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R 151800Z MAR 23 MID600052873909U
ALCOAST 105/23
SSIC 1650
1. Pursuant of REF (A), I am pleased to announce the recipients of
the 2022 USCG Human Resource Management (HRM) Achievement Awards.
These awards provide recognition for notable human resource
management accomplishments by Coast Guard personnel. More
specifically, the awards reflect member or team emphasis on
outstanding performance in the care and support of our number one
resource, our Coast Guard personnel, through exceptional customer
service, innovative thinking, and problem solving skills in human
resource management and procedures. Multiple nominations were
submitted from across the Coast Guard and all embodied the highest
standards of expertise, dedication, and devotion to our workforce.
2. There are six categories for HRM Achievement Awards:
    a. Officers (Commissioned Officer/Chief Warrant Officer),
    b. Civilian Employees (General Schedule/Federal Wage Schedule),
    c. Non-appropriated fund (NAF) employees,
    d. Enlisted Personnel,
    e. Reserve Personnel (Officer/Enlisted), and
    f. Teams consisting of 4 to 20 personnel (commands may not
nominate an entire unit, division, branch, or other team that
exceeds 20 personnel).
3. The winner of the officer category is LCDR Amanda Styles from
COMDT (CG-741). She drove six critical Prevention Human Resource
workforce initiatives that improved member retention, increased the
diversity of talent, and ensured promotion competitiveness. She
created the expansion of junior command opportunities, developed
flexible career paths, advanced the Enlisted Marine Inspector
Training Program (EMITP), completed the competency framework,
improved modernized learning, and drafted a new insignia for the
Prevention Operations Ashore workforce. With remarkable attention
to detail, she conducted over 50 field command interviews while
leading the Junior Command Officer Working Group to determine
career enhancing opportunities for Prevention Officers. Always
looking for a better way, LCDR Styles led the development of a more
flexible Prevention Officer career path. She advanced the EMITP by
designing contingencies to ensure all billets would be filled, while
protecting entry pipelines to mitigate risk to the entire enlisted
and warrant officer training enterprise.
4. The winner of the civilian category is Mr. Michael Lemorie from
Personnel Service Center (PSC). Mr. Lemorie planned, oversaw, and
executed the Coast Guard's transition to the Interactive Personnel
Electronic Records Management System (iPERMS). Displaying superior
leadership and technical abilities, he organized hundreds of hours
of training, created new business processes, and overhauled
fleet-wide policies to provide world-class member support.
Mr. Lemorie and his team processed, indexed, and validated thousands
of backlogged electronic records, corrected meta-data, and enabled
iPERMS compatibility with other legacy HR systems. His steadfast
communication and expert coordination resulted in the successful
migration of over four million records into iPERMS and provided
anytime record access for hundreds of thousands Coast Guard
members, past and present. This Herculean effort brought the
Coast Guard into federal compliance, empowered our members, and
aligned with the Commandant's goal to modernize our Military
Human Resource System.
5. The winner of the NAF category is Ms. Dorothea Howell, Base
Kodiak Morale, Well-Being, and Recreation (MWR) Center. She
monitored $7375 in Change Funds, verified, and processed
approximately 1950 Daily Cash Reports with total sales over $1M, and
prepared $120K in cash bank deposits. She processed in 40 new
employees, prepared fingerprint sets, verified on average 66
timecards, biweekly, and tracked 205 personnel actions. Ms. Howell
displayed outstanding initiative and leadership capabilities when
management positions were left gapped at Base Kodiak. She worked
closely with Base Kodiak Command to ensure all NAF employees were
vetted and authorized to shop at the Base Commissary providing an
outstanding recruitment and retention tool for MWR and Child
Development Center personnel.
6. The winner of the enlisted category is YNC Daniel Terry from Pay
and Personnel Center (PPC). He was instrumental in the continuity of
military and civilian permanent change of station (PCS) moves during
a year of significant changes to government travel systems, ensuring
that prompt payment to Coast Guard travelers around the world
remained the primary focus of the PPC's Travel Branch. During the
cut-over to a new financial system, he developed and implemented an
innovative multi-system workaround process to allow for unbroken
support to those undergoing PCS moves, resulting in the payout to
more than 12,000 personnel totaling over $35 million. He also
established profiles for more than 1,000 retired and separating
members. In addition, he created collaborative and effective
intra-organizational teams to map out new processes, thus ensuring
that clear guidance was available to the fleet.
7. The winner of the reserve category is YNC Steven Rogers from PPC.
As part of the transitioned to the Financial System Modernization
Solution (FSMS), he worked tirelessly to identify and resolve
unforeseen Direct Access (DA) funding errors preventing the
execution of thousands of A and C School, permanent change of
station (PCS), and separation orders from processing, jeopardizing
mission readiness. He identified system errors and collaborated with
COMDT (CG-1B), COMDT (CG-R), and COMDT (CG-8) to generate and
implement 25 DA change requests to correct, and prevent continued
funding errors. His outreach to units was instrumental for
implementing temporary workarounds and correcting discrepancies
until permanent solutions were in place. Furthermore, he led
bi-weekly Quality Assurance Tools updates, personally reviewing 846
flagged transactions. He aided Servicing Personnel Offices (SPO)
Coast Guard-wide, resulting in the correction or prevention of $1M
in erroneous payments. He initiated five DA change requests to
prevent erroneous pay transactions, significantly improving pay
and data accuracy.
8. The winner of the team category is The Enlisted Personnel
Management Division, Talent Management Innovation Team. This team
developed and implemented numerous HRM actions designed to meet the
demands of the Coast Guard's modern workforce. The team developed
the innovative Advance-to-Position assignment and advancement
concept that minimizes vacancies and affords members more control
over their career progression. The Billet Banding concept recognizes
challenges created by the rapid turnover of personnel and allows
members to execute full tour lengths, thereby increasing command
continuity and promoting geographic stability. In an effort to
reduce skilled labor gaps, the team spearheaded the Lateral Entry
and Agile "A" School processes which rapidly assess, train, and
place members already possessing desired skillsets into rated
billets. Furthermore, the team establish the Coast Guard's
first-ever Enlisted Career Advisory Branch offering the enlisted
workforce year-round access to dedicated career advisors capable of
assisting members seeking to balance their personal and professional
9. We would also like to recognize the Patrol Forces Southwest Asia
(PATFOR SWA) Personnel and Administration (P and A) Support Team.
The P and A Support Team demonstrated the highest level of
professional excellence while providing unmatched customer care for
the U.S. Coast Guard's largest overseas deployed unit. Directly
supporting more than 300 active and reserve members, including the
crews of six forward-deployed cutters, the P and A Support Team
expertly processed three crew rotation seasons that culminated in
the record-setting execution of 140 PCS orders within a five-week
period. Additionally, the P and A Team was instrumental in
facilitating expeditionary mission support during the historic
squadron recapitalization from legacy 110' Island Class Patrol
Boats to the Coast Guard's newest 154' Sentinel Class Fast Response
10. The HRM Award Panel consisted of:
     a. CAPT Monique Roebuck, COMDT (CG-133)
     b. Ms. Rachel Blaisdell, COMDT (CG-1B3)
     c. LT Peter Driscoll, CG Academy
     d. CWO Gregg Hoss, SEC Long Island Sound
     e. YNCM Marcus Capehart, COMDT (CG-1331)
11. The point of contact for the HRM Awards is CWO2 M. J. Espinoza,
12. Bravo Zulu to these HRM Award winners and all nominees
who care, serve, and support the men and women of the world's
best Coast Guard!
13. Dr. D. M. Navarro, Acting Assistant Commandant for Human
Resources (CG-1), sends.
14. Internet release is authorized.