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ALCGPSC 050/23
UNCLASS //N01500//
A. CG Performance, Training, and Education Manual, COMDTINST M1500.10 (series)
B. Active Duty Officer Postgraduate and Advanced Education Application Process Guide Assignment Year 2024
C. Officer Accessions, Evaluations, and Promotions, COMDTINST M1000.3 (series)
D. ALCOAST 109/23
1. This message announces postgraduate and advanced education (PG/Adv Ed) opportunities offered by the Coast Guard to qualified officers and eligible enlisted members in accordance with ref (a). It clarifies the PG/Adv Ed application procedures outlined in ref (b) and will be supplemented by additional messages outlining the application requirements to compete for: Physician Assistant, Juris Doctorate (JD) programs, Masters of Law (LLM), Olmsted Scholarship, Flight Safety Officer, DCMS Industry Training, and Marine Industry Training. The panel schedule will be advertised in a subsequent ALCGPSC and posted on the SharePoint site linked in paragraph 22.a. EPM guidance will be posted at a later date. Separate guidance will be released via message regarding Senior Education and Fellowship Programs, which are hosted by OPM-2.
2. Important changes for the AY24 PG/Adv Ed season:
a. Waiver Submission Process: Requesting a waiver will now be conducted in Direct Access (DA) using DA Code "PGWAIV." Do not submit a memo to OPM. This singular PGWAIV submission shall cover all AY24 program applications.
b. “In Play” for Assignment Waivers: if you are considered "in play" for assignment this year per normal OPM-2 business rules, you do NOT need to submit a tour completion waiver. Consult paragraph 6.a.ii. for specific guidelines. All other eligibility requirements remain in effect as listed in paragraph 6 and will require a waiver request if not met.
c. Consolidated PG DA Codes: Some programs are now grouped together under one generic DA Code. Applying to a consolidated code, regardless of how many programs it encompasses, counts as one program specified in paragraph 5. When applying to these programs, the comments section should only be used to list the preferred order of programs encompassed within that consolidated code. Applying to a consolidated code makes applicants eligible for all encompassed programs, but the panel will consider the rank order preference in the member comments when selecting primary and alternate candidates. The programs included in consolidated DA codes are: Marine Safety Engineering Programs (7 included), Command & Staff Programs (4 included), Civil Engineering Programs (2 included), Aeronautical Engineering Programs (4 included), Cyber Programs (3 included), Prevention Industry Training (4 included). Consult the PG Shopping list posted on the SharePoint site link in paragraph 22.a.
d. Member Comments: Member comments have been shortened to 500 characters. Any content longer than 500 characters will not be provided to the panel. If applying to a consolidated code, comments shall only be utilized to rank order the programs
encompassed in those codes. Comments shall not contain gender indicators, personal pronouns, or first names.
e. Command Endorsements: Command endorsements have been shortened to 500 characters. Any content longer than 500 characters will not be provided to the panel. Comments shall not contain gender indicators, personal pronouns, or first names.
f. Message Release Locations: Solicitations will be released via ALCGPSC. Results will be posted via ALCGOFF. Re-solicitations, if necessary, will be posted via ALCGOFF.
g. iPERMS: Panels will utilize iPERMS to review records in real time. All servicemembers have access to their records at all times and should ensure they are updated ahead of the panel season. A record preparation checklist is located on the SharePoint site listed in paragraph 22.a. Only commissioned time in service will be evaluated at the panel unless the applicant is enlisted.
h. OER End of Period and Submission Timelines: see paragraph 12.
i. Olmsted Scholarship: Competing for Olmsted does not count against the 3 program application limit as discussed in paragraph 5. Finalists will not be required to choose between Olmsted and another program until Olmsted has selected their singular finalist in October. PDF applications are not required to compete for the CG Panel, but will be required later if selected as one of the 3-5 finalists to be forwarded to the Olmsted Foundation. Applications for the CG nominated finalists will be submitted by 21 July 2023. A subsequent message will be released on ALCGPSC.
j. CGA Instructor Positions: In addition to officers, these PG opportunities will be open to senior enlisted members who meet specific eligibility requirements. Those selected for these TAB assignments will pursue a master’s degree and will be billeted as an academic instructor as the follow-on tour. Completion of this program will not result in a commission for senior enlisted students. See paragraph 6.b. for eligibility requirements.
k. Panel Schedule: The schedule is condensed into the month of June except for IPAP. IPAP will adhere to a separate application timeline will convene in the month of August. A subsequent message will be released on ALCGPSC.
3. Deadlines: Applicants bear the responsibility for ensuring their application is submitted on time, complete, and in compliance with applicable instructions and requirements. Applicants are responsible for working with their command, SPO, Education and Training Quota Management Command, and PSC Records Branch (BOPS-MR) to correct any record errors or omissions. Applicants who fail to meet the established requirements will not be considered by the selection panels. The following deadlines will apply and will be strictly adhered to:
a. Application Submission Deadline via DA “My Panel Submission”: 19 May 2023
b. Waiver Submission Deadline via DA “My Panel Submission”: 19 May 2023 (Use Code PGWAIV, ranked as last choice below all other programs applying to)
c. Law JD/LLM PDF Application Submission Deadline: 01 June 2023
d. OER submission to OPM-3: 19 May 2023
e. Initial Applicant List Posted to SharePoint: OOA 25 May 2023
f. Final Candidate List Posted to SharePoint: OOA 01 June 2023
g. EERs marked final in DA: 01 June 2023 (for enlisted applicants)
h. LSAT Scores entered in DA: 01 June 2023 (for Law JD/LLM)
i. OMPF Updated in iPERMS: 05 June 2023
j. First Panel Convening: 05 June 2023
k. IPAP DA and PDF Applications due: 01 August 2023
4. Ref (b) is the primary source for information on properly completing the application process in Direct Access. Do not use the "PCS E-Resumes" feature when applying to PG/Adv Ed programs, instead use the "My Panel Submission" link. The Process Guide (ref b) contains several checklists and amplifying guidance to complete the application and command endorsement portion correctly. Applicants, units, and SPOs should use this guide and its checklists to ensure eligibility requirements are met.
5. Programs Available: The programs available are listed in ref (d) as allocated by FORCECOM. The applicable officer programs or those that would result in a commission or officer-coded follow-on tour (CGA Instructor) are listed in a comprehensive PG Shopping List posted on the OPM-1 PG/Adv Ed SharePoint page in paragraph 22.a. The PG Shopping List contains all relevant information for each program including the title, DA Code for “My Panel Submission,” length of program, preferred/approved schools, past attendees, ideal candidate description, and pertinent program manager. This resource also lists which programs require PDF Applications, specific DA comments, and specific availability to aviators. Applicants are limited in applying to 3 programs with the ability to apply to additional programs that don’t count towards the total of 3. The programs that do not count towards the total of 3 are listed in the PG Shopping list. Applying to a consolidated DA code only counts as one program. Candidates should list their applications in DA in preference order, which drives panel decisions. If seeking a waiver, used DA code “PGWAIV” and list it as the last choice in the program rankings.
6. Eligibility Requirements:
a. Officers:
i. Be on the Active Duty Promotion List (ADPL). Drilling reservists, those serving on ADOS, retired recall, or those serving in the reserves are not eligible to apply. Reserve Component Managers (RCM) are only eligible to apply to the Reserve Resource Management program. Members on Extended Active Duty (EAD) are eligible to apply in accordance with paragraph 10.
ii. Tour complete in AY24 or “In Play” for assignment under normal OPM-2 business rules. “In Play” for assignment is defined as: one year from tour complete and projected to be in zone for promotion that if promoted would result in a billet mismatch OR one year from tour complete and in a billet mismatch. Tour completion is not required for application to Aeronautical Engineering Officer Training (AEOT), Flight Safety Officer (FSO), and Olmsted Scholarship (OLMSTD).
iii. Unless otherwise stated, must have a minimum of two years commissioned time in the Coast Guard by AY24/summer 2024.
iv. Not currently enrolled in a PG/Adv Ed program or currently serving in a follow-on tour for a PG/Adv Ed program.
v. Have not previously been selected for and attended a PG/Adv Ed program of the same type. If already selected for and attended a PG/Adv Ed program that resulted in a degree, applicants may only apply to non-degree programs to include fellowships and industry trainings. If already selected for and attended a non-degree PG/Adv Ed program, applicants may only apply to a degree program.
vi. Receive a positive command endorsement in DA.
vii. Have a conferred baccalaureate degree at the time of the panel. This only exception to this requirement is for the members applying to: Advanced Computer Engineering and Technology (ACETO), Aviation Engineering Officer Training (AEOT), Naval Engineering Technology (NET), USNIF, NSA Fellowship, APCSS Fellowship, and all Industry Trainings.
viii. No applicants may be in the grade of O-5, selected for O-5, or projected to be in zone for O-5. These officers are encouraged to apply to Senior Education and Fellowship Programs (SEFP) hosted by OPM-2.
ix. Chief Warrant Officers (CWO) may apply to the following programs: Marine Industry Training (PREVIT and RESPIT), Naval Engineering Technology (NET), and Advanced Computer Engineering and Technology (ACETO).
x. Interested applicants with an approved retirement or separation request or a request in routing to OPM or EPM may not apply to PG/Adv Ed opportunities. Members may request to rescind their retirement or separation request to compete for these opportunities, but OPM/EPM are not obligated to approve these requests.
xi. For Command/Staff and Advanced JPME SAMS/SAW: applicants must be in the grade of O-4, selected for O-4, or projected to be in zone for O-4. If applicants do not end up being in zone for O-4, they will not be tendered a TAB even if selected as a primary or alternate.
b. Enlisted Applicants:
i. Hold at least a Secret security clearance.
ii. Meet commissioning physical standards.
iii. Hold U.S. citizenship.
iv. JD and IPAP applicants: Consult program specific messages for grade and time in service requirements.
v. CGA Instructor Programs:
A. Have served at least 2 years in the grade of E-7 or above.
B. Have a conferred baccalaureate degree.
C. Have attended Chief Petty Officer Academy.
D. Not in follow on tour from PG/Adv Ed.
E. Have maintained CO’s recommendation for advancement throughout application period and up until departing to PG.
F. Have not applied to CWO or on the Final Eligibility List for CWO from PY23.
G. Have no more than 23 years of service at the time of the panel.
7. Eligibility Waivers: Waiver requests are required for any items listed in paragraph 6. Waiver requests shall be submitted using the “My Panel Submission” application with DA “My Panel Submission” Code: PGWAIV. The nature of the waiver should be included in the member comments of the singular DA submission, which requires a command endorsement in DA. Refer to ref (b) for more information on this process. Officers “in play” for assignment under normal business rules are not required to request a waiver for tour completion but must request a waiver if not eligible under any other provision in paragraph 6. Enlisted members are not required to be tour complete to compete for Law JD, IPAP, or CGA Instructor and are not required to submit a tour completion waiver.
8. Panel Materials: Each applicant shall ensure their record is updated and accurate while adhering to the deadlines outlined in paragraph 3. Selection panels will view the following items while in session:
a. Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) in iPERMS.
b. Employee Summary Sheet (in Panel View).
c. Application Package (for Law JD/LLM/IPAP).
d. Reporting Officer OER Comparison Scale Data in DA.
e. Enlisted evaluations for current enlisted members.
f. Member comments in DA as required per program listed in the PG Shopping List.
g. Command endorsement comments in DA.
h. Member’s listed order of preference if applying to multiple programs.
Note: Separate communications to the panel, other than your “My Panel Submission” comments, are not permitted.
9. Aviators: With the exception of the aviation PG/Adv Ed panel, the AY24 Postgraduate and Advanced Education general precept will provide direction to limit each separate postgraduate panel to select no more than 3 total aviators as either primary or alternate candidates if found best-qualified for selection. The limits and restrictions to aviator eligibility for postgraduate and advanced education participation will be evaluated on an annual basis and will be adjusted as the needs of the Service dictate. Aviators should carefully examine Aviation Incentive Pay gates and upcoming assignment windows when considering application for any of the aforementioned programs. Follow-on tours within each field of educational study will not be deferred. Except for AEOT and FSO, aviators may only compete for PG/Adv Ed opportunities after completion of their second flying tour. Questions regarding aviation career decisions should be referred to the Aviation Assignment Officers. Not all PG/Adv Ed opportunities are available to aviators; consult the PG Shopping list linked in paragraph 22.a. and sort by the column “Open to Aviators.” Aviators applying to programs outside of those approved for aviators will not be considered by the panel.
10. EAD: Reserve officers on Extended Active Duty (EAD), as defined in ref (c), may apply for PG/Adv Ed opportunities. Selected members must sign a new active duty agreement prior to enrollment. The new agreement will include any existing obligated service as well as the obligated service incurred upon completion of the PG/Adv Ed program. These periods of obligated service do not run concurrently. Enlisted members on EAD may apply for the IPAP or Law JD programs and, if selected, must sign an active duty agreement extending through the required obligated service. Only officers on the ADPL are eligible to apply for PG/Adv Ed opportunities. Officers and enlisted members recalled to active duty under Title 10, ADOS, or drilling reservists are not authorized to apply. Permanent and provisional Reserve Component Managers (RCMs) are only eligible to apply for the Reserve Resources Management program.
11. PHS Officers: PHS officers may only apply for the Dental residency and Public Health programs when offered. PHS officers may apply to other health-related programs (e.g., Health Care Administration) on a case-by-case basis using PHS-only TABs. PHS officers will incur the same obligated service commitment for PG/Adv Ed attendance as regular officers. Questions regarding these topics should be referred to the respective Headquarters program manager as outlined in ref (d).
12. OER Submission: The AY24 PG Panels will occur inside the regular submission window for LCDR and LT OERs. It is highly recommended to have a current annual OER on file at the panel to capture the applicant’s recent performance. Please consider the below guidance to adjust End of Period (EOP) to ensure the OER gets submitted to OPM-3 in time to validate and place into the record before the first panel:
a. LCDR Applicants: The End of Period (EOP) for annual OERs will remain 30 April 2023. If LCDR applicants desire their OER to be reviewed by the PG/Adv Ed panel, annual OERs must be submitted to OPM-3 no later than 19 May 2023. The occasion of report for this OER shall be “Annual.”
b. LT Applicants: The EOP for annual OERs will be 30 April 2023 (instead of 31 May). If LT applicants desire their OER to be reviewed by the PG/Adv Ed panel, annual OERs with an EOP of 30 April 2023 must be submitted to OPM-3 no later than 19 May 2023. This OER will constitute the requirement for an annual OER. The occasion of report for this OER shall be “Annual.” This is not considered a Boards and Panels OER. A lieutenant not competing for PG this season will maintain an EOP of 31MAY2023.
c. LTJG Applicants: The 31 January 2023 OER meets the requirement for semi-annual OERs for the grade of O2. However, LTJG applicants may submit an optional Boards and Panels OER. If desired, the EOP for an optional Boards and Panels OER may be no earlier than 03 May 2023 and must arrive at OPM-3 no later than 19 May 2023. If submitted, this optional Boards and Panels OER will satisfy the semi-annual requirement for LTJGs that would normally be submitted in June/July. Please review PSCINST M1611.1D and consult OPM-3 if interested in submitting a Boards and Panels OER.
d. ENS Applicants: The regular semi-annual OER with EOP of 31 March 2023 shall be submitted on time to OPM-3. In accordance with normal submission timelines, this regular semi-annual OER is due to OPM-3 no later than 15 May 2023. Boards and Panels OERs are not authorized for ENSs as there are less than 92 days between the EOP of 31 March 2023 and the start of the PG/Adv Ed Panels.
13. EER Submission: All EERs for enlisted applicants must be marked final in DA no later than 01 June 2023.
14. Career Timing: Applicants are encouraged to consider their application and selection to PG/Adv Ed in the context of their overall career strategy. Timing of PG/Adv Ed attendance can be critical as the education and follow-on assignment period together may total up to seven years. Consult OPM-4 for career management and counseling inquiries.
15. Panel Schedule: The PG/Adv Ed panel schedule and generic precept will be available prior to selection panel convening dates on the PG/Adv Ed SharePoint page in paragraph 22.a..
16. Results: Primary and alternate selections will be announced via msg after the PG/Adv Ed panel adjourns and the results are approved. Upon results message release and transmission of an official acceptance memo from OPM-1, primary selectees will be afforded 5 business days to formally
accept or decline the TAB offered if the program selected for is the selectee’s first choice, or if it is the last program still available for that selectee in the season. This policy will be strictly enforced, regardless of participation in Special Assignment Shortlists or Command Screening running concurrently. The only program selectees can remain in competition for is Olmsted if also selected as a finalist. Consult the Olmsted Solicitation message for further information.
17. Program Acceptance: Members selected during the AY24 PG/Adv Ed season will be assigned to Duty Under Instruction (DUINS) in the summer of 2024 for the duration of their program. Accepting a TAB constitutes accepting assignment for AY24. Deferrals will be considered based on the needs of the service and may be offered by the relevant Assignment Officer (AO) if needed. Requesting an open-ended deferral to continue to compete for alternate assignments will not be permitted.
18. Test Scores: Except for Law JD/LLM and IPAP, standardized test scores will not be required for the AY24 PG Panel season. LSAT scores are required to compete for the Law JD and Law LLM programs, completed and entered in DA prior to the CG Panel. SAT or other standardized tests are required to compete for the IPAP panel. All other test scores for all other programs are not required to compete for programs at the CG panels. If selected for a program that requires a GRE or GMAT or if the selectee/program chooses a school that requires a standardized test, the selectee must take the test required to gain admittance to that institution.
19. Failure of Selection for Promotion: Members selected for a PG/Adv Ed opportunity who are subsequently non-selected for promotion during PY24 will be disqualified from assignment to the TAB, even if already accepted. Waivers will not be granted.
20. Obligated Service: In accordance with ref (a) and applicable statutes, PG/Adv Ed school graduates incur obligated service and should expect to go immediately to program related staff assignments. See refs (a) and (b) for further information on obligated service.
21. POCs:
a. OPM-1 PG/Adv Ed inbox:
b. OPM Post Grad/Adv Ed Coordinator:
(before 01 July 2023) LT Anna Ruth,
(after 01 July 2023) LT Seth Gross,
c. OER Questions: OPM-3 via:
d. OER Submission Inbox:
22. References:
a. OPM-1 PG/Adv Ed SharePoint site:
Post Grad & Advanced Education Panels (
b. iPERMS:
c. ETQC for degree reporting:
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d. OPM-3 OER Information:
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e. OSMS Information:
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23. RDML David C. Barata, Commander, Personnel Service Center, sends.
24. Internet release is authorized.