united states coast guard

16 SEP 2022
ALCGRSV 052/22 SUBJ: 2022 RESERVE MASTER CHIEF ADVANCEMENT PANEL FINAL ELIGIBILITY LIST A. ALCOAST 310/22 B. Enlistments, Evaluations, and Advancements, COMDTINST M1000.2 (series) C. Guidance and Eligibility Criteria For Enlisted Personnel Boards and Panels, PSCINST 1401.2 D. Commandant and Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard's Guidance to AY22 Enlisted Selection Boards and Panels 1. This message serves as the final eligibility list for the 2022 Reserve Master Chief Advancement Panel (RMCAP) which was announced in Ref A. All Senior Chief Petty Officers (SCPOs) identified below are candidates for the 2022 RMCAP and should review this message and Refs B thru D in their entirety. Commanding Officers (COs), Officers-In-Charge (OICs) and Senior Reserve Officers (SROs) must ensure all members within their command are aware of their candidacy. 2. The 2022 RMCAP will convene 17 October 2022. The Panel Eligibility Date (PED) of 1 July 2022 IAW Ref A remains in effect. 3. The following 21 SCPOs, listed alphabetically by last name, will be considered: No Rank Name Unit 1 BMCS ADAMS, RICHARD CG STA CAPE CHARLS 2 BMCS BIANCA, MARCUS CG STA FREEPORT 3 ETCS BURR, JACK SEC DETROIT CMD CADRE 4 MKCS DURRETT, MICHAEL SECTOR CORPUS CHRISTI 5 MECS DYER, JEREMY SEC HOU/GAL ENFORCEMENT DIV 6 MECS FRIEBIS, JASON COMMANDANT (CG-MSR-1) 7 MKCS GADBOIS, ERIC SEC CORPUS CHR ENG/SUPPORT DIV 8 CSCS GOMES, AMANDA SEC LIS FIN/SUPPLY DIV 9 ISCS GUARENTE, BRIAN COMMANDANT (CG-212) 10 MKCS HARLEY, SHELDON BASE PORT MAT (NMM) 11 BMCS JOYCE, THERESA PSC PSD SURGE STAFFING SEC 12 MSTCS LEE, COBIE COMMANDANT (CG-7D-1) 13 IVCS LEWANDOWSKI, ANTHONY CGIS CENTRAL REGION 14 MECS LIEN, TIMOTHY PSU 309 WEAPONS DIV 15 MSTCS PASCAL, IRWIN SG STA LITTLE CREEK 16 YNCS RIOLO, LAURA SEC LAKE MICH ADMIN/PERS DIV 17 OSCS SMITH, GEORGINA BASE MIAMI BEACH 18 YNCS SMITH-CARLSON, JENNIFFER BASE PORTSMOUTH 19 MECS STIDMAN, SHANE SEC SAN DIEGO CMD CADRE 20 DCCS TUCKER, TAD CEU HONOLULU 21 MSTCS WIELAND, DARREL SEC MIAMI INSPECTIONS DIV 4. All SCPOs who meet the criteria outlined in Ref C are eligible for consideration by the 2022 RMCAP. The Panel may recommend all eligible candidates for advancement. 5. Members desiring to submit communications to the Panel must follow the guidelines provided in Article 5.H of Ref C. IAW Ref D, all communications to the Panel must be in standard memo format with at least a signature endorsement from the CO or OIC and must arrive at PSC-RPM-1 prior to the Panel convening date of 17 October 2022. To account for processing, it is recommended that communications to the Panel be sent NLT 10 October 2022 to allow time for revision should the submission contain unauthorized content. Communications to the Panel must be emailed to and the subject of the email should include RMCAP Communication. 6. All SCPOs listed in paragraph 3 above should have already taken steps to review their official record per Refs A thru C. Directions on how to obtain a copy of the Electronically Imaged Personnel Data Record (EI-PDR) are listed on the CG PSC (BOPS-MR) website at Assistant-Commandant-for-Human-Resources-CG-1/Personnel-Service-Center-PSC/BOPS/ PSC-BOPS-C/PSC-BOPS-C-MR/PSC-BOPS-C-MR/. All documents requiring upload to a member's record should be sent to the Servicing Personnel Office or Admin and be marked "URGENT: RMCAP CANDIDATE". Members should expect a turnaround time no sooner than six (6) working days and must plan accordingly to allow time for additional uploads if needed. 7. All enlisted members should review Ref D, Commandant and Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard's Guidance to AY22 Enlisted Selection Boards and Panels, which establishes the Commandant's vision for selection to Master Chief Petty Officer. This document is available at the following link: Reserve%20Master%20Chief%20Advancement%20Panel.aspx. 8. Members who are omitted or included on this message in error shall reach out to RPM-1 by emailing, copying CWO3 Juan C. Deliz at and YNCM Mary Endicott at email The email shall include "RMCAP" in the subject line. A member of the RPM-1 RMCAP team will respond and confirm your final eligibility. 9. For additional information, visit the RMCAP CG Portal page at Chief%20Advancement%20Panel.aspx. 10. CAPT M. W. Batchelder, Chief Reserve Personnel Management, Personnel Service Center, sends. 11. Internet release authorized.