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R 161927Z FEB 23 MID600052784856U

ALCGENL 029/23
A. DoD 8570.01-M, Information Assurance Workforce Improvement Program
1. This message outlines the eligibility criteria and application procedures for
active-duty enlisted members seeking consideration for a Lateral Change In
Rating (CIR) to CMS in AY24. Members interested in serving in the CMS rating
beginning in AY24 should review this message carefully to ensure they meet all
eligibility criteria and strictly observe the application procedures.
2. Eligibility Criteria. To be considered for a Lateral CIR to CMS in AY24,
members must:
a. Be an active duty E5 or above, or an active duty E4 with all E5 Enlisted
Performance Qualifications complete;
b. Be a (non-dual) United States Citizen;
c. Be eligible for a Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information clearance;
d. Be willing to submit to a Counter Intelligence Polygraph; and
e. Comply with Coast Guard body composition standards;
f. Have completed one of the following training requirements: Joint Cyber
Analysis Course (JCAC), Intermediate Cyber Core, Cyber Operations Specialist
Phase 1, or an equivalent industry training as outlined in ref (a).
3. Preferred Certification Requirements. Preferred certification requirements
influencing the CMS Lateral CIR determination process include:
a. Completion of basic position-related Job Qualification Requirements for an
operational cyber work role in accordance with appendix 3 of ref (a); and
b. Completion of IAT Level II, IAM Level II, or Cyber Security Service Provider
4. Application Procedures. Members must apply for a Lateral CIR to CMS in AY24
using the procedures highlighted below:
a. Members must submit an application package to The Office of Cyberspace Forces
(CG-791) at no later than 15 JUN 23. Packages must be sent
via encrypted email.
b. The Lateral CIR memo template is available on the CMS Rating SharePoint Site
located at
/SitePages/CyberRating.aspx .
c. Application packages must contain a first or second page command endorsement
to the Lateral CIR memo that, at a minimum, addresses the member's compliance
with all eligibility requirements contained in paragraph 2 of this message.
d. The Lateral CIR memo should contain as enclosures any documentation
demonstrating the completion of training or certifications listed in paragraph
2.f. or paragraph 3 of this message.
e. Late or incomplete application packages will not be considered.
f. CG-791 will provide confirmation for receipt for all applications received.
Members that submit applications but have not received confirmation of receipt
by 17 JUN 23 should contact CG-791 via the contact information provided below.
5. Members are encouraged to review and, if necessary, update their Official
Military Personnel File in iPERMS and ensure their personal profile in Direct
Access is accurate.
6. Waiver requests from the eligibility criteria in paragraph 2 or the
application procedures in paragraph 4 of this message, to include consideration
of equivalent industry training and qualifications, should be sent via email to
CG-791 at Waiver requests must be received before 15 JUN
23 to be considered in the CMS Lateral CIR determination process for AY24.
7. Members selected for a Lateral CIR to CMS should expect to transfer in AY24
to an approved CMS billet with a tour length of 4 years. Members selected for a
Lateral CIR to CMS already serving in an approved CMS billet may elect to
preserve their original tour completion date.
8. Members selected for a Lateral CIR to CMS serving under a bonus contract
applicable to their current rating will be subject to recoupment for all
unearned funds. These members will incur a 4-year obligated service
requirement, to be served concurrent with any existing obligated service.
9. Questions regarding the eligibility criteria or the application procedures
can be submitted to CG-791 at Questions regarding the CMS
Lateral CIR determination process can be submitted to PSC-EPM-1 Boards and
Panels Staff at
10. CAPT J. A. Carter, Chief, Enlisted Personnel Management, CG Personnel
Service Center, sends.
11. Internet release is authorized.