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CG Transitioning Members/Retiree Mentors: This is to provide you with a program update, including recording of our first virtual event hosted on 3 Mar 2022, accessible at the following link, using passcode: u85M&zm%

The CG Retiree Services, CG Transition Assistance, and CG Mentoring Program Managers provided background and an overview of the recently expanded US Coast Guard Transitions Community, now including CG military retirees, and facilitated discussion and Q&A among participants.  Subsequent to the virtual event, retirees were asked to provide responses to the following items for addition to their profiles on the community's Available Mentors to Help Transitioning Members worksheet, as depicted on the screenshot below.

  • Briefly describe your interest in being a mentor and what you think a mentee can learn from you.
  • Highlight positions, jobs, titles from your CG military career and, if applicable, other military Service.
  • Highlight positions, jobs, titles in your career subsequent to military retirement. Current employment status?
  • What do you consider to be your strongest general competencies (i.e. knowledge, skills, abilities)?
  • Briefly describe your general local area familiarity/connections that may be of help to transitioning members & family.
  • Other comments?

~100 retirees have provided responses and their profiles will be updated on the worksheet by 12 Mar 2022, with regular updates to follow.  Most retirees don't have e-mail addresses and aren't yet able to access this website.  I'll continue to serve as the retirees' representative in making updates, posting/relaying discussion items, and leveraging other tools at this website, as transitioning members and retirees make individual connections.

Transitioning members are invited to join the community at ,  check-out available retiree mentors, and e-mail one or more who appear to be a good match. This with an important reminder to all - DO NOT SEND PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION (PII - E.G. SSN, EMPID) THROUGH E-MAIL.  

Finally, it will be important to continuously assess, manage, and report the effectiveness of this program in facilitating successful mentoring relationships and desired outcomes.  Please keep me informed on your connections/mentoring relationships, along with any other comments/questions, by e-mail to .  Program updates and your "stories" will appear in The Long Blue Line, now distributed to ALL CG Active Duty and Reserve Members and +65,000 retirees.


The CG Program Managers for this multi-program initiative are:

  • Mr. Bob Hinds, CG Retiree Services Program,
  • Mr. Carl Boehmer, CG Mentoring Program,
  • Mr. Rodney Whaley, CG Transition Assistance Program,