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R 211956Z OCT 22
ALCOAST 407/22
SSIC 7220
A. Military Bonus and Incentive Programs, COMDTINST M7220.2A
B. 37 U.S.C. - Pay and Allowances of the Uniformed Services
1. OVERVIEW. aThe FY23 Military Workforce Planning Team (MWPT)
convened in May 2022 to develop and recommend workforce policy
interventions. This ALCOAST announces the approved FY23 Aviator
officer interventions. The MWPT identified strategies for
specialties and programs deemed to have personnel shortages that
could negatively influence mission execution. The following
interventions are necessary to support Coast Guard missions and
fill critical aviation assignments.
two Aviation Bonus (AvB) offers under Chapter 3 of REF (A) and
Section 334(b) of REF (B) for eligible active duty officers
with designated critical aviation specialties or skill sets
and is in addition to any other pay and allowances to which a
member is entitled, except an officer may not receive a bonus
payment under Section 332 or 353(b) of REF (B) for the same
skill and period of service. Bonus payments after 31 Dec 2022
will be contingent on extension of the bonus authority in
Section 334(i) of REF (B).
b. The bonuses are authorized for eligible active duty officers
(see paragraph 2 of this ALCOAST) who submit completed Bonus
Agreements obligating the new active duty service commitment
(ADSC) during FY23. The ADSC is the number of years a Service
member agrees to obligate service on the Bonus Agreement.
c. The bonus offerings in this ALCOAST are for FY23 (beginning 01
Oct 2022) and are anticipated to remain in effect until the
end of FY23 (30 Sep 2023). Monetary interventions may be
adjusted or terminated not less than 30 days in advance by
announcement via ALCOAST.
2. ELIGIBILITY: These bonuses are offered to retain active duty
officers filling essential aviation assignments. Officers must
agree to obligate a five (5) year ADSC and accept assignment to a
Duty Involving Flight Operations (DIFOPs) position for the first
four (4) years of the ADSC. Assignments will be dictated by the
needs of the service. All AvBs are exclusive and cannot be combined
with any other AvB or non-monetary aviation intervention. IAW REFs
(A) and (B), the bonuses apply exclusively to fully-qualified
active duty officers as follows:
a. General Eligibility:
(1) Be a pilot serving in pay grades O4/LCDR and below and not
in or above the PY23 O5/CDR promotion zone;
(2) Meet the eligibility criteria and limitations in REF (A);
(3) Have no current obligated active duty service, as defined
in REF (A) and Paragraph 3.c of this ALCOAST, beyond 30 Sep 2023.
(4) Applies for AvB by completing and submitting the AvB
agreement by the date in subparagraph 3.b. of this ALCOAST;
(5) Currently serving as or will be an aircraft commander of a
Coast Guard aircraft on or before 30 Sep 2023. This
includes previously qualified aircraft commanders currently
in a Duty Involving Flight - Proficiency (DIFPRO) or Duty
Involving Flight - Denied (DIFDEN) positions);
(6) Qualified in all respects to perform operational flying
(7) Unless selected for promotion to O4/LCDR in PY23, may not
have an existing continuation agreement as of 01 Jan 2023.
(8) Be fully vaccinated, or have an approved religious
accommodation or medical exemption from vaccination against
COVID-19, in accordance with ALCOAST 270/22. Commanding
Officers must verify vaccination status prior to approving
a Bonus Agreement;
b. A $35,000 per year AvB is authorized for fixed wing aviators
for the length of the Bonus Agreement (five years).
c. A $15,000 per year AvB is authorized for rotary wing aviators
for the length of the Bonus Agreement (five years).
(1) The only approved Bonus Agreement to be used per this
ALCOAST is the CG Form 5305B (revised on September 2022 or
later),"Aviation Officer Bonus Agreement" found on the CG-
612 Directives and Publications, CG Authorized Forms Portal
site at:
(Copy and Paste URL Below into Browser)
(2) Once an AvB agreement is signed, it will remain in effect
until the agreement expires. Officers may request a new
agreement upon expiration of their existing agreement
provided AvB is being offered and the officers meet the
eligibility requirements of the AvB program in effect.
b. AvB AGREEMENT SUBMISSION DATE: For management, assignment and
oversight purposes, Bonus Agreements must be signed by the
officer's Commanding Officer no later than 01 Dec 2022 and
submitted to PSC-OPM-2 and Program POC listed below by 08 Dec
2022. Extension of the application deadline will not normally
be allowed. Officers with exceptional circumstances may
request a waiver for submission of their agreements past the
due date from COMDT (CG-133) thru COMDT (CG-711) and PSC-
active duty service is defined in REF (A) and includes initial
flight training (such as rotary-to-fixed-wing flight
training). NOTE: members with obligated service beyond 30 Sep
2023 for Aviation Engineering Officer Training or Flight
Safety Officer advanced education, and who are otherwise
eligible or would become eligible during FY23 for a bonus
authorized by this ALCOAST, are authorized to receive such
bonus, prorated based upon newly obligated service;
d. EFFECTIVE DATE OF AvB AGREEMENT: The Bonus Agreement will be
effective the date upon which a Service member is fully
qualified for the bonus, which includes: having a Commanding
Officer, COMDT (CG-711), and PSC-OPM-2 approved Bonus
Agreement; meeting all eligibility requirements; having
completed any current obligated active duty service (unless
ADSC is specifically authorized to run concurrently with
existing current obligated active duty service, with proration
of the bonus amount); and having reported to the assigned
aviation billet. The effective date will be whichever
qualifying bonus requirement occurs the latest during FY23.
4. POLICY: To receive the bonus, Service members must abide by and
continuously maintain the eligibility criteria in REF (A) and this
ALCOAST for the entirety of the obligated ADSC.
a. A Service member paid a bonus under this ALCOAST during the
period of ADSC covered by the signed Bonus Agreement and who
fails to maintain any eligibility criteria in paragraph 2 of
this ALCOAST, or is subject to termination of the bonus under
paragraph 7 of this ALCOAST, is required to repay any unearned
portion of the bonus under provisions of Section 373 of REF (B).
b. If an officer loses qualification, or is no longer qualified
for those assignments in paragraph 2 of this ALCOAST due to any
fault of the officer, such officer shall repay any unearned
portion of the bonus payment as of the date of removal from
eligibility. Entitlement to this bonus will not be restored
when loss of qualification was due to personal fault and the
member later re-qualifies during the original ADSC.
c. Bonus Agreement limits and payment of bonus. AvB payments will
be paid in annual installments and IAW REF (A).
d. Service needs will determine the applicable assignment for a
member and could include a non-flying position.
a. Applicant Responsibilities. Review the contents of this
ALCOAST prior to signing a Bonus Agreement.
(1) Complete, sign, date and forward the Bonus Agreement and
supporting documents to the designated command representative in a
timely manner to ensure review by the Commanding Officer by
01 Dec 2022.
(2) Keep a copy of the signed agreement for record purposes.
b. Command Representative Responsibilities. Command
Representatives must:
(1) Adhere to the requirements in REF (A). Commands that are
not staffed to effectively conduct the counseling session
required in REF (A) should coordinate counseling with COMDT
(2) Explain that eligible pilots with an approved date of
separation (DOS) must request withdrawal of the DOS prior
to or upon submission of their bonus application. Pilots
will not receive bonus payments if the DOS withdrawal
request is disapproved; and
(3) Submit signed/endorsed agreements to the Program Manager
POCs identified below not later than 08 Dec 2022.
c. Program Responsibilities. Program shall complete, sign, date,
and forward the bonus agreement to PSC-OPM-2 and retain a
copy for tracking purposes.
d. PSC-OPM-2 Responsibilities. PSC-OPM-2 shall complete,
sign, date, and forward the bonus agreement to the member's
Command Representative for processing by the unit's Servicing
Personnel Office (SPO) not later than 14 Dec 2022.
e. P&A/SPO Responsibilities to process the bonus agreement.
P&A/SPO must:
(1) Adhere to the requirements in REF (A).
(2) Ensure the Bonus Agreement has been properly completed,
and that the member has reported to the assigned Aviation
Officer billet.
(3) Ensure the applicant, his/her Commanding Officer, COMDT
(CG-711), and PSC-OPM-2 have signed and dated the Bonus
Agreement as appropriate. Incomplete forms cannot be
processed by PPC-MAS delaying bonus payment.
(4) Place a copy of the Bonus Agreement in the officer's PDR.
Submit a copy to PPC-MAS via a PPC Customer Care Trouble
Ticket for processing within five (5) working days after
receipt of the agreement from the eligible officer's
command and after any current obligated active duty service
commitment is completed. Submit a copy to PSC-OPM-2 and
Program Manager POCs listed below.
f. Eligible Pilots in TDY or PCS In-transit Status: There will be
some instances when eligible pilots may not be available for
AvB counseling due to TDY or PCS. The length of the absence
should determine the action.
(1) TDY: If the expected TDY length will prevent completion of
the agreement by 01 Dec 2022, then the designated command
representative should counsel the member by whatever means
available, and forward the AvB agreement and a copy of this
ALCOAST to the deployed supervisor of the applicant so
he/she can document AvB acceptance/declination. The
agreement should be signed by the applicant and witnessed
by the deployment supervisor and then returned to the
permanent duty station for Commanding Officer approval and
(2) PCS: Departing commands should make every effort to
contact eligible pilots if they have not left the immediate area
and provide the necessary counseling. If the officer has
departed the old PDS area and was not counseled, notify the
receiving command of the departing command's recommendation
for approval or disapproval. The receiving designated
command representative will complete the counseling process
and the receiving Commanding Officer will normally approve
or disapprove the AvB agreement based on the previous
Commanding Officer recommendation. The receiving command is
responsible for distributing the AvB agreement per REF (A).
a. Commanding Officers must submit notification of disapprovals
to PSC-OPM-2 and the Program Manager listed
below. Commanding Officers shall disapprove Bonus Agreements
for officers who meet the conditions in Chapter 3.D.3 of REF
(A) or are not fully vaccinated, and do not have an approved
religious accommodation or medical exemption from vaccination
against COVID-19.
b. If any of the above listed conditions change before the Bonus
Agreement submission date in Paragraph 3.c above, the member
may reapply for the bonus within the explicit time limits of
a. Terminate AvB payments when a pilot:
(1) Is disqualified for aviation service;
(2) Receives a Mark of three (3) or lower on any OER metric or
receives less than a "Promote" rating on an OER during the
timeline of the Bonus Agreement; or
(3) For any additional reason as listed in REF (A).
8. This message will be canceled on 01 OCT 2023.
9. A list of Frequently Asked Questions and other pertinent
information are on the COMDT (CG-711) Portal page at:
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10. Questions regarding the Aviation program and eligibility for the
Aviator Officer interventions should be addressed to:
COMDT (CG-711), LT Melissa Magaro, (202) 372-2221 or
CDR Chris McAndrew, (202) 372-2206,
11. Questions from individuals concerning the execution of this
policy should be addressed to their designated command
representatives. Questions from designated command
representatives for policies regarding bonuses or other human
resource management matters may be directed to Office of Military
Personnel (CG-133) at:
12. RADM B. K. Penoyer, Assistant Commandant for Human Resources
(CG-1), sends.
13. Internet release is authorized.