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R 211426Z APR 23 MID200080920404U

ALCGENL 088/23
A. Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8A series
C. ALCGENL 080/23, AY24 Special Assignment Kick-Off
1. All members are highly encouraged to pursue at least one Special
Assignment (SA) during their career. These career broadening
assignments provide members valuable opportunities to represent
their ratings, network, and learn about other operational and mission
support activities. Furthermore, serving in a SA increases your
selection potential for future highly visible leadership and management
positions (e.g. Silver Badge, OIC, and School Chief).
2. The selection, motivation, and training of Recruiters is a top
priority to meet the Coast Guard's human capital needs. In an effort
to best shape our future military workforce, we are seeking candidates
who demonstrate strong interpersonal skills, infallible character,
professionalism and a spirited focus on building a stronger Coast
Guard. As the Coast Guard grows in resources and capability, it is
imperative that Coast Guard Recruiting meets the demand. In this
competitive position you will be responsible for recruiting applicants
in the following programs: Enlisted Active Duty and Reserves and all
non-Academy accessions. Visit to see Coast Guard
Recruiting in action.
a. Production Recruiters (PR) make daily decisions on how to attract
applicants most suitable to become a shipmate in our Service.
Recruiters visit schools, colleges, clubs, community centers, etc. to
advertise Coast Guard opportunities, identify prospects, and develop
relationships. Recruiters often engage influencers such as family
members and community leaders to garner support for an applicant's
decision. Recruiters must be creative to find new ways to gain
accessions. Additionally, recruiters conduct the screening, processing,
and accession paperwork necessary for enlistments and commissionings.
Recruiters frequently work irregular hours to conform to civilian
schedules and perform travel to accomplish their mission.
b. Recruiters in Charge (RIC) lead one of 65 Recruiting Offices (RO)
across the nation and require robust leadership skills. In addition
to all Production Recruiter duties, RICs are responsible for mission
planning, training, and administrative oversight of their RO. They
supervise up to 10 Production Recruiters as well as scholarship
program Officer trainees recruited by their RO.
3. Members are reminded RIC & PR positions come with Special Duty Pay
and increased Assignment Priority (AP4) upon successful completion
of recruiting tour.
4. Mandatory Informational Coast Guard Recruiting Webinar:
a. Date: 1 May 2023, 1000 and 1300 EST and 2 May 2023, 1300 EST
b. Register: Email MKCM Michael Dioquino (subject: Recruiting Webinar) NLT COB 30 Apr 2023.
5. Eligibility:
a. Special Assignment criteria per Ref (A) Art. 1.E.2 and 1.E.7.
b. Tour complete in AY24, AY25, or AY26.
c. Production Recruiter positions: E5-E6, E4 above the cut for E5
d. Recruiter in Charge positions: E7 (not above the cut for E8),
E6 above the cut for E7
e. Members with folliculitis are eligible to apply.
6. Process/timeline:
a. NLT 02 JUN 2023: Standard applications are emailed to CGRC at
b. OOA 13 JUN - 08 JUL 2023: CGRC interviews all RIC applicants.
c. 17-21 JUL 2023: CGRC reviews packages for best qualified applicants.
d. OOA 15 AUG 2023: Results released via email.
e. The expected report date is 01 JUL 2024.
7. Standard Applications: Members and Commands should pay close
attention to the requirements listed in the standard application found
at Ref (B). Incomplete or improperly formatted applications will be
returned. Deadline extensions will not be granted to correct errors.
8. The Special Assignments Officer will coordinate the release from
rating process. Applicants should not contact their detailer asking
if they can be released from rate.
9. Points of contact:
a. CG Recruiting Command: LT Noel Garcia or
b. EPM-2 Special Assignments: CWO Derek Hardy, (202) 795-6587
10. Released by: LT S. E. Grell, (202) 795-6584.
11. Internet release authorized.