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14 DEC 2022
ALCGPSC 161/22 SUBJ: PY23 RESERVE OFFICER ACTIVE STATUS PANEL (ROASP) A. Reserve Policy Manual, COMDTINST M1001.28 (series) B. Officer Accessions, Evaluations, and Promotions, COMDTINST M1000.3 (series) 1. A Reserve Officer Active Status Panel (ROASP) is scheduled to convene on 06 February 2023 to recommend Coast Guard Reserve officers for retention in an active Reserve status. 2. Eligible Officers: Officers with Reserve commissions in the grade of Commander and below, who have been non-selected one or more times on the Active Duty Promotion List (ADPL) or Reserve Component Manager (RCM) selection list to the next higher grade and are scheduled for release from active duty may apply. 3. Application Process: All eligible officers should submit complete application packages to: no later than 30 January 2023. Application packages must include: a. Written request in CG standard memo format, verifying correspondence with RPM-2 Assignments b. Approved separation authorization c. Approved DD-2697 (Report of Medical Assessment) Incomplete packages will be returned without action. Additional information and templates are available on the RPM-1 web page at: Human-Resources-CG-1-/Personnel-Service-Center-PSC/IDPL/. 4. Communications to the Panel: Applicants electing to submit communications to the panel must follow the guidelines provided in REF B, Sections 3.A.4.f. and 3.B.3.c. Send communications via email no later than 01 February 2023 to: 5. All applicants are encouraged to review their Employee Summary Sheet (ESS). The ESS provides a consolidated view of a member’s information as it appears in the Coast Guard’s enterprise-wide human resources management system, Direct Access (DA). All officers requesting candidacy are also encouraged to review their official Coast Guard Military Human Resource Record (CGMHRR). To find out more about viewing your Coast Guard Military Human Resource Record via iPERMS, please visit the PSC-BOPS-mr website at: /Assistant-Commandant-for-Human-Resources-CG-1/Personnel-Service-Center-PSC/BOPS/ PSC-BOPS-C/CGMHRR/iPERMS-Access/. 6. PSC-RPM point of contact: LT Marvi M. Rivera, email: 7. Released: RDML D. C. Barata, Commander, Personnel Service Center, sends. 8. Internet release authorized.