united states coast guard

ALCGOFF 093/22
A. ALCOAST 410/22
1. Eligible active duty officers in the career field of Naval
Engineering may apply for the AY23 2-4-2 Panel scheduled to convene
05 Dec 2022.  
2. Background. COMDT (CG-4), in coordination with COMDT (CG-1), has
established an eight-year service obligation and incentive program
for Naval Engineer Officers that encompasses at least three tours
within Naval Engineering. This program offers predictable
assignments through pre-determined assignment paths, including two
tours in engineering afloat positions for a total of four years and
two to four years at the Surface Forces Logistics Center with an
option to compete for a two-year special assignment or Naval
Engineering Advanced Education opportunity. Applicants selected for
2-4-2 will be eligible to receive a $100,000 Critical Skills
Retention Bonus in accordance with Ref (A). 
3. Eligibility. Naval Engineers who are tour complete in AY23 with
LT/O3 Date of Rank on or after 01 Jan 2020 or in-zone for LT/O3 in
PY23 are eligible to apply. 
   a. Naval Engineers with LT/O3 Date of Rank before 01 Jan 2020
may apply but will not normally be considered primary candidates. 
   b. Officers who are not tour complete in AY23 may apply but will
not normally be considered primary candidates. Command endorsement
through My Panel Submissions in Direct Access must address backfill
   c. Additional eligibility criteria are outlined in Ref (A).
4. Expectations and requirements. The 2-4-2 Program is a unique
opportunity that is best suited for Naval Engineers transitioning
into their first full assignment at the LT/O3 paygrade. This
incentive-laden program offers assignment within the existing Naval
Engineering career framework in support of the most critical needs
of the modern surface fleet.  
   a. Applicants who are selected and accept will be required to
sign a Bonus Agreement form obligating eight-years of active duty
service, effective upon execution of PCS orders in AY23 in
accordance with Ref (A). 
5.  The application is submitted via Direct Access.  The deadline
for application submission is 29 Nov 2022. Use the MyPanel
Submissions link located under Tasks.  In addition to the step by
step directions provided below, there are instructions listed in
AY23 PG Application and Process Guide at:
   a. Log in to DA
   b. In the "EMPLOYEE" box, click "Tasks"
   c. Select "My Panel Submissions" (NOTE: DO NOT select PCS e-
   d. Select Advanced Training from the Panel Source drop down menu
and click GO
   e. When the search screen appears, enter the following:
        AD/Res Ind: Active Duty
        Bus unit: Officer
   f. Click "Search"
   g. A list of Advanced Training programs will appear.  Check the
"Apply" box next to "Naval Engineering 2-4-2 Program with Bonus"
   h. Click "Submit"
   i. Ensure command endorsement is entered into Direct Access 
6. POC. Questions regarding general program administration should
be addressed to the COMDT (CG-452) Naval Engineering Workforce and
Policy Manager, LCDR N. P. Dufresne at or (202) 475-5719
7. RDML C. J. List, Assistant Commandant for Engineering and
Logistics, and CAPT P. J. Dougan, Chief, PSC-OPM, send.
8. Internet release authorized.