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ALCGOFF 006/23
1. Officer Personnel Management (OPM) is announcing virtual Q&A sessions and
wardroom engagement opportunities to answer questions and spark conversation on
a variety of career management topics. In 2022, OPM hosted 10 virtual roadshows
followed by Q&A sessions. Responding to feedback from the fleet in recent
years, roadshows were lengthened to one-hour long sessions with a primary
emphasis on facilitating questions from the fleet. This year, the Career
Management Branch (OPM-4) will continue hosting roadshows with this approach to
ensure officers have ample time to engage directly with their Assignment
Officers (OPM-2), representatives from the Boards, Promotions, and Separations
Branch (OPM-1), and the Officer Evaluations Branch (OPM-3).
2. Virtual Q&A Sessions will start with a brief synopsis, updates to policies,
trends and best practices and then move to a Q&A. Questions can be submitted
ahead of the event or posed during the session in chat, or video functions. The
OPM-2 sessions will afford those transferring in AY24 the opportunity to
interact with their Assignment Officers.
3. The virtual Q&A session schedule and guest presenter is as noted below with
all sessions taking place on Wednesdays (sub para b. below):
a. 22 February 2023, 1400ET: (OPM-4) Career Guidance/CG-4082/Promotions and
Command Recommendations/Mid-Term Counseling
b. 02 March 2023, 1400EST: (OPM-3) Officer Evaluations/OSMS 2.0 (Thursday)
c. 15 March 2023, 1400EST: (OPM-1) Promotions/Post Graduate School
d. 19 April 2023, 1400EST: (OPM-2) Support/Special Assignments
e. 26 April 2023, 1400EST: (OPM-2) Intel/DCMS and Cyberspace Assignments
f. 10 May 2023, 1400EST: (OPM-2) Afloat Assignments
g. 24 May 2023, 1400EST: (OPM-2) Prevention Assignments
h. 07 June 2023, 1400EST: (OPM-2) Response Assignments
i. 21 June 2023, 1400EST: (OPM-2) Aviation Assignments
j. 12 July 2023, 1400EST: (OPM-2) Chief Warrant Officer Assignments
4. OPM recommends officers within a command attend virtual roadshows from
consolidated locations, to the extent possible. This should generate robust
wardroom conversation and maximize opportunities for professional development.
5. Wardrooms are encouraged to meet prior to the times provided to review
information provided on the relevant OPM SharePoint page. This information will
help to generate a discussion between OPM and the officer corps and educate the
fleet on the most current trends and policies affecting their assignments,
promotions, and evaluations.
6. To sign up for a virtual Q&A session, please email OPM-4 at Due to the volume of emails, we request the format
include the following: The specific virtual Q&A session name/date. For example:
"Afloat Assignment Officer/10 May 2023."
7. In addition to the 2023 Q&A sessions, OPM is offering the opportunity
for wardrooms to request tailored unit sessions with unit-selected topics as
well as unit requested OPM presenters. These sessions will require TEAMS and
a unit representative to work with OPM to set up the event for your wardroom.
8. To request a tailored virtual wardroom session for your unit (or for a
collection of wardrooms), please email the OPM-4 inbox at HQS-SMB-CGPSC- The request should include the following: Subject: Virtual
Session Request. Email Body: Unit/Date requested/Requested topic, for example:
"Virtual Session Request/04 April 2023/Promotion Boards". Common topics to request:
officer specialty progression, request for a specific assignment officer, promotion
boards, eResumes, career management, advanced education panels and temporary
separation. OPM wants to ensure sessions cover all information desired by a unit;
units can request multiple topics.
9. TEAMS instructions and additional information will be posted prior to each
virtual roadshow on the Career Management Branch (OPM-4) SharePoint page:
10. The information presented during the 2023 roadshows will be made available
on SharePoint. Recording titles will match the session titles and can be
accessed easily via OPM-4's SharePoint site:
11. While these roadshows are virtual to ensure widest dissemination, we are
available for in-person opportunities as well. If your unit is interested in
funding members from OPM to travel for an in-person presentation, please email
the OPM-4 inbox at and include the following:
Subject: In Person Session Request. Email Body: Unit/Date requested/AOs
requested and structure of event.
12. CAPT P. J. Dougan, Chief, PSC-OPM, sends.
13. Internet release is authorized.