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R 041428Z MAY 23 MID120000039034U 




ALCGENL 103/23 



B. Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8 (series) 


1. This SITREP kicks off AY24 for the BM Rating. Members who are  

tour complete in AY24 or competing for advancement should begin looking 

ahead to their next assignment. BMs are strongly encouraged to seek career counseling from their Assignment Officer (AO) and advice from mentors. 

2. Career management:                 

a. To schedule career counseling, send an email to  

with the subject line (Career Counseling-Name-EMPLID). Career counseling requests 

for AY24 may be submitted until 01 August 2023. Counseling will continue until all  

requests are completed.  

b. There is only one general duty E-resume deadline for AY24. The member's                E-resume remains the primary communication tool with the AOs. Be advised, every  

position not on an E-resume directly communicates to the AO the member would rather receive a list of unfilled positions rather than apply for those jobs.  

3. Advancement:  

a. The Coast Guard advances to fill vacancies. Commands and members are  

reminded, as outlined in Ref (B), personnel who compete for advancement must  

be prepared for reassignment to fill any authorized position at the next higher pay grade.  

4. Fleet Ups:  

a. Fleet ups for members in non-command cadre positions are maximized by  

the AOs. Fleet ups which result in a billet to paygrade mismatch will be  

evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the AOs.  

5. Extensions:  

a. BM AOs will continue to maximize first time extension opportunities in AY24. 

Member requests and command endorsements are required for all extensions. The 

preferred method to request an extension is for the member to email the command  

requesting the extension, then the command forwards that email with their 

endorsement to the appropriate AO. Command cadre members who desire an extension must screen and compete for an extension amongst their peers. 

6. Slating: 

a. BM AOs begin the assignment year by slating command cadre (OIC, XPO)  

and Senior Enlisted (E8/E9) followed by a single E-resume deadline  

for all general duty E7 through E4 assignments. This allows all members  

to compete for afloat and ashore assignments simultaneously. For timeline  

updates, members and commands should review Ref (D) periodically for AY24 assignment process updates and specific timeline guidance. 

c. Afloat Assignments:   

Members should apply for afloat assignments if: they need sea time for advancement,  

are a BM1 or BMC who hasn't earned a DWO certification, or have a DWO certification and completed two or more consecutive ashore assignments. It is the responsibility of every member competing for assignment to pursue all positions available in a given assignment year. 

7. General Assignment Guidance:  

a. As outlined in Ref (B), some positions require a command endorsement. Members must work with their command to ensure they meet the specific requirements of the position requested and that a command endorsement is included in the E-resume submission. Failure to include a command endorsement prohibits a member from earning those positions. 

b. PATFORSWA assignments and timelines are based on the criteria contained in the solicitation message which will be released SEPCOR. 

c. Prospective Surfman assignments and timelines are based on criteria contained in the solicitation message which will be released SEPCOR. 

d. Women afloat: 

Every year cutters are converted to mixed gender largely due to members  

communicating directly with the Women Afloat Coordinator.  In addition to normal AO counseling, all women are highly encouraged to contact the Women Afloat Coordinator listed at the bottom of this message. 

8. BM AY24 Timeline: 

01 MAY 2023: Career counseling begins 

01 AUG 2023: Career counseling request deadline 

11 AUG 2023: OIC screening panel submissions in Direct Access due 

11 SEP 2023: OIC screening panel begins 

15 SEP 2023: XPO screening panel submissions in Direct Access due  

29 SEP 2023: OIC screening panel results posted 

02 OCT 2023: XPO screening panel begins 

20 OCT 2023: OIC/Senior BM (E8/E9) E-resume deadline 

20 OCT 2023: XPO screening panel results posted 

10 NOV 2023: OIC/Senior BM (E8/E9) slate posted 

24 NOV 2023: XPO E-resume deadline 

15 DEC 2023: XPO slate posted 

12 JAN 2024: General duty E-resume deadline (all assignment priorities  

both afloat and ashore) 

31 MAR 2024: All routine AY24 orders issued 

9. Refer to Ref D & Ref E for timeline changes. 

10. Command representatives and members can contact the AOs  

using the information below: 

a. D1, D9: 

BOSN2 C.E. Connolly until 17 Jul 2023 - (202) 795-6607 

BOSN2 S.D. Currington after 17 Jul 2023 - (202) 795-6614 

b. D5, D7: 

BOSN2 J.P. Laufenberg: until 07 Jul 2023 - (202) 795-6571 

BOSN3 M.E. Jorgenson:  after 10 Jul 2023 - (202) 795-6571 

c. D8, D14, D17: 

BOSN2 C.E. Connolly until 17 Jul 2023 - (202) 795-6607 

BMCS J.C. Hermes after 17 Jul 2023 - (202) 795-6585 

d.D11, D13, All TRACENs, Surf Units, BM “A” School, PATFORSWA, SPECIAL ASSIGNMENTS: 

BOSN2 C.E. Connolly - (202) 795-6607 

e. Women Afloat Coordinator: 

OSCS R. C. Mason until Jul 11 2023 - (202) 795-6573 

EMC S.S. Komen after July 11 2023 - (202) 795-6573 

f. Central Assignment Coordinator (CAC-I): 

LT K.L. Jenish until 05 Jun 2023 - (202) 795-6593 

LT T.J. Seleznick after 05 Jun 2023 - (202) 795-6593 

11. Released by: LT K. Jenish  

12. Internet Release Authorized