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ALCGOFF 033/23
A. PY24 Schedule of Officer Personnel Boards and Panels,
1. As noted in Ref A, SEFP Phase I will be conducted 11-14 July 2023
to screen eligible candidates for selection to the Council on Foreign
Relations (CFR) fellowship.
2. This program offers an exceptional experience that will serve an
officer well in the most challenging segments of the Coast Guard. The
member selected for this prestigious fellowship will be expected to
fulfill a follow-on assignment at the discretion of the Vice Commandant
which will target positions of significant impact and influence.
Amplifying program info is provided below.
A. CFR: New York, NY. An independent, nonpartisan membership organization,
think tank, and publisher devoted to a better understanding of the
world and the foreign policy choices faced by the U.S. and other countries.
The program exposes the selected officer to a wide variety of strategic
issues affecting U.S. foreign policy development, international relations,
and economic security. Fellows participate in CFR membership programs,
meet with CFR members and staff, and engage in research and studies.
The CFR Studies Program fosters independent research leading to published
articles or reports, roundtable and panel speaking opportunities, and
briefings apprising senior USCG and DHS leaders of significant
developments and emerging views on homeland security, economic, and
policy issues within the CFR. Fellows also assist in arranging several
politico-military trips for CFR members during the year. Eligibility
requirements are listed in paragraph 11.a of Ref A. can be found here:
3. All captains with a date of rank of 1 July 2021 or earlier are
eligible to apply. Additionally, officers reaching their mandatory
separation date 1 July 2024 or earlier will not be screened.
4. All members who plan to apply should verify that their Direct Access
(DA) information is recent and updated. Interested candidates can apply
by submitting an e-resume with the SS-COUNCIL FOREIGN REL FELLOW 00089652
position selected. There is no commanding officer endorsement required
for this application submission. Those applicants unable to connect
to DA may communicate requests to apply via email to the OPM POC listed
in paragraph 9, NLT 30 June 2023 which is the application deadline.
5. Waivers to apply will be considered for non-tour complete captains
who are not in command cadre positions and who will have completed
at least two years in their current assignment by 15 Sep 2024. Officers
requesting a waiver to apply should immediately contact the POC listed
in paragraph 9 via email, with an emailed Flag endorsement allowing
the member to go into play, and request inclusion in the candidate pool.
The POC will facilitate waiver requests with PSC-OPM; waivers must
be received by Friday, 23 June 2023.
6. The selection panel has the discretion to select any eligible
candidate (captain with a date of rank of 1 July 2021 or earlier)
whether they formally applied or not.
7. Captain Assignment Business Rules apply for application to this position.
8. Candidates should act now to ensure their Employee Summary Sheet
(ESS), contact information in Direct Access (DA), and Official Military
Personnel File (e.g., OERs, Record of Professional Development (CG-4082),
and academic transcripts) are updated and complete.
9. POC: CAPT Joan Snaith at
10. CAPT P. J. Dougan, Chief, PSC-OPM, sends.
11. Internet release authorized.