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ALCGPSC 076/23
A. Officer Accessions, Evaluations, and Promotions, COMDTINST M1000.3(Series)
1. This message solicits applications from within the uniformed services
and respective reserve components for assignment to the challenging
and rewarding role as Permanent Commissioned Teaching Staff (PCTS) at
the U.S. Coast Guard Academy (USCGA). This message announces two positions:
one in the Department of Management and one in the Department of Physics.
2. Members of the PCTS are expected to be models of academic, leadership,
and professional excellence in and out of the classroom. Successful
applicants will have the opportunity to develop as master educators,
accomplished scholars, and senior academic leaders within the faculty
charged with educating, training, developing, and inspiring a sizeable
portion of our Service's future officer corps. The military continuity
provided by this group complements the civilian and rotating military
components of the faculty. In accordance with Section 6.B.12 of Ref A,
a panel will convene the week of 28 August 2023 to review applications
and recommend candidates for appointment to PCTS and subsequent permanent
assignment to the USCGA.
3. To be considered, applicants must meet the following Prerequisites:
a. Eligibility: Personnel in the grade of E6 to CWO4 and O3 to O5
in any of the uniformed services and currently serving in an active
or inactive status (including the Individual Ready Reserve, but not
the Inactive Status List) are eligible to apply provided education pre-requisites
below are met. Retired officers (including members of the retired reserve
in a RET II status) and those serving on retired recall are ineligible
to apply. Waiver requests to the grade requirements above must be submitted
to PSC-OPM-1 before the application due date. If requesting a waiver,
please contact PSC-OPM-1 as early as practicable.
b. Academic and Leadership Potential: Have the potential for growth
as an academician and Coast Guard officer. The officer will be expected
to serve at the Academy in leadership and mentorship roles and eventually
become competitive for Academic Department Head, School Dean, Vice Provost,
or other positions of senior academic leadership.
c. Education:
i. Applicants for the position in the Department of Management
should hold either (a) a Juris Doctor (JD) degree or (b) a Master’s
of Business Administration (MBA), Master’s of Accounting (MAcc), or
Master’s in another business-related discipline suitable to the Department
of Management by August of 2024. Candidates with cross-disciplinary
education may be considered highly competitive and are strongly encouraged
to apply. Examples of cross-disciplinary education can include possession
of dual degrees or degree/certificate combinations (e.g., JD/MBA, MBA/MAcc, JD/CPA).
Ultimately, the selectee will be expected to hold both a JD and a MBA
or MAcc or other relevant degree, and will be afforded funded DUINS
status in support of an approved Plan of Study that supports teaching
and overseeing a variety of business courses with emphasis in fundamental
and advanced accounting, business law, federal budgeting and accounting,
business research methods, and courses that are closely aligned with
the operational and strategic needs of the Coast Guard.
ii. Applicants for the position in the Department of Physics
should, at a minimum, have completed a Master's Degree in Physics, Applied
Physics, Physical Oceanography, Atmospheric Science, Engineering, Geoscience,
or a related field that satisfies the needs of the Department of Physics
by August of 2024. Applicants must demonstrate the ability to work in
a team to co-teach large enrollment core courses, an interest in active
and inclusive pedagogical approaches to teaching, and the potential
to earn, or have earned, a Ph.D. or equivalent terminal degree in Physics,
Applied Physics, Climate and/or Space Sciences, Energy Science, or another
field closely affiliated with the new space, climate, and renewable
energy focused concentration of the Marine and Environmental Sciences major.
iii. Waiver requests to the education requirements above must
be submitted to PSC-OPM-1 before the application due date. If requesting
a waiver, please contact PSC-OPM-1 as early as practicable.
d. Experience: Possess the teaching and presentation skills necessary
for success in the classroom and other professional venues.
e. Cadet Development: Possess the desire and ability to contribute
to cadet life and development in non-academic areas, including fostering
a climate and culture of inclusion, as well as integrating leadership
and character development throughout the Academy, and demonstrating
an ability to develop networking relationships within the Coast Guard.
f. Possess leadership, teamwork, and interpersonal experience(s) that
demonstrate an ability to excel in a highly dynamic, diverse, and inclusive environments.
4. Application: At a minimum, applications shall include the following:
a. Name, grade, employee ID number.
b. Educational background and degrees attained (include thesis titles
for Masters and doctoral degrees as applicable). If an appropriate Master's
Degree or Juris Doctorate (as applicable) is not held, include documentary
evidence of a projected completion date of NLT August 2024. If a doctorate
is not held, include a well-thought-out plan for obtaining an appropriate
doctorate in a timely fashion, cognizant of the fact that a terminal
degree is required for promotion to the grade of captain in the PCTS.
c. Teaching experience, including dates, location, and position/title.
d. Professional experience as it pertains to leadership, serving
as a professional military educator, service to the Coast Guard's operational
communities, and advancing the Coast Guard's strategic diversity goals.
e. Administrative experience in any area, but with a particular emphasis
on education where applicable.
f. Awards and honors, including academic awards.
g. Publications and titles of significant conference presentations.
h. Membership and activities in professional societies.
i. Extracurricular or volunteer activities. For example: athletic
participation, music, or coaching.
j. A command endorsement that discusses the applicant's potential
to meet the PCTS promotion criteria. This is not required for officers in the IRR.
k. A brief statement describing the applicant's teaching philosophy.
l. A brief statement describing elements of the applicant's documented
performance and/or education that makes them particularly suited for
an appointment to the PCTS.
m. A brief statement describing a challenge that the applicant had
to overcome, how that experience informed their leadership style, and
how it will help them to be an effective PCTS Officer.
n. A statement on the applicant’s professional experiences that would
help cultivate a diverse, equitable, and inclusive officer corps and Coast Guard.
5. In addition to the mandatory application requirements outlined in
paragraph 4 above, applicants may include letter(s) of recommendation
or any other supplementary information that they desire to call to the
attention of the selection panel.
6. Applications should not be mailed. Instead, eligible officers shall
submit applications as a signed memo with enclosures. All application
materials should be combined into a single PDF and sent via e-mail to
PSC-OPM-1 at the e-mail address
with the subject line 'PY24PCTS APPOINTMENT BOARD.' Electronically signed
memos are authorized and encouraged. Applicants shall also ensure that
all scanned documents are clearly readable in a single PDF document,
not an Adobe portfolio containing multiple PDFs. All applications must
be received no later than 04 August 2023. Applications received after
the published deadline will not be accepted.
7. Finalists from Phase I will be invited for a practical interview
portion held at USCGA in New London, CT.
8. The appointed candidate will be permanently assigned as a USCGA faculty
member following successful completion of a mandatory two-year probationary
period. The member should expect to report for duty to USCGA in the
summer of 2024 and undertake a teaching workload in the 2024 fall semester.
9. POCS:
a. PSC-OPM-1: LCDR Chris Rabalais at
b. Coast Guard Academy: CAPT Russ Bowman at
10. RDML R. E. Dash, Commander, CG Personnel Service Center sends.
11. Internet release is authorized.