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R 251845Z APR 23  MID200080927007U 




ALCGENL 089/23 


A. Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8A 

B. Enlisted Marine Inspector Training Program, COMDTINST 1500.6A 

C. Appointing Warrant Officers, COMDTINST M1420.1 

1. This message solicits candidates and outlines the application  

process for those enlisted members interested in the Enlisted Marine  

Inspector Training Program (EMITP), a program designed to train  

enlisted participants to become fully qualified Journeyman Marine  

Inspectors. This program offers outstanding professional development  

and career broadening opportunities for E6s and E7s who have the  

desire and aptitude to train in the challenging and rewarding field  

of Marine Inspections. EMITP selectees will remain enlisted for up to 

four years in order to complete their training in Apprentice Marine 

Inspector billets. However, selectees will have the opportunity to 

apply for appointment to Chief Warrant Officer at or near the 18-month 

mark of their four-year apprenticeship. Participants of EMITP will be 

the sole accession source for selection to the Prevention Marine Safety 

Warrant Officer Specialties.  

2. Prevention Marine Safety Warrant Officers are divided into two  

specialties; Marine Safety Specialty Deck (MSSD) and Marine Safety 

Specialty Engineer (MSSE). All Marine Safety Warrant Officers  

perform regulatory oversight of complex federal laws, regulations,  

and treaties as Marine Inspectors. These activities are performed  

on domestic and foreign small passenger vessels, deep draft  

freight/tank vessels, mobile offshore drilling units, offshore supply 

vessels and oil and chemical/gas barges. In the performance of these 

duties, they interface with a broad array of private, public and 

international members at all levels of the maritime industry.  

3. The eligible feeder ratings for MSSD are Marine Science  

Technicians (MST), Boatswain’s Mate (BM), and Aviation Survival  

Technicians (AST). The MSSE Specialty is fed by the Machinery  

Technician (MK), Damage Controlman (DC), and Electrician’s Mate (EM).  

4. Eligibility: 

a. Rank: Must be an E6 or E7 (not above the cut for E8) on the date 

of the application. Waivers will not be granted. 

b. Open to all MSSD and MSSE Feeder Ratings who are tour complete 

in AY24 or AY25, or those with a report date OOB 01 OCT 2022 at 

their current unit. 

c. Must meet the Universal Regular Warrant Officer Eligibility  

Requirements outlined in 3.E and 3.F of reference (C), with the 

exception of 3.E.5. 

d. Time in Service (TIS): E6 applicants must not have more than 17 

years and E7 applicants must not have more than 21 years TIS by 

31 DEC 2023. 

e. All applicants must meet the minimum qualifications specified in 

reference (A), parts 1.E.2.  

5. Timeline for Application and Selection: 

a. 21 JUL 2023: Standard applications are emailed to EPM-2 at and 'My Panel Submissions'  

for the Enlisted Marine Inspector Training Program are submitted in  

Direct Access. 

b. 07-11 AUG 2023: EMITP panel convenes. 

c. OOA 25 AUG 2023: ALCGENL released announcing panel results. 

6. Standard Applications: Members and Commands should pay close  

attention to the requirements listed in the standard application found  

at reference (D). Incomplete or improperly formatted applications will 

be returned. Deadline extensions will not be granted to correct errors.  

7. The Special Assignments Officer will coordinate the release from  

rating process. Applicants should not contact their detailer asking if  

they can be released from rate. 

8. Points of contact: 

a. EMITP program specific questions may be directed to: LCDR Robert  

Gay, or (202) 503-7559. 

b. Special Assignment information and package submission: or (202) 795-6587. For  

assignment questions, contact CWO Derek Hardy. 

9. Released by: LT S. E. Grell, (202) 795-6584. 

10. Internet release authorized.