united states coast guard

ALCGPSC 059/23
A. Officer Accessions, Evaluations, and Promotions, COMDTINST
M1000.3 (series)
B. Reserve Policy Manual, COMDTINST M1001.28 (series)
C. Coast Guard Weight and Body Fat Standards Program Manual, 
COMDTINST M1020.8 (series)
D. Coast Guard Officer Evaluation System Procedures Manual,
PSCINST M1611.1D, Chapter 8.C.4
1. Commanding Officers/Officers exercising administrative control may
promote the personnel listed below, effective on the dates indicated.
2. Members are categorized by the promotion list on which they were
selected. Prior to promotion, Commanding Officers must ensure 
compliance with Para 3.A.12 of Ref A for ADPL promotions to O-2 
through O-6, Para 3.B.6 of Ref A for ADPL promotions to Chief Warrant
Officer, and Para 7.A.10 of Ref B for IDPL promotions. Commanding
Officers must also ensure compliance with the provisions of Ref C, 
unless an exemption has been granted. If promotion is delayed, 
Commanding Officers must notify PSC (OPM-1) or (RPM), PPC, and SPO 
prior to the authorized promotion date.
3. If a promotion is delayed under these provisions, further 
proceedings under Chapter 3 of Ref A or Chapter 7 of Ref B will 
depend upon the circumstances leading to the delay. When an officer 
whose promotion has been delayed subsequently meets the standards for
promotion, Commanding Officers should contact PSC (OPM-1) or (RPM) 
and request authority to promote the officer. PSC (OPM-1) or (RPM) 
will authorize promotion with a date of rank at the time the officer
would have been promoted had the promotion not been delayed. For IDPL
officers, pay and allowances of the grade to which promoted are 
authorized from the effective date of the appointment, not the date 
of rank.
4. Acceptance of promotion obligates officers to serve two years time
in grade (TIG) prior to voluntary retirement. The TIG requirement 
does not apply to an officer resigning their commission. 
5. The following promotion is authorized:
NAME                         LIST    DOR       UNIT
To Lieutenant:
Purcell, Peter J.            ADPL 7-May-23     CG NORTH PACIFIC RFTC
Doherty-Regalia, Kevin J.    IDPL 7-May-23     PSC-RPM-3 IRR
Levesque, Sarah N.           ADPL 7-May-23     CG STA WASHINGTON
Yelvington, Jason R.         ADPL 7-May-23     SEC NOLA INSPECTIONS DIV
Oingerang, Edward M.         ADPL 7-May-23     CGFM/SEC GUAM INCIDENT
Sexton, Ryan A.              ADPL 7-May-23     SEC PUGET SND CMD CENTER
Deer, Kathleen E.            ADPL 7-May-23     BASIC FLIGHT
Raymond, Jason C.            ADPL 7-May-23     TRACEN YORKTOWN
Magnus, Benjamin K.          ADPL 7-May-23     AIRSTA BORINQUEN
Dirado, Robert J.            ADPL 7-May-23     CG SOUTHEAST RFTC
Perkins, Christopher A.      ADPL 7-May-23     TRACEN YKTWN RESP TRNG
Olp, Matthew C.              ADPL 7-May-23     SEC HOU/GAL INV
Crow, John R.                ADPL 7-May-23     SEC VIRGINIA INV
Ferrell, Dylan F.            ADPL 7-May-23     CGC BERTHOLF
Trumper, William R.          ADPL 7-May-23     CG MFPU BANGOR
Laster, Bryce A.             ADPL 7-May-23     CG STA MONTEREY
Peterson, Tyler D.           ADPL 7-May-23     D14 ENFORCEMENT BR
Feely, Tyler P.              ADPL 7-May-23     AIRSTA BORINQUEN
Boff, Molly E.               IDPL 7-May-23     PSC-RPM-3 IRR
Max, Vera M.                 ADPL 7-May-23     SEC MOBILE INSPECTIONS
Reichelt, Collin R.          ADPL 7-May-23     TACLET PACAREA LEDET 101
Sattelberg, Devin L.         ADPL 7-May-23     SEC HMBLDT BAY AV OPS
Burns, Timothy J.            ADPL 7-May-23     CGC COHO
Imagane, Julie N.            ADPL 7-May-23     SEC SAN FRAN INSPECTIONS
Keenan, Theodore M.          ADPL 7-May-23     AIRSTA TRAVERSE CITY
Newcomer, John A.            ADPL 7-May-23     UNIV OF CALIFORNIA
Avella, Paul A.              ADPL 7-May-23     MSRT EAST DIRECT ACTION
Lamacchio, Elijah M.         ADPL 7-May-23     SEC SE NEW ENG WTRWAYS
Berkley, Derek E.            IDPL 7-May-23     PSC-RPM-3 IRR
Quintin, Julian R.           ADPL 7-May-23     ICC COUNTER NETWORK ACT
Massey, Daniel J.            ADPL 7-May-23     SEC MARYLAND-NCR INVEST
Castellano, Guy S.           IDPL 7-May-23     PSC-RPM-3 IRR
Thompson, Marcus J.          ADPL 7-May-23     MSD PORT CANAVERAL
Miller, Juliana M.           ADPL 7-May-23     AIRSTA MIAMI
Block, Dylan H.              ADPL 7-May-23     AIRSTA CAPE COD
Truncale, John R.            ADPL 7-May-23     CG STA FORT LAUDERDALE
Gunn, Brendan W.             ADPL 7-May-23     AIRSTA SACRAMENTO
Vallet, Trevor J.            ADPL 7-May-23     D14 ENFORCEMENT BR (DRE)
Karousos, Michael A.         ADPL 7-May-23     SEC HOU/GAL ENFORCEMENT DIV
McPhillips IV, Terence W.    ADPL 7-May-23     OL-SERVICE INTEG SEC-PORTS
Goetz, Kyle A.               ADPL 7-May-23     SEC ST PETE INSPECTIONS DIV
Jarvis III, Jesse B.         ADPL 7-May-23     AIRSTA HOUSTON
Neely, Drayton M.            IDPL 7-May-23     PSC-RPM-3 IRR
Durfee, Steven P.            ADPL 7-May-23     AIRSTA TRAVERSE CITY
Lemke, Travis J.             ADPL 7-May-23     TRANS FLIGHT-CNATT
Proveaux, Erick C.           ADPL 7-May-23     SEC ST PETE INSPECTIONS DIV
Layman, Trevor A.            ADPL 7-May-23     SEC JUNEAU CMD CENTER
Castillo, David              ADPL 7-May-23     SEC MIAMI INVESTIGATE DIV
Seevers, Cody W.             ADPL 7-May-23     CG NORTHEAST RFTC
Brown, Trenton D.            ADPL 7-May-23     PST CHEMICAL DIV
Greenfield, Maria R.         ADPL 7-May-23     SEC NEW YORK WTRWAYS MGT DIV
Evrett, Jacob G.             ADPL 7-May-23     SEC ANCHORAGE CMD CENTER
Butters, Christopher J.      ADPL 7-May-23     SEC PUGET SND INCIDENT MGT DIV
Gandara, Michael J.          ADPL 7-May-23     OPC PRO PANAMA CITY
Varrichione, Michael S.      ADPL 7-May-23     SEC CHARLESTON INSPECTIONS DIV
McCarty, Julia C.            ADPL 7-May-23     SEC MOBILE INVESTIGATE DIV
Pinto, Anthony M.            ADPL 7-May-23     MSU MORGAN CITY
Oatway, Stephanie P.         ADPL 7-May-23     SEC VIRGINIA ENFORCEMENT DIV
Sherry, Stacie L.            ADPL 7-May-23     MSST CAPE COD OPS SPRT DEPT
Jordan, Linda M.             IDPL 7-May-23     PSC-RPM-3 IRR
Welch, Christian J.          ADPL 7-May-23     BASIC FLIGHT
Russell, William W.          ADPL 7-May-23     SEC PUGET SND INSPECTIONS DIV
Kim, Shera S.                ADPL 7-May-23     SEC SAN DIEGO WTRWAYS MGT DIV
De La Riva, Kendra M.        ADPL 7-May-23     MIFC PAC LIVING MAR RESRC SEC
Gilbert III, George R.       ADPL 7-May-23     UNIV OF MARYLAND
Cook, Nichole K.             ADPL 7-May-23     SEC NEW YORK INSPECTIONS DIV
Williams, Anthony L.         ADPL 7-May-23     LANTAREA (LANT-33)
Ludlam, Daniel W.            ADPL 7-May-23     SEC SE NEW ENG INTEL STAFF
Smarzo, Joshua E.            ADPL 7-May-23     SEC LIS INCIDENT MGT DIV
Mullen, Rikkilynn R.         ADPL 7-May-23     SEC LOWER MISS INCIDENT MGT DV
Bair, Rachel P.              ADPL 7-May-23     SEC CHARLESTON CMD CENTER
Kneip, Christian H.          ADPL 13-May-23    BASE KOD HEALTH SVC DIV (HH)
Atkinson, Colton E.          ADPL 22-May-23    AIRSTA CAPE COD
Lowe, Samuel W.              ADPL 22-May-23    AIRSTA CLEARWATER
Daniels, Walter P.           ADPL 22-May-23    BASIC FLIGHT
Harkrader, Brooke M.         ADPL 22-May-23    CGC MARGARET NORVELL
Borden, Kali K.              ADPL 22-May-23    CGC EMLEN TUNNELL
Rosenberg, Michael L.        ADPL 22-May-23    MSST SEATTLE OPS DEPT
Benton, John L.              ADPL 22-May-23    2003 CYBER PROTECTION TEAM
Hopper, Ian M.               ADPL 22-May-23    AIRSTA CORPUS CHRISTI
Philson, Cheyenne M.         ADPL 22-May-23    CG CRYPTOLOGIC UNIT TEXAS
Zhou, Wilson N.              ADPL 22-May-23    SEC SAN FRAN INVESTIGATE DIV
Creamer, Titus P.            ADPL 22-May-23    AIRSTA BARBERS PT
Lee, Gyumin                  ADPL 22-May-23    VIRGINIA TECH (ONLINE)   
Reyburn, Marshall J.         ADPL 22-May-23    BASIC FLIGHT
Schroeder, Victoria J.       ADPL 22-MAY-23    SECTOR MIAMI		
Taminger, Benjamin K.        ADPL 22-May-23    BASIC FLIGHT
Ambrose, Skye N.             ADPL 22-May-23    MIFC PAC POLAR & MAR GOV SEC
Brachmann, Michael L.        ADPL 22-May-23    AIRSTA ELIZABETH CITY
Murby, Matthew R.            ADPL 22-May-23    AIRSTA NORTH BEND
Zhang, Jian                  ADPL 22-May-23    CEU MIA CONSTRUCTION SEC A
Groce, Zachary W.            ADPL 22-May-23    BASIC FLIGHT
Remke, Nicholas A.           ADPL 22-May-23    NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY
Johnson, Colin A.            ADPL 22-May-23    AIRSTA BARBERS PT
Nadeau, Christopher N.       ADPL 22-May-23    CGC JOSEPH DOYLE
Sneed, Kaitlyn E.            ADPL 22-May-23    AIRSTA ATLANTIC CITY
Geurtsen, Benner A.          ADPL 22-May-23    MAT KINGS BAY
Harris, Andrea M.            ADPL 22-May-23    OL-SFLC-CHARLESTON
Fenster, Colin D.            ADPL 22-May-23    CGCC-33 NET OPS & SECURITY CTR
Gillespie, Daniel K.         ADPL 22-May-23    NAVAL POSTGRADUATE SCHOOL
Chan, Warren K.              ADPL 22-May-23    BASIC FLIGHT
Jenkins, Caroline M.         ADPL 22-May-23    BOSTON COLLEGE
Niedbala, Andrew P.          ADPL 22-May-23    CGC DONALD HORSLEY
Kim, Brian S.                ADPL 22-May-23    AIRSTA ELIZABETH CITY
Heiser, Megan M.             ADPL 22-May-23    SEC NOLA INVESTIGATE DIV
Logan, Ian S.                ADPL 22-May-23    AIRSTA MIAMI
Atkinson, Anita J.           ADPL 22-May-23    BASIC FLIGHT
Reynolds, Hailye M.          ADPL 22-May-23    SEC KEY WEST WTRWAYS MGT DIV
Broomfield, Alexander P.     ADPL 22-May-23    OL-SFLC LRE APM2-ALAMEDA
Hogan, Emily E.              ADPL 22-May-23    CGC RICHARD ETHERIDGE
Beck, Justin M.              ADPL 22-May-23    CGC SAWFISH
Palermo-Re, Patrick N.       ADPL 22-May-23    BASIC FLIGHT
Giraldo Torres, Valentina    ADPL 22-May-23    CGA RECRUITING & OUTREACH BR
Nagle, Matthew J.            ADPL 22-May-23    CGC TERN
Kuong, Philip A.             ADPL 22-May-23    MSRT EAST PREC MARKSMAN DIV
Psoinas, Lukas J.            ADPL 22-May-23    CGC KIMBALL
Zeller, Michael P.           ADPL 22-May-23    SEC LAKE MICH INCIDENT MGT DIV
Jabs, Nicholas D.            ADPL 22-May-23    CGC STRATTON
Bishop, Michael J.           ADPL 22-May-23    MASSACHUSETTS INST OF TECH
Grant, Marshall C.           ADPL 22-May-23    COMMANDANT (CG-OEM-2)
Stephens, William H.         ADPL 22-May-23    UNIV OF OREGON
McCulla, Christine C.        ADPL 22-May-23    CGC CHARLES SEXTON
Carr, Mary E.                ADPL 22-May-23    CGC DIAMONDBACK
Dunaway, Hudson N.           ADPL 22-May-23    SEC LAKE MICH INTEL STAFF
Griffitt, Landry L.          ADPL 22-May-23    AIRSTA NORTH BEND
Brumm, Ryan C.               ADPL 22-May-23    CGC CLARENCE SUTPHIN
Bruno, Stephen J.            ADPL 22-May-23    OL-SFLC-ALAMEDA CA
Friedman, Jill M.            ADPL 22-May-23    1790 CYBER PROTECTION TEAM
Castiglione, Michael A.      ADPL 22-May-23    MSRT WEST CBRNE DIV
Harris, Walter A.            ADPL 22-May-23    SEC HOU/GAL INSPECTIONS DIV
Niedermeyer, Anna F.         ADPL 22-May-23    BASIC FLIGHT
Perkins, Jacob E.            ADPL 22-May-23    CEU OAKLAND
Franza, Kelli A.             ADPL 22-May-23    UNIV OF CALIFORNIA DAVIS
Schroeder, Bryce C.          ADPL 22-May-23    TACLET SOUTH LEDET 407
Thompson, Luke A.            ADPL 22-May-23    CGC JAMES
Frystak, Nicholas E.         ADPL 22-May-23    OPC PRO PANAMA CITY
French, William J.           ADPL 22-May-23    AIRSTA MIAMI
Jackson, Robert E.           ADPL 22-May-23    UNIV OF MICHIGAN
Durham-Young, Kristen A.     ADPL 22-May-23    UNIV OF CALIFORNIA BERK
Brandt III, John J.          ADPL 22-May-23    CGC CLARENCE SUTPHIN
Lehenbauer, Annika E.        ADPL 22-May-23    CGC BAILEY BARCO
Cassidy, Riley E.            ADPL 22-May-23    SEC ANCHORAGE INCIDENT
Hughley, Kyla M.             ADPL 22-May-23    AIRSTA DETROIT
Jacobson, Charles G.         ADPL 22-May-23    OL-SFLC IBCT
Klopfenstein, Landon W.      ADPL 22-May-23    AIRSTA MIAMI
Shibazaki, Sasha R.          ADPL 22-May-23    TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY
Harter, Leah M.              ADPL 22-May-23    CGC FORREST REDNOUR
Ballantyne, Liam P.          ADPL 22-May-23    AIRSTA PORT ANGELES
Holt, Olivia R.              ADPL 22-May-23    BASIC FLIGHT
McGoldrick, Anne R.          ADPL 22-May-23    SEC BOSTON INCIDENT MGT
Wittrock, Nicholas J.        ADPL 22-May-23    ATC MOBILE AVIATION OPS
Holfinger, Allyson D.        ADPL 22-May-23    TRANS FLIGHT-CNATT
Boardman, William C.         ADPL 22-May-23    AIRSTA BORINQUEN
Kline, Lydia M.              ADPL 22-May-23    MIFC PAC TARGETING
Dilley, Jacquelyn S.         ADPL 22-May-23    MIFC PAC TARGETING
Baker, Zachary I.            ADPL 22-May-23    OPBAT SUPPORT
Cashin, Colin P.             ADPL 22-May-23    OL-SFLC-BOSTON MA
Widmeier, Madelynn E.        ADPL 22-May-23    PACAREA (PAC-33)
Kearney, Alexander L.        ADPL 22-May-23    CGC BENJAMIN BOTTOMS
Hepler, Michaela M.          ADPL 22-May-23    CGC MORAY
Goldcamp, Ethan M.           ADPL 22-May-23    CGC NATHAN BRUCKENTHAL
Magill, Garrett S.           ADPL 22-May-23    OL-SFLC-BOSTON MA
Hoehle, Connor T.            ADPL 22-May-23    AIRSTA MIAMI
Edmonds, Rebecca P.          ADPL 22-May-23    CGC JOHN MCCORMICK
Harper, Noah D.              ADPL 22-May-23    UNIV OF COLORADO
Crowley, Charles P.          ADPL 22-May-23    D1 ENFORCEMENT BR (DRE)
Oh, Helen S.                 ADPL 22-May-23    SEC SAN FRAN WTRWAYS
Behne, Jacob P.              ADPL 22-May-23    CGC MIDGETT
Raymond, Alberto S.          ADPL 22-May-23    BASIC FLIGHT
Rodriguez, David             ADPL 22-May-23    CGCC-33 NET OPS
Johnson III, Sigvard B.      ADPL 22-May-23    BASIC FLIGHT
Marant, Robert A.            ADPL 22-May-23    CGC PABLO VALENT
Boinay, Nicholas A.          ADPL 22-May-23    MSU PORT ARTHUR
Yuan, Molly Y.               ADPL 22-May-23    OL-SFLC-SAN PEDRO
Marzinsky, Celia F.          ADPL 22-May-23    TRACEN YKTWN DESIGN
Ford III, Randall L.         ADPL 22-May-23    CGC DANIEL TARR
Baek, Jessica Y.             ADPL 22-May-23    BASIC FLIGHT
Marriott, Michael D.         ADPL 22-May-23    CGC KUKUI
Martinelli, Micaela M.       ADPL 22-May-23    BASIC FLIGHT
Helwig, Huston A.            ADPL 22-May-23    OL-SFLC PB APM2-NORFOLK
Keller, Jordan T.            ADPL 22-May-23    D9 COMMAND CENTER (DRMC)
Howe, Ryley P.               ADPL 22-May-23    BASIC FLIGHT
Hawley, Alexander N.         ADPL 22-May-23    AIRSTA PORT ANGELES
Frick, Michael A.            ADPL 22-May-23    AIRSTA TRAVERSE CITY
Lennon, Nina J.              ADPL 22-May-23    SEC MOBILE CP/RDNS STF
Woolfolk, Nicholas T.        ADPL 22-May-23    BASIC FLIGHT
Wyler, Anthony S.            ADPL 22-May-23    SEC NOLA INSPECTIONS DIV
Ishida, Kayla L.             ADPL 22-May-23    PACAREA (PAC-3MF)
Ellis, Patrick T.            ADPL 22-May-23    TACLET SOUTH LEDET 402
Sodemann, Chasse H.          ADPL 22-May-23    MSRT WEST DIRECT ACTION
Hall, Alexander D.           ADPL 22-May-23    TRANS FLIGHT-CNATT
Carter, Zane N.              ADPL 22-May-23    CGC JACOB POROO
Everett, Mackenzie L.        ADPL 22-May-23    AIRSTA HOUSTON
Jaictin, Christian L.        ADPL 22-May-23    OL-SFLC LRE APM2-ALAMEDA
Benson, Cade D.              ADPL 22-May-23    AIRSTA ATLANTIC CITY
Llewellyn, Leah L.           ADPL 22-May-23    TRANS FLIGHT-CNATT
Johnson, Sydney S.           ADPL 22-May-23    OL-SFLC LRE SES1-ALAMEDA
McClusky, Kendall F.         ADPL 22-May-23    BASIC FLIGHT
Hindle, Malia R.             ADPL 22-May-23    SEC DEL BAY CMD CENTER
DeMaio, David B.             ADPL 22-May-23    CGC SHRIKE
Boinay, Carter E.            ADPL 22-May-23    MSU PORT ARTHUR
Burnham, Gregory G.          ADPL 22-May-23    CGC HADDOCK
Rowe, Taylor M.              ADPL 22-May-23    CGC ARGUS
Jung, Taehyun                ADPL 22-May-23    CGC HAROLD MILLER
Larson, Micah J.             ADPL 22-May-23    OL-SFLC PB APM3-NORFOLK
Morin, Anna G.               ADPL 22-May-23    CGC ROLLIN FRITCH
Rose, David M.               ADPL 22-May-23    CGC WAESCHE
Moolenaar, Johanna L.        ADPL 22-May-23    SEC NEW YORK ENG/SUPPORT
Cardinal, Jonathan H.        ADPL 22-May-23    BASE KOD ENG & MGMT
Ellis, James C.              ADPL 22-May-23    CGC RAYMOND EVANS
Salmon, Scott R.             ADPL 22-May-23    BASIC FLIGHT
Parsons, Quintin H.          ADPL 22-May-23    TACLET PACAREA LEDET 106
Hudson, Cole T.              ADPL 22-May-23    OL-SFLC-KEY WEST FL
Austin, Cole T.              ADPL 22-May-23    MSRT EAST DIRECT ACTION
Nelthropp Jr, Gary C.        ADPL 22-May-23    CONSTRUCTION SEC
Brizzi, Melissa A.           ADPL 22-May-23    SEC HOU/GAL CMD CENTER
Jones, Matthew N.            ADPL 22-May-23    MSU TEXAS CITY
Jones, Thomas M.             ADPL 22-May-23    REGIONAL EXECUTION
Fitzpatrick, James T.        ADPL 22-May-23    BASIC FLIGHT
Athanasatos, Stephanie R.    ADPL 22-May-23    SEC MIAMI INCIDENT MGT
McCaslin, Michael R.         ADPL 22-May-23    BASIC FLIGHT
Jenkinson, Jarred W.         ADPL 22-May-23    CGC STONE
Andrews, Cassidy F.          ADPL 22-May-23    LDC OFF ACC & TRANSITION
Turner, Joshua Q.            ADPL 22-May-23    SEC COL RIVER INSP DIV
Vaccaro, Anna Maria F.       ADPL 22-May-23    CGC WALNUT
Gause, Maya S.               ADPL 22-May-23    SEC NEW YORK CP/RDNS STF
Reeder, Dustin L.            ADPL 22-May-23    CGC RICHARD SNYDER
Ortiz, Angela L.             ADPL 22-May-23    BASIC FLIGHT
Stephany, Brendan J.         ADPL 22-May-23    NAVCEN MAR SAFETY INFO
Porter, Jeffrey E.           ADPL 22-May-23    CGC SYCAMORE
Benson, Nolan G.             ADPL 22-May-23    CGCIS RESOURCES & ADMIN
Bleifuss, Thomas C.          ADPL 22-May-23    CGC SITKINAK
O'Donnell, Dugan M.          ADPL 22-May-23    CGC MAPLE
Nelson, William C.           ADPL 22-May-23    CGC JAMES
Short, Hayden M.             ADPL 22-May-23    BASIC FLIGHT
Cerrato III, Raymond J.      ADPL 22-May-23    CGC STONE
Carter,  Rachel H.           ADPL 22-May-23    BASIC FLIGHT
Dupree, Jacob C.             ADPL 22-May-23    CGC ROBERT YERED
Joyner, Jayla D.             ADPL 22-May-23    CGC JOHN SCHEUERMAN
Hovey, Karen A.              ADPL 22-May-23    SEC PUGET SND INCIDENT
Jenkins Jr, Perry R.         ADPL 22-May-23    CGC WAESCHE
Gochnour, Gretchen A.        ADPL 22-May-23    D8 COMMAND CENTER (DRMC)
Wiegleb, Reid E.             ADPL 22-May-23    CGC LIBERTY
Gilliland, Claire A.         ADPL 22-May-23    SFLC SB PRGM DEPOT MAINT
Finn, Daniel P.              ADPL 22-May-23    CGC HERIBERTO HERNANDEZ
Wilson, Luke M.              ADPL 22-May-23    CGC WILLIAM TRUMP
Wilhelm, Adam M.             ADPL 22-May-23    CGC MUSTANG
Hackett, Thomas A.           ADPL 22-May-23    BASIC FLIGHT
Re, Alicen T.                ADPL 22-May-23    CGC DOUGLAS DENMAN
Chapman V, Ryland O.         ADPL 22-May-23    PRO GULF COAST
Bynum, Kristina A.           ADPL 22-May-23    SEC SAN JUAN INCIDENT
Connelly, Andrew S.          ADPL 22-May-23    AIRSTA CORPUS CHRISTI
Kang, Andrew K.              ADPL 22-May-23    D11 ENFORCEMENT BR (DRE)
Gumbleton, Joshua W.         ADPL 22-May-23    CGC BERTHOLF
Carmine, Matthew W.          ADPL 22-May-23    CGC GLEN HARRIS
Pope, John M.                ADPL 22-May-23    MIFC PAC POLAR & MAR GOV
Davis, Chandon J.            ADPL 22-May-23    CGC PENOBSCOT BAY
Yake, Jonathan B.            ADPL 22-May-23    MAT BANGOR
Moreno, Daniel S.            ADPL 22-May-23    C5ISC SHORE PLATFORM SEC
Boldrin, Evan M.             ADPL 22-May-23    BASIC FLIGHT
Brigham, Zachary R.          ADPL 22-May-23    COMMANDANT (CG-438)
Jackson, Patrick D.          ADPL 22-May-23    CG MFPU KINGS BAY
Miranda, Stephanie L.        ADPL 22-May-23    D7 WATERWAYS MGMT BR
Rittenhouse III, Howard A.   ADPL 22-May-23    COMMANDANT (CG-933)
Harvey, Nathaniel A.         ADPL 22-May-23    USS DONALD COOK (DDG 75)
Lambert, Joshua L.           ADPL 22-May-23    BASIC FLIGHT
Harrington, Alexandria L.    ADPL 22-May-23    SEC MIAMI LOGISTICS DEPT
Chau, Adrian A.              ADPL 22-May-23    D13 COMMAND CENTER
Sansone, Riley S.            ADPL 22-May-23    CGC WAESCHE
Gumbleton, John P.           ADPL 22-May-23    OL-SFLC-SEATTLE WA
Delp, Bryan G.               ADPL 22-May-23    SEC DEL BAY ENFORCEMENT
Klages, Griffin M.           ADPL 22-May-23    SEC NOLA INSPECTIONS DIV
McCrary, Maximilian V.       ADPL 22-May-23    D13 COMMAND CENTER
Guillen-Blanford, James A.   ADPL 22-May-23    D11 COMMAND CENTER
To Lieutenant Junior Grade:
Fuller, Juree L.             ADPL 8-May-23     CGC HAMILTON
Hollingsworth, James G.      ADPL 8-May-23     BASIC FLIGHT
Szilagyi, Alexander J.       ADPL 8-May-23     CGC WILLIAM TRUMP
Gilley, Colin J.             ADPL 8-May-23     SEC CORPUS CHR CMD CTR
Vratsenes, Nicholas A.       ADPL 8-May-23     SEC ST PETE INSPECTIONS
Crabtree, Camille A.         ADPL 8-May-23     BASIC FLIGHT
Cabral, Jessica J.           ADPL 8-May-23     CGC CAMPBELL
Dean, Audrey G.              ADPL 8-May-23     TACLET SOUTH LEDET 406
Cardwell, Caleigh A.         ADPL 8-May-23     SEC KEY WEST INTEL STAFF
Card, Benjamin J.            ADPL 8-May-23     SEC N NEW ENG ENFORCE
Shumate, Brittany S.         ADPL 8-May-23     MSU TEXAS CITY
Herges, Mykayla R.           ADPL 8-May-23     BASE PORT TEMP DUTY
Wild, Lauren P.              ADPL 8-May-23     CGC KUKUI
Trolinder, Ethan J.          ADPL 8-May-23     BASIC FLIGHT
Spiciarich, Brandon J.       ADPL 8-May-23     SEC HOU/GAL INSPECTIONS
Skidmore, Marissa A.         ADPL 8-May-23     CGC THETIS
Rozich, Derek M.             ADPL 8-May-23     MSU TEXAS CITY
Burke, Jonathan C.           ADPL 8-May-23     SEC LA/LB INSPECTIONS
Armbrecht, Katya L.          ADPL 8-May-23     CGC SPENCER
Holland, David W.            ADPL 8-May-23     SEC CHARLESTON INCIDENT
Jones, Daniel B.             ADPL 8-May-23     SEC HONOLULU CP/RDNS STF
Pritchett, Jake M.           ADPL 8-May-23     BASIC FLIGHT
Showalter, Kaleb R.          ADPL 8-May-23     SEC HONOLULU INSPECTIONS
Coughlin, Madison C.         ADPL 8-May-23     SEC LIS INCIDENT MGT DIV
Seiler, Zachary J.           ADPL 8-May-23     CGC DAUNTLESS
Acosta, Connor D.            ADPL 8-May-23     SEC MIAMI CMD CENTER
Philippe, Marion A.          ADPL 8-May-23     SEC JCKSNVILLE INCIDENT
White, Joseph W.             ADPL 8-May-23     MSST SF OPS SPRT DEPT
Hood, Donald F.              ADPL 8-May-23     BASIC FLIGHT
Carfagno, Maximilian A.      ADPL 8-May-23     SEC JUNEAU CMD CENTER
Afaisen, Tayler S.           ADPL 8-May-23     SEC PUGET SND INSPECTION
Johnston, Jennifer D.        ADPL 8-May-23     SEC VIRGINIA INSPECTION
Ventoza, Gianna R.           ADPL 8-May-23     SEC PUGET SND ENFORCEMENT
Teter, John D.               ADPL 8-May-23     SEC SAN FRAN INSPECTIONS
Haksteen, Samuel C.          ADPL 8-May-23     CGC RICHARD DIXON
Foote, Angie                 ADPL 8-May-23     SEC BOSTON INSPECTIONS
Gibbons, Taylor A.           ADPL 8-May-23     SEC LA/LB ENFORCEMENT
Sullivan, Connor T.          ADPL 8-May-23     SEC ST PETE CMD CENTER
Holt, Logan D.               ADPL 8-May-23     CGC VALIANT
Perdomo, Rosamarie C.        ADPL 8-May-23     SEC DEL BAY ENFORCEMENT
Unwin-Ebelink, Bryan A.      ADPL 8-May-23     MSU PORT ARTHUR
Calvert, Arianna B.          ADPL 8-May-23     CGC MUNRO
Walsh, Teagan M.             ADPL 8-May-23     SEC MIAMI INSPECTIONS
Leitzke, Cassandra M.        ADPL 8-May-23     CGC MUNRO
Arroyave, Melanie            ADPL 8-May-23     SEC VIRGINIA INCIDENT
Miyashiro, Sherylann K.      ADPL 8-May-23     SEC JACKSONVILLE
Ahmad, Adeeb S.              ADPL 8-May-23     SEC DETROIT ENFORCEMENT
Severns, Derek J.            ADPL 8-May-23     SEC NEW YORK ENFORCEMENT
Pitz, Andrea J.              ADPL 8-May-23     CGC ALERT
Gaudet, Peter C.             ADPL 8-May-23     BASIC FLIGHT
Moore, David K.              ADPL 8-May-23     SEC NEW YORK INSPECTIONS
Moore, Carli R.              ADPL 8-May-23     SEC SE NEW ENG INCIDENT
Crowley, Rodney T.           ADPL 8-May-23     SEC COL RIVER INSP DIV
Cavanaugh, Brandon M.        ADPL 8-May-23     SEC MOBILE INSPECTIONS
Forames, Gabriella R.        ADPL 8-May-23     SEC HOU/GAL INCIDENT
Hudson, Marlianne            ADPL 8-May-23     SEC MARYLAND-NCR
Graham, Connor M.            ADPL 8-May-23     CGC RESOLUTE
Haksteen, Michelle T.        ADPL 8-May-23     SEC NOLA INSPECTIONS DIV
Hill, Larry A.               ADPL 8-May-23     SEC LA/LB INTEL STAFF
French, Moriya E.            ADPL 8-May-23     SEC MOBILE CMD CENTER
Schoenherr, Gage A.          ADPL 12-May-23    CGC FORREST REDNOUR
Hamric, Zachary B.           ADPL 16-May-23    D7 INTELLIGENCE BRANCH
Chau, Vinh N.                ADPL 16-May-23    DOL-42
Kehoe, Maxx J.               ADPL 16-May-23    BASE SEA FAC ENG DEPT
Shinnick, Jacob M.           ADPL 16-May-23    SEC MOBILE ENFORCEMENT
Bartlett, Justin A.          ADPL 16-May-23    C5ISC DETECTION & ID
Severson, Benjamin E.        ADPL 16-May-23    SEC CHARLESTON
Restifo, Matthew A.          ADPL 16-May-23    CGC VIGILANT
O'Brien, John J.             ADPL 16-May-23    SEC HOU/GAL ENFORCEMENT
Brown, Daisy M.              ADPL 16-May-23    CGC PABLO VALENT
Overstreet, Connor S.        ADPL 16-May-23    CEU MIA CONSTRUCTION
Bates, Curtis H.             ADPL 16-May-23    CG R&D CEN-SCI TECH
Powers, Monick Y.            ADPL 16-May-23    SEC NEW YORK
Marin, Alexis                ADPL 16-May-23    MIFC PAC TARGETING
Silva, Lauren D.             ADPL 16-May-23    YARD INDUSTRIAL DEPT
Williams, Julian A.          ADPL 16-May-23    C5ISC ARCHITECT & ENG
Aitchison, Connor J.         ADPL 16-May-23    OL-SFLC SBPL
Johnson, Matthew E.          ADPL 16-May-23    C5ISC PLANNING SUPPORT
Robinson, Hanna J.           ADPL 16-May-23    SEC SAN FRAN LOGISTICS
Letarte, David J.            ADPL 16-May-23    SEC N NEW ENG INCIDENT
Diakite, Mohammad A.         ADPL 16-May-23    CGC SPENCER
Smith, Joshua M.             ADPL 16-May-23    OL-SFLC LRE AMS-ALAMEDA
Stachowski, Kevin C.         ADPL 16-May-23    YARD INDUSTRIAL DEPT
Soule, Hannah L.             ADPL 16-May-23    C5ISC PERSONNEL & ADMIN
Isaacson, Daniel T.          ADPL 16-May-23    CGC SPENCER
Nelson, Katheryn M.          ADPL 16-May-23    SEC CORPUS CHRISTI
Cavender, Zachary B.         ADPL 16-May-23    REGIONAL EXECUTION BR
Acevedo-Perez, Christian C.  ADPL 16-May-23    C5ISC AFLOAT PLATFORM
Stelnicki, Jennifer A.       ADPL 16-May-23    CGC WAESCHE
Trang, Hau D.                ADPL 16-May-23    YARD INDUSTRIAL DEPT
Helbich, Neeko R.            ADPL 16-May-23    CGC SPAR
King, Spencer K.             ADPL 16-May-23    CGC STRATTON
Looney, Michael R.           ADPL 16-May-23    OL-C5ISC PHYS INFRAS
Westall, Harry C.            ADPL 16-May-23    SEC PUGET SOUND
Swerdlow, Daniel J.          ADPL 16-May-23    OL-C5ISC CMD & CTRL
Rubio, Adrian J.             ADPL 16-May-23    OL-SFLC IBCT
Ala, Steven E.               ADPL 16-May-23    C5ISC PRODUCT SUPPORT
Farrell, Paul T.             ADPL 16-May-23    OL-C5ISC MAJOR ACQ I
Cox, Justin S.               ADPL 16-May-23    OL-C5ISC PHYS INFRAS
Fernandez, Abram P.          ADPL 16-May-23    OL-SFLC-GALVESTON TX
Fonseca, Christian S.        ADPL 16-May-23    CGC HARRIET LANE
Paul, Bridget D.             ADPL 16-May-23    COMMANDANT (CG-257)
Remini, Robert               ADPL 16-May-23    OL-C5ISC MAJOR ACQ
Klarmann, Christopher R.     ADPL 16-May-23    COMMANDANT (CG-7613)
Alvarez, Isidro B.           ADPL 16-May-23    CGCC USCYBERCOM DET
To Chief Warrant Officer 4:
Priestley, Everett V.        IDPL 1-May-23     309 PSU MAINTENANCE
Lowry, Christopher R.        IDPL 1-May-23     SPECIAL MISSIONS TRAINING
6. Pay and allowances of the grade to which promoted are authorized 
from date of rank specified. Pay increases will normally be included
in payments for the first payday after the date of promotion.
7. As a reminder, please ensure your mailing address is accurate in 
Direct Access. If you are transferring in the near future, please 
contact CWO Alex Acevedo at and provide 
your new mailing address to ensure you receive your promotion certificate.
8. Officers promoted to the grade of commander or below during a 
reporting period must apply the submission criteria for the grade to
which promoted to determine when their next OER is due. See Chapter 
5.E of Ref D for details. Promotion OERs are required for promotion 
to the grade of captain only if more than 184 days have elapsed since their 
previous OER submission.
9. In accordance with Ref D, biennial, annual, and semiannual OER
submissions shall not be delayed and substituted with promotion 
OERs. This means OERs delayed for PCS/Detachment may not be 
substituted with promotion OERs.
10. The following is an estimate of pending promotions. It is based 
on currently available PY22 information from the applicable selection 
board ALCGPSC and is subject to change.
        MAY      JUN       JUL
ADPL   CLEARED   CLEARED   TBD             
ADPL   CLEARED   CLEARED   TBD             
11. LT promotions normally occur 30 months from the LTJG date of 
rank. LTJG promotions normally occur 18 months from the ENS date of 
rank. IAW 14 USC 3747, all IDPL officers will be promoted on the same
date as their running mate. Law limits the number of LCDR and above 
promotions, and the number is authorized each year by the Commandant. 
Each controlled grade can only comprise a certain percentage of the 
total officer corps. Even if the Coast Guard has vacant billets in a
controlled-grade, we can only promote officers until we reach our
authorized cap. The authorized number of officers in each controlled 
grade is determined every year in May after the Academy class 
graduates and the Coast Guard officer corps is at its largest. 
Promotion numbers for controlled grades are significantly larger 
during the summer months due to the higher number of officer 
separations during these months.
12. POC for Reserve Officers is CDR Jesse Webster, PSC (RPM-1) 
(202)795-6525. POC for Regular Officers is LT Michele Natale, PSC 
13. Released: RDML D. C. Barata, Commander, Personnel Service 
Center, sends. 
14. Internet release is authorized.