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R 091905Z MAR 23 MID200080796078U
ALCOAST 099/23
SSIC 5420
A. ALCGFINANCE 042/16 2017 Travel and Community Outreach Guidance
B. Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8A
C. U.S. CG Conference Guidance, Office of Resources, Organizational
Analysis, and Workforce Management (CG-81)
1. The Annual Officer Women's Leadership Symposium (OWLS) and Career
Workshop, organized by the non-profit organization AcademyWomen in
partnership with the USC Marshall School of Business (Master of
Business for Veterans Program), will be held 13-14 April 2023 as
a hybrid (IN-PERSON & VIRTUAL) event. The Career Coaching Workshop
will be held on 13 April 2023. The Officer Women's Leadership
Symposium (OWLS) will be held on 14 April 2023. Both days will be
hosted at George Mason University. This year's theme is "Leading
For Impact". More information is located at:
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2. The 2019-2023 USCG Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan supports
and encourages participation in affinity group conferences in an
effort to increase retention of a diverse and talented workforce.
Affinity groups and their conferences are force multipliers for
recruiting, retention, and professional development and support
the overall 2018-2022 USCG Strategic Plan and the FY 2021-2024
DHS Inclusive Diversity Strategic Plan. OWLS will inspire and help
attendees to accelerate change and professionally advance
themselves, their team(s) and organization by providing women
leaders in the military and veteran community, networking and
partnering opportunities to explore emerging trends, strengthen
skills, and transform observations into actionable insights that
lead to positive change. Keynote Speakers and distinguished
panelists, are comprised of inspiring thought-leaders and experts,
who share their experiences and insights, creating an immersive,
supportive, and engaging opportunity for attendees to meet women
counterparts in various services and roles. Participants will have
tremendous opportunities for mentorship, connecting with veteran
and current military service women at every level of leadership
and from every service military branch.
3. Affinity group conferences promote belongingness and
understanding which increases retention and supports CG diversity
efforts. These events are valuable professional development
opportunities that provide a forum for mentoring, networking, and
optimizing career success. All employees (active duty, Reservists,
civilians, and Auxiliarists) are encouraged to attend. While the
focus of the affinity conference is identified in the theme, all
conferences are open for ALL employees to attend, regardless of
rank, gender, race, or ethnicity. The Coast Guard supports and
encourages participation in affinity group symposiums in an effort
to increase the retention of a diverse and talented workforce.
These events are valuable professional development opportunities
that provide a forum for mentorship, networking, and optimizing
career success for the total workforce.
4. Commanding Officers/OICs are strongly encouraged to support the
professional development of all civilian and military personnel.
5. The Office of Diversity and Inclusion (CG-1D1) is the Coast
Guard's coordinator for this event and has the responsibility to
account for and report attendance and overall costs to DHS.
All registration and authorized travel costs are to be covered by
the participating member's unit funds.
6. Interested members must request attendance for both in-person and
virtual first, through their chain of command for unit level
approval. Individuals within a 50-mile radius of Arlington, VA
may attend in person as desired. Those outside of the local travel
area are only authorized to attend virtually.
7. Early bird pricing will be available until 15 March 2023. All
information regarding pricing, registration links, and event details
can be found at:
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8. All members interested in attending are required to notify
COMDT (CG-1D1) NLT 24 March 2023, via email:,
with subject line: 2023 OWLS/CAREER WORKSHOP ATTENDEE(S), and
provide the below information for each participant:
    a. Full Name
    b. Rank/Civilian Pay Grade
    c. Job Title
    d. Unit/Office/Division
    e. Current PDS Location
    f. Previous Attendee (Y/N)
    g. Unit Level Approver
9. Permissive orders for military members are authorized. Whether
on official orders or self-funded, civilian employees' attendance
including travel time is considered work time. For civilian
employees supervisory approval to attend during work time
(including a reasonable amount of travel time) must be indicated
by email, and reflected in the remarks section of the employee's
timecard. The remarks must state the employee is approved work and
travel time to attend the OWL Symposium during his/her scheduled
tour of duty on 13-14 April, 2023. The employee's attendance at
events outside of the employee's scheduled tour of duty is not
required and is at the employee's discretion; therefore, overtime
and compensatory time for work cannot be approved.
10. Uniform for Symposium In-person attendance is Tropical Blue
(short sleeve). Civilian attire is business casual.
11. Virtual attendee's will be individually responsible for the
access of the OWLS online platform and establishing internet
connectivity to attend the event.
12. POC: LTJG Molly Sternberg, Assistant Gender Policy Advisor
COMDT (CG-1D1), 202-475-5004 (
13. Dr. D. M. Navarro, Senior Advisor for Diversity and
Inclusion (SADI), sends.
14. Internet release is authorized.