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ALCGPSC 053/23
A. ALCGPSC 050/23
1. This message solicits applicants for the Coast Guard’s highest performing active-duty junior officers in our service. The Olmsted Scholar Program is three years in duration, namely one year of extensive language training followed by two years of a masters-level liberal arts education at a university abroad.
2. Overview. The United States of America is a key leader and participant in today's global community. As a result, U.S. leaders come into contact with citizens and leaders of many nations. Relationships between nations require a unique consideration of many factors including political, economic, and military, among others. The solutions to difficulties that arise between nations require a deep understanding and knowledge of the particular nations involved. The Olmsted Scholar Program provides officers a unique opportunity to acquire those skills required of today’s leaders.
3. The Olmsted Foundation's mission is "To provide young military leaders an unsurpassed opportunity to achieve fluency in a foreign language, pursue graduate study at an overseas university, and acquire an in-depth understanding of foreign cultures, thereby further equipping them to serve in positions of great responsibility as senior leaders in the United States Armed Forces." Officers with demonstrated leadership and scholastic abilities who strive to become senior leaders in the Coast Guard and beyond are sought to apply.
4. Commands are strongly encouraged to consider this program for their highest performing junior officers and assist in publicizing this exclusive and prestigious opportunity. Officers do not have to be familiar with the country's language to be eligible for study in that country.
5. The program is named after Major General George H. Olmsted and his wife Carol Olmsted. To read MG Olmsted's biography and for additional information on the Olmsted Scholar Program and its goals, please go to the Olmsted Foundation's website located at:
6. Timing:
a. New for AY24, the Coast Guard and Olmsted Foundation are collaborating to consider adjusting the notification of selection of the Coast Guard Scholar by the Olmsted Foundation Board of Directors from Spring 2024 to Fall 2023. If approved, this would allow for those Finalists who are not selected to become an Olmsted Scholar to remain competitive and eligible for selection to other Coast Guard post-graduate programs, special assignments, command opportunities, and high-impact staff assignments.
b. Pending approval to receive notification of the selected Coast Guard Olmsted Scholar in Fall 2023, if a member is selected as both a finalist for the Olmsted Scholar Program and a primary or alternate candidate for one or more PG programs, the member will remain in consideration for all programs. If the member is selected by the Olmsted Foundation as the next Coast Guard Olmsted Scholar, the member must accept selection as an Olmsted Scholar and decline all other PG programs.
c. Members desiring consideration for the Olmsted Scholar program do not have to be tour complete but must have completed at least one year in the member’s currently assigned billet by the time the panel convenes. For instance, a member will be considered eligible to apply if they reported to their current billet in AY22. Tour completion waivers, which are normally required for competition in PG/Adv Ed, will not be required.
7. Scholarship Location:
a. Once the Coast Guard Olmsted Scholar is selected by the Olmsted Foundation Panel, the Foundation will determine the scholar’s city and country where they will study. While the Coast Guard Olmsted Scholar may be notified of selection in mid-October 2023, the identification of university location is expected to be made in mid-March 2024.
b. Scholars will attend extensive language beginning in the summer of 2024. Training can be provided in country by the Olmsted Foundation or will otherwise be selected and coordinated by the USCG once the language determination has been made by the Foundation.
c. Following successful completion of language training, Scholars will be assigned as detached duty from COMDT (CG-DCO-I) to their international university. Duty at the international university will be approximately 24 months. It is the responsibility of the Scholar to select the university based on the city assignment and any other requirements of the Olmsted Foundation. The USCG expects its Scholars to achieve a graduate level degree or certificate during this period in a field of the Scholars’ choosing.
8. Eligibility. Active duty officers with the following qualifications may apply for this program:
a. New for AY24: Eligible officers must be designated, or progressing toward designation, and remain promotable under one of the following specialties: Operations Afloat (CG-OAF10), Response (CG-OAR10), Aviation (CG-AVI10), Prevention (CG-OAP10), Cyberspace (CG-CYB10), and Intelligence (CG-INT10). This is an Olmsted Foundation requirement and waivers will not be considered.
b. Consistent superior performance.
c. At least three years of commissioned service, but not more than 11 years of total active federal service as of 01 Apr 2024 (no waivers will be granted).
d. Demonstrated scholastic achievement as captured, at a minimum, in an official undergraduate transcript for a Bachelor’s degree.
e. Strong desire and aptitude to learn a foreign language and study in an international setting.
f. Willingness to commit to the Foundation’s goals. (See Foundation’s website above for more insight)
g. Tour complete or have completed at least one year in currently assigned billet as referenced in paragraph 6.c. of this message.
9. Obligations Incurred:

a. Scholars will incur three months of obligated service for every one month (3 to 1) of education/training. Depending on the method of language training chosen, the obligation that incurs may be served concurrently with the final two years of education. Obligated service with therefore be between 7- and 9-years following program completion depending on whether the Scholar desires to have the USCG or the Foundation provide for language training, CONUS and OCONUS respectively.
b. There are no designated follow-on assignments within this period of obligated service. Scholars will be considered for a career-enhancing operational assignment at the discretion of OPM, which could include an operational assignment in the scholar’s primary specialty or staff tour depending on timing and career progression.
10. Application Procedures:
a. Direct Access applications are due by 19 May 2023 using DA Code: OLMSTD in the “My Panel Submission” feature.
b. Command Endorsement in DA is required.
c. The Coast Guard panel will select 3-5 finalists from the pool of applicants. Those officers selected as finalists by the panel will then be required to submit a more robust application package which will be due to the Olmsted Scholar Program Manager by 21 July 2023.
d. Details of the full application package will be transmitted to the selected finalists, but will include a personal statement, letters of recommendation, and Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB) and Graduate Record Exam results among other requirements.
11. Language Requirement: Applicants are required to take the DLAB ahead of the Coast Guard panel and must be entered into DA no later than 01 June 2023 to be considered by the panel.
a. The DLAB tests a person’s ability to learn a foreign language, and may be scheduled through an Educational Services Officer (ESO). While studying is not expected nor required for the DLAB, those who want to prepare for the DLAB should ensure they have a solid grasp of English grammar before taking the test.
b. There is no minimum score required. The panel will consider the score among the applicant’s entire application.
12. OER Submission: Applicants intending to submit an annual or semi-annual OER ahead of the panel shall review ref (a) and adhere to the OER submission deadline of 19 May 2023. LCDR Applicants must submit their annual OER, End of Period (EOP) 30 April 2023, should arrive to OPM-3 no later than 19 May 2023. LT Applicants are authorized an adjusted EOP of 30 April 2023 for the annual OER with delivery to OPM-3 no later than 19 May 2023. LTJG Applicants are authorized a Boards and Panels OER with an EOP no earlier than 03 May 2023 with delivery to OPM-3 no later than 19 May 2023.
13. For questions regarding this message, contact the Coast Guard Olmsted Scholar Program Manager LCDR Kevin Connell, COMDT (CG-DCO-I), at
14. For requestions regarding the application process, contact LT Anna Ruth, PSC-OPM-1, at and visit the OPM-1 PG/Adv Ed Sharepoint site at: Post Grad & Advanced Education Panels (