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ALCOAST 096/23
SSIC 1650
1. Congratulations to the winners of the 2022 Society of American
Military Engineers (SAME) Awards for their outstanding
contributions to the Coast Guard (CG) Civil Engineering (CE)
    a. The Cowart Plaque for CE Organizations is awarded to Civil
Engineering Unit (CEU) Oakland. CEU Oakland delivered outstanding
service through exceptional shore facility planning, real property
management, engineering design and construction, environmental
support, and Coast Guard wide asset line management. Sustaining a
$5B real property portfolio, CEU Oakland supported 128 field units
through 81 major maintenance and repair projects totaling $35.5M,
and enabled future operational capabilities of national significance
across the Pacific region. Additionally, CEU Oakland led the Coast
Guard's Safe Homes Initiative Program, overseeing 13 projects
totaling $8.3M to mitigate environmental health hazards in 134 Coast
Guard owned housing units. CEU Oakland coordinated legal, planning,
environmental, and real property efforts for Seattle's Polar
Security Cutter homeporting initiative, and awarded a $25M
design-build contract to establish temporary facilities for
Base Seattle functions that will be displaced during future
construction efforts.
    b. The Cowart Plaque for Facility Engineering Organizations is
awarded to Air Station (AIRSTA) Clearwater's Facilities Engineering
Department (FED). The FED executed 4,084 operational level work
orders, boasting a 94% on-time Preventative Maintenance (PM)
completion rate (7% improvement from prior year), and more than a
50% reduction in open Corrective Maintenance (CM) work orders
despite the procurement challenges of a new financial system and
continuing resolutions. Additionally, the FED implemented a new
Engineer-of-the-Watch (EOW) duty to proactively identify maintenance
and safety concerns supporting more than 500 personnel, 10 MH-60T
Jayhawk helicopters and 4 HC-130H Hercules aircraft across 3-unit
locations. The FED enabled the achievement of major self-help
successes including the installation of an Exchange mini-mart,
multiple maintenance and repair contracts, a major Hurricane
response, and provided exceptional depot level support for 10+
projects valued over $10M.
    c. The Oren Medal is awarded to Ms. Jennifer Smith of CEU Juneau.
During the 2022 period, Ms. Smith absorbed significant additional
workload of a retired coworker, stepped in to carry three
Design-Build (D-B) projects through construction, while managing
$10M worth of construction in progress, and designing $12M in
projects for award. This constituted a full 30% of CEU Juneau's 2022
depot level maintenance program. Additionally, Ms. Smith took on the
added responsibility as an acting Design Branch Chief, overseeing a
team of six designers and contractors. She also headed CEU Juneau's
Energy Management Program, helping the unit navigate a myriad of
support system challenges, and gave back what was left of her time
volunteering in Juneau. Ms. Smith's extensive volunteer efforts
include serving Juneau's senior citizens as a Meals-On-Wheels
driver, supporting high school students as a judge for the
Southeast Alaska Regional Robotics Tournament, raising over $2,500
for multiple sclerosis research, and organizing the 2022 Juneau
PRIDE Picnic for 200+ guests throughout the Juneau community.
    d. The Sargent Medal is awarded to two members -
CWO Harrison Stanley of Sector Northern New England (SNNE), and
CWO Jose Calderon of CEU Miami.
       (1) CWO Stanley is responsible for engineering and logistical
support to 11 units across a geographically expansive area of
responsibility (AOR). In this capacity, CWO Stanley oversees 25
civilian and military members, and provides critical mission support
services to 180 personnel assigned throughout northern Maine.
CWO Stanley coordinated initiatives, workplans, and construction
projects with Contractors, Facilities Design and Construction
Center, Shore Infrastructure Logistic Center, and CEU Providence.
Recognizing a critically low housing inventory and the potential
negative impact on incoming families, CWO Stanley provided
unprecedented support and dedication to complete a 50% occupancy
turnover at multiple Coast Guard housing sites ahead of the 2022
transfer season.
       (2) CWO Calderon, as CEUM's Facility Asset Manager (FAM),
supports 155 CG units across 29 states, multiple U.S. Territories,
and Foreign Countries with a total shore plant value over $3.3B.
Following the surge staffing deployment of CEU Miami's second FAM in
2022, CWO Calderon absorbed all FAM duties and responsibilities for
the entirety of Districts 7 and 8, and ensured the completion of 133
critical casualty projects and $3.25M in emergent infrastructure
repair. Through orchestration of repair efforts with planners,
designers, contractors, and operators, CWO Calderon ensured
repaired facilities were more resilient, sustainable, and efficient
to weather future storms and contingency events while reducing the
risk to personnel and property.
2. The Panel received many well-deserved nominations for these
awards. The Panel would like to thank the commands who took the
time to recognize their personnel and to especially highlight the
following units and nominees as honorable mentions for their hard
work and accomplishments throughout the year. Bravo Zulu for a job
extremely well done.
CEU Juneau
CEU Miami
Base Honolulu
Base Boston
Mr. Greg Lodge (CEU Cleveland)
LT Kiera Hollenbeck (CEU Oakland)
Mr. Justin Caruso (CEU Honolulu)
3. For any questions, contact LCDR Cory Fagan, COMDT (CG-438) at
(202) 475-5780.
4. RDML C. J. List, Assistant Commandant for Engineering and
Logistics (CG-4), sends.
5. Internet release is authorized.