regular Officers is LT Michele Natale, PSC 
13. Released: RDML R. E. Dash, Commander, Personnel Service 
Center, sends. 
14. Internet release is authorized.