united states coast guard

ALCGOFF 016/23
1. The below AY23 LCDR positions are being solicited for any Active Duty,
Reserve, or officers eligible for Retired Recall:

a. Afloat Account - LCDR Johnston Ariail
(1) COMDT (CG-7514) Homeport Manager, Washington, DC
(2) D11 DRE LMR Analyst, Alameda, CA

b. Response Ashore Account - LCDR Nicholas Lajoie
(1) COMDT (CG-1131) Boat Safety Mgr, Washington, DC
(2) COMDT (CG-771) Requirements TM Duty, Washington, DC
(3) COMDT (CG-771) Requirements TM Duty, Washington, DC
(4) COMDT (CG-MER-1) Program Management, Washington, DC
(5) COMDT (CG-OEM-3) Emergency Mgmt Spec, Washington, DC
(6) JTF-E J-5 Internat Maritime Ops, Portsmouth, VA
(7) TRACEN YKTWN BFCO STAN/Doctrine SC, Yorktown, VA
(8) JTF-N CGLO, El Paso, TX
(9) PAC-53 Resp Ops Pln (High Lats), Alameda, CA
(10) PAC-55 Contingency Planning, Alameda, CA

c. Aviation Account - LCDR Daniel Cloonan
(1) COMDT (CG-1131) Aviation Safety Manager, Washington, DC
(2) COMDT (CG-7114) UAS Assist Div Chief, Washington, DC
(3) COMDT (CG-9311) C130J Tech Lead, Washington, DC
(4) ALC LRS PDM Branch Chief, Elizabeth City, NC

d. Prevention Account - LCDR Corinne Plummer
(1) COMDT (CG-CVC-2) Environmental Compliance, Washington, DC
(2) COMDT (CG-CVC-2) VIDA SME, Washington, DC
(3) COMDT (CG-CVC-2) VIDA SME, Washington, DC
(4) COMDT (CG-ENG) Cyber MTS Support, Washington, DC
(5) COMDT (CG-OES-3) VIDA SME, Washington, DC
(6) LANT-511 IPS Foreign Port Assessments, Portsmouth, VA
(7) Outer Cont Shelf NCOE Nat'l Tech Advisor, Houma, LA
(8) Sector Puget Sound Cetacean Desk Mgr, Seattle, WA

e. Support/Special Assignments Account- CDR Sarah Brennan
(1) COMDT (CG-DCO-ES) Exec Supt Staff Team Lead, Washington, DC
(2) COMDT (CG-7D) Admin & Coord Staff, Washington, DC
(3) OL-(CG-09)-DHS-DC, Exec Assist to S1, Washington, DC
(4) SFLC CPD Procurement/Supply Manager, Baltimore, MD
(5) COMDT(CG-85) Internal Control Manager, Washington, DC
(6) COMDT (CG-9282) Program Reviewer, Washington, DC
(7) COMDT(CG-9336) Business Process/Trang Assist, Washington, DC
(8) FMS Integration Team, Process & Training Lead, Washington, DC
(9) D5 (DM) Program Analyst, Portsmouth, VA
(10) DOL-83 FMPS Program Manager, Norfolk, VA
(11) OL-FORCECOM (TOT) Rapid Analysis Lead, Washington, DC
(12) OL-FORCECOM (TMS) Trng & Perf Analyst, Washington, DC
(13) CGRC OPS Mission Execution Br Regional Leader, Washington, DC
(14) D17 (DA) Administration Staff Chief, Juneau, AK
(15) PAC-11 Personnel Programs Br Chief, Alameda, CA
(16) COMDT (CG-DCMS-DPR) Program Analyst, Washington, DC
(17) COMDT(CG-DCO-I-2) Foreign Affairs Specialist, Washington, DC
(18) COMDT(CG-LMI-E) Env Law Div - Duty, Washington, DC
(19) NPFC LEGAL DIV (CL) Legal Staff - Duty, Washinton, DC
(20) OL-(CG-LMI)-Naval War College, Instructor/Advisor, Newport, RI
(21) LSC Trial Svcs Br, Norfolk, VA
(22) Investigations NCOE IO Attorney, New Orleans, LA
(23) OL-DHS JIAG Washington DC, Washington, DC
(24) OL-(CG-LII)-Cyber Legal Counsel, Washington, DC
(25) OL-FORCECOM (PTC)-NORFOLK MRL Ops Research Analyst, Washington, DC
(26) OL-US Embassy Santo Domingo DO CGLO, Santo Domingo
(27) OL-(DCO-I-2)-Saudi Arabia MIPF Deputy Program Manager, Riyadh
(28) OL-(DCO-I-2)-Saudi Arabia MIPF Program Task Mgmt - Planner, Riyadh
(29) COMDT(CG-0922) Integrated Comms Staff, Washington, DC

f. DCMS/Intel Account - CDR Jayme Dubinsky
(1) CGA Civil & Env Eng Instructor, New London, CT
(2) COMDT (CG-255) Intel Staff Officer, Washington, DC
(3) COMDT (CG-441) Logistics Program Manager, Washington, DC
(4) COMDT (CG-453) GWS Ordnance Manager, Washington, DC
(5) COMDT (CG-4593) Engineering Plant Integrator, Washington, DC
(6) Sector Virginia Logistics Management, Portsmouth, VA

g. Cyberspace Account - LCDR Adam Reckley
(1) COMDT (CG-681) Program Mgmt-IT, Washington, DC
(2) COMDT (CG-684) Depot Support Prog Mgr, Washington, DC
(3) COMDT (CG-7413) VTS Requirements Lead, Washington, DC
(4) CGCC-37 Cyber Operations, Washington, DC

2. Visit the AY23 Shopping List on the OPM‐2 Sharepoint site,
for details. Off‐Season positions are highlighted in red and can be
sorted by "OFF‐SEASON" under the "Reason Shopped" category (column K).
3. Interested active duty, reserve, or retired officers should submit an
e-resume by COB 24 MAR 23 and email the respective Detailer listed on
the shopping list. Members applying should anticipate a report date of July
2023 if selected. Requests for consideration shall include a command endorsement
addressing backfill requirements and acceptability of a potential gap. Those
officers assigned during AY23 shall receive an endorsement from the command the
applicant is assigned into for AY23 which addresses backfill requirements.
4. Any members who are unable to access the shopping list via Sharepoint should
request a copy for further dissemination by command cadre by contacting YN2 Jose
Perez-Vera at
5. Internet release is authorized.