united states coast guard

17 AUG 2022
ALCGRSV 040/22 SUBJ: PY23 IDPL LIEUTENANT SELECTION BOARD CANDIDATE ANNOUNCEMENT A. PY23 Schedule of Officer Personnel Boards and Panels, PSCNOTE 1401 B. ALCGRSV 019/22 C. Guidance and Eligibility Criteria for Officer Personnel Boards and Panels, PSCINST 1401.1 D. Officer Accessions, Evaluations, and Promotions, COMDTINST M1000.3 (series) E. ALCGPSC 044/22, 2022 OER Submission and Promotion Year (PY) 2023 Officer Selection Boards 1. In accordance with REFs A and B, the IDPL Lieutenant Selection Board convenes on 12 September 2022. The opportunity of selection is 93%. The following officers, listed alphabetically by last name, will be considered: No RANK NAME UNIT 1 LTJG ADAMS, SARAH L. PSC RPM-3 IRR 2 LTJG ALOISIO, JESSICA L. CG STA SEATTLE 3 LTJG ANDERSON, TAYLOR M. SEC HOU/GAL CP/RDNS STF 4 LTJG BERKLEY, DEREK E. PSC RPM-3 IRR 5 LTJG BETTENCOURT, MICHAEL B. PSU 312 WEAPONS DIV 6 LTJG BINGER, JUSTIN M. SEC DEL BAY INCIDENT MGT DIV 7 LTJG BOFF, MOLLY E. PSC RPM-3 IRR 8 LTJG BRADDOCK, JESSICA N. SEC CHARLESTON INCIDENT MGT DV 9 LTJG BROOKS, ANGELICA B. SEC NEW YORK INCIDENT MGT DIV 10 LTJG BURNS, RYAN P. SEC PUGET SND INCIDENT MGT DIV 11 LTJG CALIMANO, LUIS J. SEC NEW YORK INSPECTIONS DIV 12 LTJG CASCHETTA, KERRY A. MSU CHICAGO 13 LTJG CASTELLANO, GUY S. PSC RPM-3 IRR 14 LTJG CHAPMAN, ALEXANDRA E. PSU 313 SHORESIDE SECURITY DIV 15 LTJG CHARLEMAGNE, TEVANAH C. PSC RPM-3 IRR 16 LTJG CLARK, MARCUS D. PSC RPM-3 IRR 17 LTJG CLOMERA, MATTHEW C. PSU 311 SHORESIDE SECURITY DIV 18 LTJG COLEMAN, RYAN W. PSC RPM-3 IRR 19 LTJG CONEY, SPENCER F. PSC RPM-3 IRR 20 LTJG COOK, DYLAN L. SEC SAN DIEGO ENFORCEMENT DIV 21 LTJG CVENGROS, BRYAN D. SEC VIRGINIA INSPECTIONS DIV 22 LTJG DARKAZALLI, JENNIFER F. SEC NEW YORK ENFORCEMENT DIV 23 LTJG DAVIS, THOMAS S. D1 WATERWAYS MGMT BR (DPW) 24 LTJG DIAZ, JOSE M. SEC SAN JUAN RESPONSE DEPT 25 LTJG DOHERTY-REGALIA, KEVIN J. PSC RPM-3 IRR 26 LTJG DUTTON, CATHERINE A. SEC PUGET SND ENFORCEMENT DIV 27 LTJG EMO, CATHERINE D. SEC ST PETE INCIDENT MGT DIV 28 LTJG FORD, DOUGLAS P. PSU 309 SHORESIDE SECURITY DIV 29 LTJG FOREMAN, JEREMY J. SEC NOLA INTEL STAFF 30 LTJG GALIPEAU, SKYLOR G. PSC RPM-3 IRR 31 LTJG GURTLER, PHILLIP C. SEC LAKE MICH ENFORCEMENT DIV 32 LTJG HANNON, MACKENZIE M. SEC LAKE MICH RESPONSE DEPT 33 LTJG HARRIS, DAYNA D. SEC ST PETE INSPECTIONS DIV 34 LTJG HUSTON, JEZEL C. SEC PUGET SND INSPECTIONS DIV 35 LTJG INGLEE, REED C. PSC RPM-3 IRR 36 LTJG JORDAN, LINDA M. PSC RPM-3 IRR 37 LTJG KU, JIMMY C. SEC LA/LB ENFORCEMENT DIV 38 LTJG LEE II, JOHN W. SEC VIRGINIA INSPECTIONS DIV 39 LTJG LORENZO-RIVERA, JEREMY V. LSC TRIAL SVCS BR 40 LTJG LOWE, AVERY A. PSU 308 WATERSIDE SECURITY DIV 41 LTJG MILLER, FRITZ J. SEC CHARLESTON INCIDENT MGT DV 42 LTJG NEELY, DRAYTON M. PSC RPM-3 IRR 43 LTJG PARKER, ZACHARY T. SEC LOWER MISS LOGISTICS DEPT 44 LTJG PEREIRA, TIAGO J. SEC BOSTON ENFORCEMENT DIV 45 LTJG PHAM, LEGEND C. PSC RPM-3 IRR 46 LTJG PIKE, JONAH D. PSU 309 WATERSIDE SECURITY DIV 47 LTJG PILLARELLA, DEAN L. D1 LEGAL STAFF (DL) 48 LTJG PIPER III, JAMES W. CGCC-3 CYBER RESERVE DIV 49 LTJG ROGERS, JONATHAN D. PSC RPM-3 IRR 50 LTJG ROSS III, PATRICK. PSU 309 WATERSIDE SECURITY DIV 51 LTJG SANTIAGO, NEENA M. SEC MARYLAND-NCR INSPECT DIV 52 LTJG SHERIDAN, CAITLIN E. SEC MIAMI INCIDENT MGT DIV 53 LTJG SIERRA, YASMIN I. PSC PSD SURGE STAFFING SEC 54 LTJG SLOANE, JAMES R. NMC MARINER TRNG & ASSESS DIV 55 LTJG SNOW, GREGORY B. ATC MOB TRAINING DEPT 56 LTJG STERN, BENJAMIN E. SEC LAKE MICH ENFORCEMENT DIV 57 LTJG SUAREZ-RAMOS, CARLOS J. PSC RPM-3 IRR 58 LTJG SZILLUS, ERIKA E. SEC JCKSNVILLE CP/RDNS STF 59 LTJG THOMAS, KAMAL A. SEC LIS ENFORCEMENT DIV 60 LTJG TOWLE, BRANDON D. SEC CORPUS CHR INCIDENT MGT DV 61 LTJG TRUDEL, JOHN F. PSC RPM-3 IRR 62 LTJG TZIZIK, BENJAMIN E. D1 INTELLIGENCE BR (DRI) 63 LTJG VANNICE, ROBERT V. SEC PUGET SND INSPECTIONS DIV 64 LTJG WAHLERS, LUKE M. SEC LA/LB CP/RDNS STF 65 LTJG WALKER, BRENT J. PSC RPM-3 IRR 66 LTJG WILSON, KELSEY E. SEC CHARLESTON INSPECTIONS DIV 2. Officers with an approved retirement on file, who have not been retired prior to the board convening, will appear before the board. Approved voluntary retirements are provided to and viewed by the Board. 3. Officers desiring to submit communications to the Board must follow the guidelines provided in paragraph 10.d of REF C and Article 3.A.4.f of REF D. Communications should be sent via email as a command-endorsed, electronically signed memo to: to arrive no later than the day before the Board convenes. Early submission of communications to the Board is encouraged to allow adequate time for correction should a submission contain unauthorized content. 4. Rating chains and administrative reviewers should expedite submission of OERs to ensure eligible officers have up-to-date records on file before the board convenes. 5. All officers being considered are highly encouraged to take steps to review their official record. Directions on how to obtain a copy of the Electronically Imaged Personnel Data Record (EI-PDR) are listed on the PSC BOPS-MR website at for-Human-Resources-CG-1/Personnel-Service-Center-PSC/BOPS/PSC- BOPS-C/PSC-BOPS-C-MR/. 6. All officers should review REF E regarding OER guidance and policy. 7. Any officer who believes that they are eligible for selection by this board and whose name does not appear on the above list must contact LT Marvi M. Rivera, Boards and Panels Section Chief, at 8. CAPT Michael W. Batchelder, Chief CG PSC-RPM, sends. 9. Internet release is authorized.