united states coast guard

ALCGOFF 095/22
B. ACN 043/19
1. Active duty officers in the grades of ENS/LTJG may apply for the 
Coast Guard Flight Training Panel scheduled to convene on 09 January 
2023. Lieutenants may apply, but will not normally be primary 
candidates. Selection for this highly competitive program leads to 
designation as a Coast Guard Aviator with subsequent assignment to 
duty standing billets within Coast Guard aviation. Candidates 
selected by this Panel will receive orders to report to flight 
training between 01 April 2023 and 01 August 2023. Please read this
message in its entirety to ensure compliance with the application 
2. The following timeline applies for the application:
   a. 02 - 19 December: Deadline for submission of Part 1
in Direct Access (DA).
   b. 19 December 2022: Deadline for submission of Part 2 
documentation to OPM-2.
   c. 31 December 2022: Deadline for completion of Flight Physicals.
   d. 03 January 2023: Deadline for approval of all Flight Physical 
   e. 09 January 2023: Fleet Flight Panel convenes.
3. Part 1 of the application is submitted via DA, and will be 
available starting on 02 December 2022. The application submission
deadline is 19 December 2022. Command endorsements will be reflected
in the PDF application package and are not required in DA. Use the 
"My Panel Submissions" link located under "Tasks".  In addition to 
the step by step directions provided below, there are instructions
listed in the OPM Reference Library at:
   a. Log in to DA
   b. In the "EMPLOYEE" box, click "Tasks" 
   c. Select "My Panel Submissions" (NOTE: DO NOT select "PCS 
   d. Select "Advanced Training" from the "Panel Source" drop down 
menu and click "GO"
   e. When the search screen appears, enter the following:
        AD/Res Ind: "Active Duty"
        Bus unit: "Officer" 
        Job Code: 000097  
   f. Click "Search" 
   g. A list of Advanced Training programs will appear.  Check the 
"Apply" box next to Flight School Panel (FLSCPN). 
   h. Click "Submit"  
4. Part 2 of the application includes documentation submitted
via email. Applicants are required to email the following documents
in a single PDF to CDR D. Garrett Barker at
   a. ASTB results - applicants must complete the ASTB with the 
following minimum scores: Academic Qualification Rating (AQR) of 4/ 
Pilot Flight Aptitude Rating (PFAR) of 5.
   b. College transcripts - Undergraduate and Graduate (as 
   c. Flight training or FAA certifications - if applicable, all 
civilian flight training/FAA certifications must be documented on a
CG-4082, signed by the Commanding Officer, to be considered.
   d. Personal narrative with command endorsement - the narrative 
shall be a CG memorandum with a no more than one-page endorsement 
from the Commanding Officer. Commanding Officers should include 
their opinion of the applicant's interests, ability, and potential 
value to CG aviation in the endorsement. Format and general 
guidelines for both the narrative and endorsement are provided on 
the CG Portal located at:
5. All required documentation for Part 2 is due 19 December 2022.  
Officers whose packages are received on or before 19 December 
2022 will receive a confirmation email. Officers who do not receive 
an email should contact CDR D. Garrett Barker to determine the 
status of their applications. Packages must be complete and arrive 
on time to be considered.  
6. IAW Ref A, a flight surgeon approved flight physical must be 
dated on or after 09 January 2022 (note: 2022, not 2023) and entered 
into the Aeromedical Electronic Resource Office (AERO) by 31 
December 2022. Paper physicals will not be considered. All physical 
exams must have DD forms 2808 and 2807-1 completed. Any required 
medical waivers must be completed and approved by 03 January 2023.  
7. Previously non-selected flight applicants need to submit new
flight applications and copies of previously qualifying physical 
examinations dated on or after 09 January 2022.
8. A single set of anthropometrics has been established based on the
most restrictive measurements of all Coast Guard aircraft and the US 
Navy training aircraft. Due to ejection seat limitations associated 
with the T-6 TEXAN training aircraft, all Flight Panel applicants 
must weigh between 103-231 lbs. Anthropometric measurements for 
Coast Guard aircraft are below:
   a. Buttock-Knee Length (inches): 21.0-26.9 	
   b. Sitting Height (inches): 33.0-39.4 		
   c. Sitting Eye Height (inches): 28.5 or Greater 	
   d. Thumb Tip Reach (inches): 28.5 or Greater             	                	              	              	        	 
Additional information on how these measurements are made can be 
found in Ref B.
9. Applicants should carefully examine the visual acuity standards 
for flight training in Ref A. Applicants who have undergone vision
correction surgery must adhere to all requirements listed in Ref A, 
Chapter 1.C, Section 12 for selection Panel eligibility.
10. IAW Ref C, the age limitation for Naval Flight Training has been 
waived to 31. Candidates must not turn 31 prior to reporting to 
flight training. Age waivers will not be considered. 
11. IAW Ref C, all applicants completing flight school as a result 
of this Panel will incur eight years of obligated service in 
addition to any previous obligated service.  Officers disenrolling 
prior to completion of flight training will incur one month 
obligated service for every month of training completed.
12. The September Flight Panel results message will be released 
immediately following the PY23 ADPL Lieutenant Selection Board 
Results message. Members awaiting the results of the September 2022 
Flight Panel should reapply to this Flight Panel. 
13. For questions regarding the flight school application process, 
please contact CDR D. Garrett Barker at (202) 795-6461 or  
14. CAPT P. J. Dougan, PSC OPM, sends.
15. Internet release authorized.