united states coast guard

03 JUL 2023

ALCGPSC 078/23
A. Officer Accessions, Evaluations, and Promotions Manual, COMDTINST
M1000.3 (series)
B. Reserve Policy Manual, COMDTINST M1001.28 (series)
C. Body Composition Standards Program, COMDTINST M1020.8 (series)
1. The Secretary has approved the report of the Chief Warrant Officer (CWO)
Appointment Board convened on 11 April 2023.
2. Subject to position vacancy, the following personnel, listed by specialty
and in order of selection, are recommended for appointment to warrant grade
upon their acceptance of a Selected Reserve (SELRES) position as vacancies occur.
   a. Boatswain (BOSN)
      No. Name Rate
      1. Merten, James T. BMC
      2. Jones, Christopher P. BMC
      3. Brauning, Katharine E. BMC
   b. Electronics (ELC)
      No. Name Rate
      1. None None
   c. Naval Engineering Specialist (ENG)
      No. Name Rate
      1. Quichocho, Richard B. MK1
   d. Finance and Supply (F&S)
      No. Name Rate
      1. Heimes, Steven P. SKC
      2. VanDine, Adam, E. SKC
      3. Valdes, Jessica M. SKC
   e. Public Information (INF)
      No. Name Rate
      1. Eng, Sherri L. PACS
      2. Masaschi, Matthew S. PAC
   f. Intelligence Systems Specialist (ISS)
      No. Name Rate
      1. Neighbors, Thomas C. ISC
      2. Niece, Zackery J. ISC
      3. Ponce, Esme IS1
      4. Boyd, Mallory N. IS1
3. The Reserve program does not use the eligibility list cutoff policy or
assured appointment discussed in Art. 1.D.9. of REF A due to a limited number
of available SELRES CWO positions, which are geographically constrained. IAW
REF B, selectees may waive the Reasonable Commuting Distance (RCD) policy if they
desire to accept a CWO appointment. Selectees who waive the RCD in order to
accept a CWO appointment will incur Inactive Duty Training (IDT) transportation
expenses to their new CWO position without reimbursement.
4. Selectees must agree to transfer to a vacant, or projected to be vacant, CWO
position for a minimum period of two years from the appointment effective date.
Selectees who fail to report to their assigned position or complete the initial
two-year CWO assignment commitment shall be assigned to the Individual
Ready Reserve (IRR) for the balance of their initial two-year commitment.
CWOs who complete their initial two-year commitment while assigned to the
IRR may re-compete during the next Assignment Year (AY) for vacant SELRES
CWO positions on the Personnel Allowance List (PAL).
5. Selectees who decline appointment and assignment to a position located
within their RCD will incur a two-year period of ineligibility for future
CWO consideration.
6. Selectees who decline appointment and follow-on assignment to a position
located outside their RCD will not incur a period of ineligibility and may
compete in the PY24 CWO Appointment Board.
7. Since appointments are based upon SELRES CWO PAL vacancies, members must
be in the SELRES on the date of appointment. Members deployed/TDY on Title
10 recall or Active Duty For Operational Support (ADOS), and members on
Extended Active Duty (EAD) must be released from Active Duty to accept
appointment. Appointees must serve in the assigned SELRES position for a
minimum of two years before pursuing voluntary Active Duty of any sort
(ADOS or EAD) other than at the member's SELRES unit.
8. Selectees who accept a SELRES position will be provided an approval
memorandum, oath, and appointment certificate under separate cover. Pay
and allowances will not begin until the date the acceptance and Oath of
Office are properly executed. The appointment date for all selectees
is the first day of any month. Upon receipt of the properly executed oath,
CG PSC-RPM will submit Direct Access CWO Appointment transactions on the date
the Acceptance and Oath of Office are executed.
9. Commanding Officers shall ensure selectees are in compliance with the
body composition standards contained in REF C prior to their appointment
date. Selectees not meeting the requirements of REF C on the date of appointment
will be removed from the eligibility list and may reapply in the next annual
10. An approved commissioning physical is required prior to execution of the
Oath of Office in accordance with Art 1.D.11.e of REF A.
11. Commanding Officers shall provide each selectee with a copy of this
ALCGPSC and ensure a copy is placed in their unit PDR.
12. The Board members and units are listed below:
Name                           Unit
CAPT  McCarthy, Michael F.     CGRU USSOUTHCOM
CAPT  Uhl, David J.            COMMANDANT (CG-DCO-X)
LCDR  Plummer, Stephanie L.    CGRC LOGISTICS DIV
CWO4  Howerton, Patrick D.     D9 PLNG & FORCE RDNS DIV
CWO3  Bloom, Jeremy A.         SEC MARYLAND-NCR ADMIN DIV
14. The proceedings of the appointment board, including its deliberations and
criteria for selection, cannot be disclosed to any person who was not a member
of the board. If there are any questions regarding the board process, please
contact LT C. Mike Conley, Boards and Panels Section Chief, at (202) 795-6507 or
e-mail: For any questions regarding Reserve CWO
Assignments, contact Mr. William Lorenzo at (202) 795-6503 or via email at
15. Released: RDML R.E. Dash, Commander, Personnel Service Center, sends.
16. Internet release authorized.