united states coast guard

ALCGPSC 037/23
A. ALCGPSC 082/22
B. Officer Accessions, Evaluations, and Promotions, COMDTINST M1000.3
C. Enlistments, Evaluations, and Advancements, COMDTINST M1000.2
1. Service need necessitated review of the cutoffs established for the 2022
Warrant Officer Appointment Cycle (1 June 2023 through 31 May 2024). As a
result, the cutoffs established in Ref A are revised as follows:
A. Aviation Engineering (AVI) specialty is revised to:
    (No. 14) TRICARICO, BRIAN J.            AMTC
B. Boatswain (BOSN) specialty is revised to:
    (No. 40) ALEXANDER, MATTHEW J.          BMC
C. Criminal Investigator (INV) specialty is revised to:
    (No. 12) SCHULTZ, HANS P.               BMC
D. Diver (DIV) specialty is revised to:
    (No. 0)  N/A                            N/A
E. Electronics (ELC) specialty is revised to:
    (No. 25) CHAN, KAKIT                    ETC
F. Finance and Supply (F&S) specialty is revised to:
    (No. 35) KLINE, TYLER                   SKC
G. Information Systems Management (ISM) specialty is revised to:
    (No. 20) BEATTY, JEFFREY A.             ITC
H. Intelligence Systems Specialist (ISS) specialty is revised to:
    (No. 4)  FLORES, FRANCISCO A.           ISC
I. Maritime Law Enforcement and Security Specialist (MLES) specialty is revised
    (No. 4)  CLOGSTON JR., STEPHEN L.       MEC
J. Maritime Safety Specialist Deck (MSSD) specialty is revised to:
    (No. 23) PATINO, JUAN D.                MSTC
K. Maritime Safety Specialist Engineering (MSSE) specialty is revised to:
    (No. 24) PICONE, RICHARD N.             MKC
L. Marine Safety Specialist Response (MSSR) specialty is revised to:
    (No. 15) GAYTAN, HUGO A.                MSTC
M. Material Maintenance (MAT) specialty is revised to:
    (No. 6)  MARSEGLIA, BARRY A.            DCC
N. Medical Administration (MED) specialty is revised to:
    (No. 4)  BEVILL, JANA                   HSC
O. Naval Engineering (ENG) specialty is revised to:
    (No. 50) HUTCHINSON, RICHARD S.         EMCS
P. Operations Systems Specialist (OSS) specialty is revised to:
    (No. 14) MULLEN, CHRISTOPHER P.         OSC
Q. Personnel Administration (PERS) specialty is revised to:
    (No. 24) MEDINA, ANGELA S.              YNC
R. Public Information (INF) specialty is revised to:
    (No. 3)  PARKER, KELLY D.               PAC
S. Weapons (WEPS) specialty is revised to:
    (No. 5)  CAIN, ROBERT L.                GMC
2. The next review of cutoffs will occur as needed. This and all future updates
will address revisions only.
3. Per Article 1.D.9.C of Ref B, those candidates whose names appear at or above
the cutoff for appointment to warrant grade or whose names appear below the
cutoff but who are subsequently offered appointment to warrant grade are not
eligible for advancement to E-7, E-8, or E-9. Recommendation of these members
for advancement to E-7, E-8, or E-9 will be invalidated and their names will be
removed automatically from the established enlisted advancement eligibility
list 60 days after publication of the final eligibility list unless they have
notified both PSC-OPM and PSC-EPM of their intention to decline appointment to
chief warrant officer. Per Article 3.A.13.d of Ref C, PSC may grant special
consideration to allow a member to advance prior to accepting or declining a
CWO appointment in the following situation: member is above the most recent cut
on either the enlisted advancement eligibility list or the CWO list and will
execute enlisted PCS or fleet-up orders to fulfill the responsibilities at the
next higher pay grade. Requests for advancement must be submitted to Commander
4. Those who decline appointment or who voluntarily elect removal from the
eligibility list are not eligible to re-compete for appointment for five years.
Commanding officers must ensure the appropriate administrative remarks entry
(CG-3307) required IAW Article 1.D.10.c of Ref B is prepared and entered in the
member's PDR.
5. Released: RDML D. C. Barata, Commander, CG Personnel Service Center.
6. Internet release authorized.