united states coast guard

ALCGOFF 014/23
A. Officer Accessions, Evaluations, and Promotions, COMDTINST M1000.3 
B. Title 14, U. S. Code, Section 2152
C. Title 14, U. S. Code, Section 2101  
1. In accordance with Chapter 1.A.8 of Ref A, the following 252 reserve 
and temporary regular officers were selected by a best-qualified ADPL 
Promotion Board and may be eligible for integration as a permanent commissioned officer in the Regular Coast Guard.
Presidential appointment authority and Senate confirmation will be sought to appoint the following 252 reserve and 
temporary regular officers as permanent commissioned officers in the Regular Coast Guard: NO RANK NAME STATUS 1. LT Ames, Bo Jay EAD 2. LT Bogen, Guyer S. EAD 3. LT Brooks, Angelica B. EAD 4. LT Caldwell, Abigail J. EAD 5. LT Cardenas II, Alejandro EAD 6. LT Clark, Marcus D. EAD 7. LT Delmastro, Matthew J. EAD 8. LT Dicks, Stephen R. EAD 9. LT Gilmore, Casey J. EAD 10. LT Gluckler, Sara E. EAD 11. LT Harris, Karl L. AD 12. LT Hoddinott, Bryan T. AD 13. LT Lacorte, Joseph S. AD 14. LT Lang Jr., Peter M. EAD 15. LT Lauricella, Mark S. EAD 16. LT Lenz, Jacob G. EAD 17. LT Liggett, Patricia EAD 18. LT Link, Peter W. EAD 19. LT Lopez, Erin E. AD 20. LT Martin, Jordan H. EAD 21. LT Musorofiti, Kevin AD 22. LT Palmeira, Thomas N. AD 23. LT Stender, Scott R. AD 24. LT Stokes, Lorhel E. EAD 25. LT Talley, Jillian E. EAD 26. LT Taylor, Andrew P. EAD 27. LT Thompson, Cheri-Ann A. EAD 28. LT Trudel, John F. EAD 29. LT Walsh, Michelle E. EAD 30. LT Walters, Justin R. AD 31. LT Wood Jr., Duane D. AD 32. LTJG Agrusta, Roberto EAD 33. LTJG Anderson, Geoffrey O. EAD 34. LTJG Anderson, Peter E. EAD 35. LTJG Ansley, Elizabeth T. AD 36. LTJG Avella, Paul A. AD 37. LTJG Babin, Lionel Thong AD 38. LTJG Baer, Joshua S. AD 39. LTJG Bagnal, Holden B. EAD 40. LTJG Bair, Rachel P. EAD 41. LTJG Balazs, Mihaly AD 42. LTJG Banks, Curtis T. EAD 43. LTJG Bannon, Michael L. EAD 44. LTJG Batchelder, Jeffrey P. EAD 45. LTJG Block, Dylan H. EAD 46. LTJG Brazile, Cornelieus L. AD 47. LTJG Breard, Thomas M. EAD 48. LTJG Brown, Trenton D. EAD 49. LTJG Burns, Timothy J. AD 50. LTJG Bursell, Steven E. AD 51. LTJG Butters, Christopher J. EAD 52. LTJG Campbell, Christian S. EAD 53. LTJG Carr, Paul S. AD 54. LTJG Carroll, Andrew B. EAD 55. LTJG Carroll, Clayton D. SEL 56. LTJG Cash, Itzel L. EAD 57. LTJG Castillo, David AD 58. LTJG Cato, Mariah D. EAD 59. LTJG Colucci,John R. AD 60. LTJG Conrad, Garrett AD 61. LTJG Cook, Nichole K. AD 62. LTJG Cooper, Todd J. EAD 63. LTJG Coreano, John AD 64. LTJG Cozby, James A. EAD 65. LTJG Crisci, Daniel A. EAD 66. LTJG Crow, John R. EAD 67. LTJG Culton, Scotti L. EAD 68. LTJG Cunningham, Kyle R. EAD 69. LTJG De La Riva, Kendra M. EAD 70. LTJG Dean, Brandon R. EAD 71. LTJG Deer, Kathleen E. EAD 72. LTJG Deinnocentiis, James J. EAD 73. LTJG Didiano, Nicholas J. EAD 74. LTJG Digerness, Colette L. EAD 75. LTJG Dirado, Robert J. AD 76. LTJG Doherty, Brett D. AD 77. LTJG Doris, Carrie A. AD 78. LTJG Duarte, Alex EAD 79. LTJG Dupre, Sarah C. EAD 80. LTJG Durfee, Steven P. EAD 81. LTJG Dzurik, Martin P. EAD 82. LTJG Eastman, Skye J. EAD 83. LTJG Edwards, Roy T. AD 84. LTJG Eldridge, Brian Z. EAD 85. LTJG Espinoza, Phillip T. EAD 86. LTJG Etienne, Guershom AD 87. LTJG Evrett, Jacob G. EAD 88. LTJG Feely, Tyler P. EAD 89. LTJG Ferguson, Russell C. EAD 90. LTJG Ferrell, Dylan F. EAD 91. LTJG Fink, Lester S. EAD 92. LTJG Fitzsimmons, Patrick M. EAD 93. LTJG Fogarty, Aodhan P. EAD 94. LTJG Folk, Benjamin D. AD 95. LTJG Froslee, Julie M. EAD 96. LTJG Gainer, Samuel M. AD 97. LTJG Gandara, Michael J. EAD 98. LTJG Garner, Rinardo S. EAD 99. LTJG Gilbert III, George R. EAD 100. LTJG Giorgi, Bryant R. EAD 101. LTJG Goetz, Kyle A. EAD 102. LTJG Gomez, Noelle E. EAD 103. LTJG Gonzalez, Jacobo AD 104. LTJG Graff, Benjamin M. AD 105. LTJG Graham, Nicholas D. EAD 106. LTJG Greenfield, Maria R. EAD 107. LTJG Gribble, Matthew B. EAD 108. LTJG Griffin Jr., Robert L. EAD 109. LTJG Gunn, Brendan W. EAD 110. LTJG Haley, Samuel R. AD 111. LTJG Hansen, Jennifer P. EAD 112. LTJG Harris, Anthony E. AD 113. LTJG Harris, Sarah M. EAD 114. LTJG Harrison, Amy E. EAD 115. LTJG Harrison, John W. EAD 116. LTJG Haussler, Tarney K. EAD 117. LTJG Heller, Samuel N. EAD 118. LTJG Helmke, Carolina C. T. EAD 119. LTJG Hesse, Christopher D. EAD 120. LTJG Hicks, Darren M. AD 121. LTJG Higgins, Jamie M. AD 122. LTJG Hoffman, Charles R. EAD 123. LTJG Hogan, Scott E. EAD 124. LTJG Hughes, Marquiche O. AD 125. LTJG Imagane, Julie N. EAD 126. LTJG Jablonski, Nikita A. EAD 127. LTJG Jarrett III, John S. AD 128. LTJG Jarvis III, Jesse B. EAD 129. LTJG Jordan, Jennifer E. AD 130. LTJG Karousos, Michael A. EAD 131. LTJG Keenan, Theodore M. EAD 132. LTJG Kelley, William H. EAD 133. LTJG Kelly, John P. EAD 134. LTJG Kesich, Mark F. EAD 135. LTJG Kihn, Andrew J. EAD 136. LTJG Kim, Shera S. EAD 137. LTJG King, Trenton M. AD 138. LTJG Kirlin, Elizabeth T. AD 139. LTJG Korengel, Kara I. EAD 140. LTJG Kostek, Anthony J. EAD 141. LTJG Kupfer, Samuel J. AD 142. LTJG Lamacchio, Elijah M. EAD 143. LTJG Lamun, Trent J. AD 144. LTJG Laster, Bryce A. AD 145. LTJG Layman, Trevor A. EAD 146. LTJG Lefler, Katherine B. EAD 147. LTJG Lemke, Travis J. EAD 148. LTJG Levesque, Sarah N. S. EAD 149. LTJG Lewter, Tiana R. EAD 150. LTJG Loewenstein, John H. AD 151. LTJG Lofton Jr., Charles T. AD 152. LTJG Ludlam, Daniel W. EAD 153. LTJG Maes III, Rene F. AD 154. LTJG Magnus, Benjamin K. EAD 155. LTJG Mahoney, James P. AD 156. LTJG Marcano Diaz, Orlando J. AD 157. LTJG Marek, Conner S. EAD 158. LTJG Masdeu, Matias G. EAD 159. LTJG Massey, Daniel J. AD 160. LTJG Max, Vera M. AD 161. LTJG McCarty, Julia C. EAD 162. LTJG McClendon, Zada S. EAD 163. LTJG McCullars, Eric G. EAD 164. LTJG McDonald, Allen J. EAD 165. LTJG McPhillips IV, Terence W. EAD 166. LTJG Medina, Jeremy A. EAD 167. LTJG Miller, Juliana M. EAD 168. LTJG Montion, Lukas C. EAD 169. LTJG Morales-Rivera, Angel E. AD 170. LTJG Morrison, Don P. AD 171. LTJG Morrison, Samuel L. EAD 172. LTJG Muenter, Grant R. EAD 173. LTJG Mullen, Rikkilynn R. AD 174. LTJG Nelson, Lucas H AD 175. LTJG Nelson, Mark W. EAD 176. LTJG Newcomer, John A. AD 177. LTJG Oates, Skyler S. AD 178. LTJG Oatway, Stephanie P. EAD 179. LTJG Ogg, Devin J. AD 180. LTJG Oingeran, Edward M. AD 181. LTJG Olp, Matthew C. AD 182. LTJG Olson, Liesl C. EAD 183. LTJG O'Neal, Moriah T. EAD 184. LTJG Onorato, Mitchell J. AD 185. LTJG Osburn, Zaccary S. L. EAD 186. LTJG Perkins, Christopher A. AD 187. LTJG Perkins, Nicholas S. EAD 188. LTJG Peterson, Tyler D. AD 189. LTJG Pietruszka, Lisa M. EAD 190. LTJG Pinto, Anthony M. EAD 191. LTJG Post, Jesse P. EAD 192. LTJG Proveaux, Erick C. AD 193. LTJG Purcell, Peter J. AD 194. LTJG Quesnell, Jacob D. AD 195. LTJG Quintin, Julian R. EAD 196. LTJG Raymond, Jason C. AD 197. LTJG Redmond, Jeffrey J. AD 198. LTJG Reichelt, Collin R. AD 199. LTJG Reynolds, Casey M. EAD 200. LTJG Riley, Matthew T. EAD 201. LTJG Robida, Matthew R. EAD 202. LTJG Romito, Madeline K. EAD 203. LTJG Rubino, Sophia C. EAD 204. LTJG Rubio, Kathryn S. EAD 205. LTJG Russell, William W. AD 206. LTJG Sacino, John G. AD 207. LTJG Sattelberg, Devin L. EAD 208. LTJG Schoeppner, Bryan R. AD 209. LTJG Seevers, Cody W. AD 210. LTJG Sessa, Paul M. AD 211. LTJG Sexton, Ryan A. EAD 212. LTJG Shaikh, Zain S. AD 213. LTJG Shaver, Ryan P. AD 214. LTJG Sherry, Stacie L. AD 215. LTJG Siegrist, Rachel A. EAD 216. LTJG Smarzo, Joshua E. O. R. AD 217. LTJG Smith, Emily C. EAD 218. LTJG Sobelman, Michael B. H. EAD 219. LTJG Stewart, Rachel E. AD 220. LTJG Stoddard, Andrew R. EAD 221. LTJG Stoehr, Christopher H. EAD 222. LTJG Thomas Jr., Darryl V. EAD 223. LTJG Thompson, Lynette K. EAD 224. LTJG Thompson, Marcus J. AD 225. LTJG Travers, Michael R. EAD 226. LTJG Trumper, William R. AD 227. LTJG Truncale, John R. AD 228. LTJG Turner, Riana K. EAD 229. LTJG Turner, Shelley E. AD 230. LTJG Underwood, Kaley D. EAD 231. LTJG Us, Christopher J. EAD 232. LTJG Usseglio, Thomas J. EAD 233. LTJG Vallet, Trevor J. AD 234. LTJG Vander Molen, Ryan B. EAD 235. LTJG Varrichione, Michael S. EAD 236. LTJG Vega Mercado, Jose L. AD 237. LTJG Velandia, Alvaro N. EAD 238. LTJG Villarreal, Martha A. EAD 239 LTJG Waide, Alexander J. AD 240. LTJG Walker, Ellen C. EAD 241. LTJG Welch, Christian J. EAD 242. LTJG White, Christopher J. EAD 243. LTJG Williams, Anthony L. EAD 244. LTJG Williams, Sarah A. AD 245. LTJG Williams, Tyler S. EAD 245. LTJG Wilson, Kristofer S. EAD 247. LTJG Wolfe, Krystal L. EAD 248. LTJG Yates, Jacob W. AD 249. LTJG Yelvington, Jason R. AD 250. LTJG Yetzer, Nicole C. AD 251. LTJG Yost, Kelly N. AD 252. LTJG Ziebell, Andrew S. EAD 2. OPM-1 will notify each officer via email and enclose an integration offer memo and Oath of Office. Upon receipt of the memo, and prior to administering the Oath of Office, Commanding Officers shall ensure that the officer (1) complies with the maximum allowable weight standards, and (2) is not the subject of or party to an investigation which could result in adverse action against the officer, nor accused pending proceedings under the UCMJ, nor the subject of a pending admin board for possible separation. 3. Reserve officers whose active duty agreements expire prior to receipt of the oath will be administratively extended in order to complete the integration process. SPOs may prepare new ID cards for these members and their dependents to reflect their new status as permanent regular officers. This will ensure continuity of benefits and entitlements. 4. Temporary regular officers who received their commission either through the CWO to LT Program, Direct Commission Officer (DCO) Program, or the Physician Assistant (PA) Program are exempt from the requirement to integrate, but may integrate if they so choose. This exemption does not apply to DCOs with a reserve commission or temporary Regular officers who graduated from Officer Candidate School. 5. For those officers who are required to integrate, but decline to do so: a. Reserve officers should expect to be released from active service on the date their extended active duty agreement or other obligated service expires, as needs of the service allow. b. Temporary regular officers should expect to revert to their permanent enlisted grade no earlier than six months after the date they receive notification to integrate. 6. By integrating and becoming a permanent regular officer, former temporary officers are no longer eligible to revert to a formerly held permanent enlisted grade or warrant officer grade. Additionally, IAW Ref B, permanent regular officers are required to serve at least 10 years active commissioned service in order to effect a voluntary retirement. This includes time served as a warrant, temporary, or reserve officer. Pursuant to 14 U.S.C. 2152, a temporary regular officer with over 10 years of enlisted service at the time of commissioning is not eligible for voluntary retirement at 20 years of total active service if they integrate. This cannot be waived. 7. If any officer has reason to believe they are eligible for integration, but their name does not appear on the above list, contact CWO3 Alex J. Acevedo via e-mail: Alex.j.acevedo(at), or phone (202)795-6431. 8. Additional POC: LT Michelle Natale at Michelle.A.Natale(at) or 202- 795-6443. 9. CAPT P. T. Dougan, Chief, OPM sends. 10. Internet release authorized.