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R 171302Z MAY 23 MID120000089517U
ALCOAST 196/23
SSIC 1650
B. Coast Guard Innovation Program, COMDTINST 5224.13
1. I am pleased to announce and congratulate the recipients of the
2022 Captain Niels P. Thomsen Innovation Awards, as chosen by the
Research, Development and Innovation Governance Council (RDIGC),
and discussed in REFs (A) and (B).
2. "Tomorrow looks different. So will we". Fostering a Service
culture of continuous innovation and learning empowers our workforce
to renew the Coast Guard from within and plays an integral role in
achieving our strategic objectives. This year's award recipient's
bias for action inspires our workforce to discover new ways that
enhance our nation's maritime safety, security and prosperity. Their
imaginative solutions improve workforce resiliency, streamline
procurement processes, leverage technology to maximize mission
effectiveness, and support the health and wellbeing of our future
3. The 2022 award recipients by category are:
    a. Science or Technology:
Programmatic Additive Manufacturing Implementation
       (1) CDR Jeffrey Smolik, Base New Orleans/NED
       (2) CDR Aaron Leyko, OPC-PRO
       (3) LCDR Andrew Armstrong, Base New Orleans/Industrial
Production Facility NOLA
       (4) LT Stephen Kidwell, SFLC-IBCT-APM1
       (5) LT Ryan Miklosovich, Waterways Commerce Cutter PRO
       (6) LTJG Brandon Horacek, SFLC-MECPL
       (7) EMC Jonathan Zlocki, Base New Orleans/Industrial
Production Facility NOLA
       (8) Ms. Tracy Byington, SFLC-ESD-NAME-NAV ARCH
       (9) Ms. Kelly Hulon, Base New Orleans/Industrial Production
Facility NOLA
       (10) Mr. Albert Hewitt, SFLC-ESD-NAME-MPMS
       (11) Mr. Kevin Grasson, SFLC-ESD-NAME-AUX MACH
       (12) Mr. Trigg McNew, USCG SFLC IOD
       (13) Mr. Guy Tharpe, SFLC-IOD
       (14) Mr. Michael Pohland, SFLC-ESD
       (15) Mr. Robert Wagenmann, SFLC-ESD
    b. Operations or Readiness:
Nonintrusive Load Monitoring for Shipboard Fault Detection
       (1) LCDR Devin Quinn, SFLC-IBCTPL-Alameda
       (2) LCDR Thomas Kane, SFLC-LREPL-Alameda
       (3) LCDR Gregory Bredariol, Naval Engineering Industry
Training COMDT (CG-451)
       (4) LT Stephen Kidwell, SFLC-IBCT-APM1
       (5) LT Andrew Moeller, COMDT (CG-453)
       (6) LT Brian Mills, USCGC POLAR STAR (WAGB 10)
       (7) LT Joseph O’Connell, SFLC-MECPL
       (8) LT Isabelle Patnode, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(Advanced Education Program)
       (9) LTJG Michael Bishop, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(Advanced Education Program)
      (10) LTJG Jacob Skimmons, Massachusetts Institute of
Technology (Advanced Education Program)
c. Administration, Training, or Support:
P.R.E.S.S. Procurement Request Expedited Service System
       (1) RDML Jon Hickey, Director of Operational Logistics (DOL)
       (2) CAPT Chad Brick, Base Galveston
       (3) CAPT Erich Klein, COMDT (CG-8)
       (4) CAPT William Arritt, COMDT (CG-8)
       (5) CAPT William Budovec, COMDT (CG-8)
       (6) CDR Thomas Crowley, COMDT (CG-8)
       (7) CDR Aaron Kowalczk, Director of Operational Logistics
       (8) LT Samuel Paone, Director of Operational Logistics (DOL)
       (9) SKC Robert Thomas, FINCEN
      (10) Mr. Michael Fragano, COMDT (CG-8)
      (11) Ms. Jennifer Souza-Madura, DOL-9
      (12) Mr. Jeffrey Center, Base Boston
    d. Culture Change:
"Return to Ready" - Unit Leader Integrated Support Toolkit
       (1) CAPT Leanne Lusk, Sector Anchorage
       (2) CAPT Edward Hernaez, Base Kodiak
       (3) CDR Will Johnson, AIRSTA Kodiak
       (4) CDR Sarah Garrett, HSWL SC
       (5) CDR Marion Collins, HSWL SC
       (6) CDR Jose Gomez, Base Ketchikan
       (7) LCDR Thomas Wieland, Base Kodiak
       (8) LCDR Trevor Siperek, DRAT
       (9) LT Brandt Peacock, Base Kodiak
      (10) LT Erin Bohner, Base Ketchikan
      (11) CMC Phillip Waldron, D17
      (12) CWO Damon Lawson, Base Kodiak
      (13) HSCS Jason Neth, HSWL SC
      (14) Ms. Jody Carman, Base Kodiak
    e. Coast Guard Auxiliary Achievement:
ECG Screening – CGA Cadets to Detect Heart Anomalies
       (1) AUX Elizabeth Noll, Flotilla 114-01-04
       (2) AUX James McCriskin, Flotilla 054-10-05
       (3) AUX Bruce Buckley, Flotilla 014-25-03
       (4) HSC Matthew Cuevas, USCGA Medical Clinic
       (5) HSC Edward Hodges, HSWL SC
    f. Commander Joel Magnussen Innovation Award for Management:
Use of OTAs and Rapid Prototyping to Solve the BCCS Problem
       (1) CDR Michael Nordhausen, Defense Innovation Unit
       (2) LCDR Anderson Ogg, USCG R&D Center
       (3) LCDR Colin Boyle, MSST San Francisco
       (4) LT Jonathan Anderson, C5ISC-PORTSMOUTH
       (5) LT Michael Jenkins, TRACEN YORKTOWN
       (6) LTJG Jamie Higgins, C5ISC-PORTSMOUTH
       (7) MECS Brian Milcetich, DAS
       (8) OSC Eric Wells, C5ISC-PORTSMOUTH
       (9) ET1 Michael Barron, WAT ALAMEDA
      (10) Mr. Stacy Meister, C5ISC-PORTSMOUTH
      (11) Mr. Charles Brown, ICC-011
      (12) Mr. Mark Schneider, C5ISC-PORTSMOUTH
      (13) Ms. Katherine Kearney, C3CEN
      (14) Mr. Gregory Ducker, Base PORTSMOUTH
      (15) Mr. Robin Spelman, Base PORTSMOUTH
      (16) Mr. Korey Barry, COMDT (CG-LGL)
      (17) Mr. Myles Blanchard, LEGAL SERVICE COMMAND NORFOLK
      (18) Major Sam Amedia, DOD
      (19) Mr. Phil Lee, DOD
4. The Coast Guard RDIGC reviewed 35 award nominations received
through CG_Ideas@Work. The 2022 nominees embody the exceptionally
innovative spirit of our workforce and their efforts have made a
tangible impact in our Service. We encourage all CG members to be
bold, think differently, and innovate for results. Additional
information about these and other exceptional ideas may be viewed
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5. Although only a few of the many nominations can be selected for
an award each year, the RDIGC would also like to recognize this
year's Honorable mentions for each of the award categories:
    a. Science or Technology:
CGA 2022 Mechanical Engineering Capstone Team "Marine Safety
       (1) ENS Ross Armstrong, USCGA
       (2) ENS Christian Burzycki, USCGA
       (3) ENS Liam Long, USCGA
       (4) Mr. Joseph Camean, USCGA
Geographic Information Systems and Unmanned Aerial Systems for
Preparedness and Response
       (1) CDR Jereme Altendorf, Sector Anchorage
       (2) LCDR Matt Richards, Sector Anchorage
       (3) LT Evan Sutton, Sector Anchorage
       (4) Dr. Jessica Garron, University of Alaska Fairbanks
    b. Operations or Readiness:
Data Driven LE Targeting – Sector Boston GEOINT Viewer
       (1) LCDR Ronald Miller, Sector Boston
       (2) LTJG Austin Swan, Sector Boston
       (3) IS1 Vitorio Pacheco, Sector Boston
       (4) IS2 Brandon Cash-Fanshaw, Sector Boston
       (5) Mr. Benjamin Atwood, Sector Boston
Inter-Service Integration of Off-the-Shelf Unmanned
Technologies to Enhance Maritime Domain Awareness
       (1) CDR Margaret Kennedy, CGLO NAVCENT
       (2) LT David Frost, USCG PATFORSWA
       (3) LT Patrick Kelly, CGC EMLEN TUNNELL
       (4) LT Jennifer Robinson, CGC EMLEN TUNNELL
       (5) LTJG Kali Borden, CGC EMLEN TUNNELL
       (6) BMC Christopher Clendening, CGC EMLEN TUNNELL
       (7) MKC Thomas Laliberty, CGC EMLEN TUNNELL
       (8) ETC Eric Johnson, CG PATFORSWA
       (9) MK1 Ryan Mcdaniel, CGC EMLEN TUNNELL
      (10) BM1 William Bleyer, CGC EMLEN TUNNELL
      (11) BM1 Robert Lietaert, CGC EMLEN TUNNELL
      (12) CS1 Damien Johnson, CGC EMLEN TUNNELL
      (13) IT1 Michael Ryan, CGC EMLEN TUNNELL
      (14) OS1 Amber Hynes, CGC EMLEN TUNNELL
      (15) MK2 Michael Hand, CGC EMLEN TUNNELL
      (16) MK2 Karel Fonseca, CGC EMLEN TUNNELL
      (17) ET2 Justin Ibarra, CGC EMLEN TUNNELL
    c. Administration, Training, or Support:
Lateral Entry and Agile A-School Crosswalk and Dashboard Tools
      (1) LCDR Erin Sheridan, TRACEN Petaluma
      (2) LCDR Mark Tatara, TRACEN Petaluma
      (3) CSCM Kevin Ball, TRACEN Petaluma
      (4) HSCM Daniel Dixon, TRACEN Petaluma
      (5) ITCM Javier Gallegos, TRACEN Petaluma
      (6) ETCM Michael King, TRACEN Petaluma
      (7) ETCS William Walker, TRACEN Petaluma
      (8) HSC Travis Fender, TRACEN Petaluma
      (9) CSC Lisa Densmore, TRACEN Petaluma
     (10) CSC Robert Stous, TRACEN Petaluma
     (11) IT1 Tanner Harman, TRACEN Petaluma
     (12) IT1 Joshua Serrano-Perez, TRACEN Petaluma
     (13) IT1 Torre Finley, TRACEN Petaluma
     (14) ET1 Jeffrey Householder, TRACEN Petaluma
     (15) ET1 Igor Guerrero, TRACEN Petaluma
     (16) IT2 Ivonne Scherzinger, TRACEN Petaluma
     (17) ET2 Nathan Raney, TRACEN Petaluma
     (18) Mr. Adam Jaime, TRACEN Petaluma
D9 Operational Remote Operational Vehicle (ROV) Program for
Field-Level Response
     (1) LT Joshua McElhaney, CGD Nine
     (2) Mr. Jerome Popiel, CGD Nine
     (3) Mr. Anthony Mangoni, CGD Nine
     (4) Mr. Scott Binko, CGD Nine
Precision Medicine in Mental Health
     (1) CDR Zachary Woodward, Base Kodiak
    d. Culture Change:
Leader of Character Information System (LCIS)
      (1) LDCR Timothy Bonner, CGC Juniper
      (2) LCDR Clare Snyder, USCGA
      (3) LCDR Peter Vermeer, USCGA
      (4) LT Kelsey Gray, USCGA
      (5) ENS Juan Acevedo-Perez, CGC Escanaba
      (6) ENS Walter Gnann, USCGC Kimball
      (7) ENS Andrew Hardy, CGC Tahoma
      (8) Mr. Jonathan Heller, USCGA
      (9) Mr. Tobias Olsen, USCGA
     (10) Dr. Eric Page, USCGA
     (11) CGA Information Services Branch, USCGA
USCG Command Climate System (CCS)
      (1) RADM William Kelly, USCGA
      (2) MUC Megan Sesma, USCGA
      (3) CGA Information Technology, USCGA
Vertical Garden: Fresh Produce Underway
      (1) LCDR Anderson Ogg, USCG R&D Center
      (2) Dr. Margaret Exton, USCG R&D Center
      (3) Mr. Jason Story, USCG R&D Center
      (4) Mr. Derek Meier, USCG R&D Center
      (5) Mr. Patrick Ryan, USCG R&D Center
      (6) Mr. Scott Nelson, USCG R&D Center
      (7) Mr. Robert Coburn, USCG R&D Center
      (8) Ms. Shalane Regan, USCG R&D Center
    e. Coast Guard Auxiliary Achievement:
USCG Band Auxiliarist Livestream
      (1) AUX William David Marriott, Flotilla 014-25-06
      (2) AUX Christine Howe, Flotilla 014-24-04
      (3) AUX Frank Schiavone, Flotilla 014-25-02
    f. CDR Joel Magnussen Innovation Award for Management:
U.S. Coast Guard Finance Center – CG Utility Invoices Optical
Character Recognition Implementation
      (1) CAPT Michael Danish, FINCEN
      (2) LCDR Brian Dochtermann, FINCEN
      (3) LT Jeremiah Savali, FINCEN
      (4) CWO Benedict Lizama, TRACEN Petaluma
      (5) PO1 Justin Overdorf, Base Portsmouth
      (6) PO1 Jason Mansfield, CGCYBER Command
      (7) PO1 Kevin Schulz, ESD Fort Macon
      (8) PO2 Ryan Trower, SECCEN Chesapeake
      (9) PO2 Micah Thiessen, C5I Service Center
     (10) PO2 Colin Mcewen, NPFC
     (11) PO2 Jacob Irion, SFLC
     (12) PO3 Stephen Salas, TRACEN Petaluma
     (13) PO3 Deven Gonzalez, Station Venice
     (14) PO3 Devin Abernathy, Base Kodiak

     (15) Mr. Gildardo Bustamante, FINCEN
     (16) Mr. Zachary Lewis, FINCEN
     (17) Ms. Adrienne Coston, FINCEN
6. The Innovation Awards ceremony was held in May 2023 during
the spring Senior Leadership Conference. Additional information
regarding this and other RDIGC activities can be found at the
Innovation Portal at:
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and on the web at:
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7. POC: Please direct any questions to COMDT (CG-926) Research,
Development, Test and Evaluation, and Innovation Program at:
8. Mr. James Knight, Deputy Assistant Commandant for Acquisition
(CG-9D), and Ms. Lisa Schleder-Kirkpatrick, Deputy Assistant
Commandant for Capability (CG-7D), send.
9. Internet release is authorized.