united states coast guard

R 171358Z APR 23

ALCGENL 078/23
A. Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8(series)
1. This message kicks off Assignment Year 2024 (AY24) for the enlisted
workforce. All members who are tour complete in AY24 should take
advantage of this time to think about their next assignment, consider
career aspirations and professional development opportunities, and
seek guidance from supervisors and mentors. Commands should begin
evaluating readiness impacts and preparing command concerns expected
in the next assignment season. Commands should also counsel tour
complete members to ensure they are ready and available for assignment
per 1.A.5 of Ref (A) in AY24.
2. AY24 timeline: Any changes to the dates below will be published on
the EPM Sharepoint Site. This is the general timeline for all ratings.
Members must review their rating’s kickoff message for more specific
A. Standard assignment timeline:
01 May - 01 Aug: Members contact Assignment Officers (AOs) for career
counseling. Counseling will continue until all requests are fulfilled.
01 May - 01 Aug: Commands/AOs conduct Personnel Allowance List (PAL)
01 May - 31 Aug: AOs and Central Assignment Coordinators (CACs) conduct
EPM roadshows.
01 Aug: Command Concerns (COMCONs) and Operational Commander Priorities due.
06 Sep - 27 Sep: Unofficial shopping lists published/commands validate
shopping lists.
28 Sep: Official shopping lists published.
01 Nov: PCS e-Resumes due for most ratings.
02 Nov 2023 - 31 Mar 2024: AOs slate members and issue orders.
B. EPM-2 will publish supplemental timelines for specific ratings,
command positions, and detached duty assignments as necessary. Refer
to rating-specific SITREPS and EPM-2 AO Sharepoint pages for additional
guidance and deadlines.
C. Special assignments will be shopped earlier than general assignments.
Timeline information related to special assignments will be posted
3. Career counseling/guidance:
A. Members, especially those expecting to rotate in AY24, those taking
the May 2023 SWE or above an existing cut for advancement, and those
double-encumbered in positions are expected and encouraged to contact
their respective AO directly to schedule an appointment for career
counseling. All members may request and receive career counseling
from their AO, even if not tour complete. Direct communication
with the AO from 01 May to 01 August will increase members'
awareness of professional development opportunities and provide the
foundation for crafting a realistic PCS e-Resume. Members seeking
co-locations should understand policy pertaining to co-location
assignments contained in Ref (A). The best way to assure co-location
is early contact with the AOs for advice on crafting a realistic
PCS e-Resume. To schedule career counseling, please send an
email to your respective AO with the subject line
(Career Counseling-Name-EMPLID). Counseling for members who appear above a new
or revised cut is also available throughout the year. Members are
encouraged to contact their AOs within two weeks of the published
SWE cut or revision message.
4. AY24 execution:
A. Command Concerns: Commands are reminded to validate their PAL using
the Command Information page in Direct Access on a routine basis to
ensure position numbers reflect where members are actually assigned.
Commands may report PAL discrepancies via COMCONs. For detailed guidance
on the procedures to validate your unit's PAL and submit COMCONs, refer
to the job aid and template posted on the EPM Sharepoint Site in the "COMCON
and PAL VAL" folder located at:
Commands may submit COMCONs in the traditional CG Memo format; however,
the preferred and more effective format is prescribed in the job aid.
COMCONs must be submitted NLT 01 Aug 23. Timely submission is critical
in the development of an accurate shopping list. Additional guidance on
COMCONs and PAL VAL will be published SEPCOR. EPM also welcomes visits
from command reps to address COMCONs and engage with applicable AOs.
B. For AY24, all PAL Reprogramming Review (PRR) billet creation or modifications
completed by 31 October 2023 will be shopped and filled with candidates
competing for assignment in AY24. Billets created, including
the use of Temporary Emergent Required Billets (TERBs), after this date will
be treated as off-season and will not be guaranteed to be filled in AY24.
C. Operational Commander Priorities: The Coast Guard is experiencing an
unprecedented, enlisted workforce shortage. In AY23, EPM-2 solicited intent
from Operational Commanders used to prioritize vacancies within their
respective areas of responsibility. In AY24, EPM-2 will follow the same
established business practices and will consolidate priorities submitted
by District and Area Commanders to facilitate the effective distribution
of junior enlisted personnel. EPM-2 will continue to push vacancies to the
junior enlisted paygrades. This practice provides an opportunity to fill
vacancies year-round with A School graduates. When determining their
operational priorities, District and Area Commanders should expect vacancies
to increase each AY for the foreseeable future. For detailed guidance on the
procedures to submit District and Area Commander priorities, refer to the
template posted on the EPM Sharepoint Site in the "OP Commander Priorities"
folder located at:
D. Career Intentions: To prevent unanticipated long-term gaps,
commands MUST notify EPM if a member articulates their intention
to RELAD after completing the required re-enlistment interview. EPM-2
will accept Career Intention Worksheets (CIW) beyond 6 months to
mitigate unanticipated gaps. Commands aware of a member who is
intending to separate prior to 01 Oct 24 may use the CIW to notify EPM-2.
Once the counseling is complete, submit the CIW to the appropriate AO
as soon as possible. This allows AOs to properly shop the position and
avoid a vacancy. Members who change their decision to RELAD and desire
to remain in service after the signature date of the CIW may be issued
orders to a Service need position, depending on timeline and AO notification.
The Coast Guard continues to offer opportunities for members departing
Active Duty to continue serving in the CG Reserve. Active Duty enlisted
members with questions regarding continued service in the Coast Guard
Reserve may contact the Inter Service Transfer Team, CG Recruiting
Command, via email at
5. Command visits and roadshows: In addition to career counseling,
roadshow attendance and engagement are critical aspects of
the assignment process. An ALCGENL to address the process for
requesting roadshows during the summer of 2023 will be released SEPCOR.
Members and commands may also view information on the PSC-EPM Sharepoint site:
6. AY24 intentions:
A. As described in Ref (A), EPM-2 will focus on filling afloat positions
earlier in the AY. All members tour complete in AY24, regardless of
assignment priority (AP), may compete for afloat assignments beginning
in November. For applicable ratings, AOs will work to slate cutters shortly
after the PCS e-Resume deadline.
B. Special Needs is a mandatory program. Special Needs Program updates
for each family member enrolled in the program must be initiated at least
9 months prior to the member's projected rotation date. A categorization
system is in place for dependents in the program. Commands and members
should carefully review Ref (B) to learn how these changes could affect
their assignment options.
7. All members who desire to compete for or receive orders to an overseas
billet shall follow the procedures noted in Ref (C). This includes the use
of forms CG-1300, 1300A, and 1300B for member and dependents, and command
endorsement prior to e-Resume submission. Table 2 in PSCINST 1300 outlines
participant responsibilities to pre-screen before e-Resume submission
while Table 3 outlines responsibilities upon receipt of PCS or long-term
ADOS orders. Members and departing commands should not delay initiation
of this process, especially for e-Resume submissions.
8. Women afloat opportunities continue to expand each year with the new
platforms, positions, and conversion of cutters. Women are encouraged to
apply for any afloat position. In addition to AO counseling,
women and commands seeking information on afloat assignments are highly
encouraged to reach out to the Women Afloat Coordinator listed at the
bottom of this message to further discuss these career enhancing
9. As per Ref (D), commands and members are reminded that AP is only
reviewed on a triennial cycle. The results of the April 2023 AP review
panel will be used for AY24. Once the panel is complete, the new AP table
can be found on the EPM Sharepoint site, link below.
10. EPM-2 wants members to have an active and informed role in the
assignment process. It is absolutely imperative that Commands and
transferring personnel meet established deadlines, review applicable
portions of Ref (A), and keep a sharp lookout for AY24 assignment SITREPS.
11. CG Sharepoint: The EPM-2 AO Sharepoint pages are the central location for
news and information within each rating. The AO Sharepoint pages are located at:
All enlisted members should frequently visit relevant pages for current
information. Additionally, members are highly encouraged to subscribe to
notifications from their rating assignment officers Sharepoint page.
12. As always, if commands have questions, please contact:
A. EPM-2 Branch Chief: CDR A. Migliorini, 202-795-6596 (Through 02JUN23)
CDR M. Deal, 202-795-6576 (After 02JUN23)
B. CAC I (BM/ME/GM): LT K. Jenish, (Through 05JUN23) 202-795-6593
LT T. Seleznick, 202-795-6578 (After 05JUN23)
C. CAC II (MK/DC/EM): LT R. Rand, 202-795-6616 (Through 20JUN23)
LT S. Grell, 202-795-6584 (After 20JUN23)
D. CAC III (CS/SK/MU/PA/YN/HS/PATFORSWA): CDR M. Deal, 202-795-6576
E. CAC IV (Aviation/OS/IS/DV/Spec Assign): LT S. Grell, 202-795-6584
F. CAC V (ET/IT/MST/Nonrates/A School): LT T. Seleznick, 202-795-6578
G. Women Afloat Coordinator: OSCS R. Mason or EMC S. Komen, 202-795-6573
13. CAPT J. Carter, Chief, Enlisted Personnel Management, CG Personnel Service Center, sends.
14. Internet release is authorized.