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CG Members with Retirement Orders (Mar 2022 - Oct 2023): The CG Retiree Services Program, CG Mentoring Program, and CG Transition Assistance Program (TAP) are pleased to announce  the addition of CG Retiree Volunteer Mentors to your available resources in making the transition back to civilian life. 

  • All CG Service Members (SMs) transitioning to retirement are required to complete the standardized components of the TAP. These components are 1) Pre-assessment and Pre-separation Counseling and 2) the Transition Seminar core curriculum, that includes Department of Labor employment, Department of Veteran Affairs, veteran Benefits, and a Coast Guard/DoD day, which includes Financial preparedness, SBP, and other information. Additionally, a 2-day track may be required based off pre-assessment or option that include additional employment information track, technical track, higher education track, or Entrepreneurship: Boots to Business track.  You are strongly encouraged to reach out to your local Transition manager for assistance in your transition: Additionally the entire course and the available tracks are available online at
  • Transitioning SMs are now additionally invited to join the USCG Transitions Community, as depicted below, accessible at: More than 300 CG Retiree Volunteer Mentors (E5 - E9, CWO2 - CWO4, O-3 - O-9), copied on this newsfeed, enthusiastically answered the call from CG Retiree Services to support their AD/Reserve shipmates in making the transition back to civilian life. CG Retirees interested in volunteering as mentors without "" e-mail addresses aren't yet able to join the USCG Transitions Community Those retirees interested in seeing basic information on the program can access the website home page depicted above. All CG Retiree Volunteer Mentors have been listed in the transition community (see below screen shot) with contact information on a spreadsheet accessible to separating members. Interested Retiree mentors will be asked to complete a Mentoring form, including retirement date and relevant work experience, qualifications, and interests. This information will be added to the worksheet.
  • Expect an invitation to participate in a "Virtual" event in early March 2022 for an open forum discussion and Q&A on this new mentoring opportunity.     


The CG POCs for this initiative are:

  • Mr. Bob Hinds, CG Retiree Services Program,
  • Mr. Carl Boehmer, CG Mentoring Program,
  • Mr. Rodney Whaley, CG Transition Assistance Program,