E-Gov Travel System (ETS) User Guide Updates

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The following ETS user guides have recently been updated. Updates include adding information specific to U. S. Coast Guard users. 

Updated Guides for Travelers/Travel Arrangers:

Title Description ID Rev. 
Amending Authorizations How to amend a travel authorization in ETS UG26 11/21
Creating Vouchers How to create a travel voucher in ETS UG40 01/22
Creating Open Authorizations How to create an open (blanket) travel authorization in ETS. Updated November 2021. UG60 11/21
Creating Advances How to create requests for advances in ETS UG70 01/22
Taking Other Trip Actions Most of your actions in E2 Solutions involve a specific document, like an authorization, voucher, or local travel claim. Some actions, however, impact multiple documents. Canceling a trip, for example, impacts all documents associated with the trip, including authorizations, vouchers, travel advances, and reservations. Trip actions include: • Canceling a trip • Closing a trip • Copying a trip • Working with trip templates • Making reservations after authorization approval. Updated January 2022. UG90 01/22


Updated Guides for Approvers:

Title Description ID Rev. 
Approving Open Authorizations How to approve an open (blanket) travel authorization in ETS. UG5 02/22
Approving Authorizations How to review and approve a travel authorization in ETS UG30 11/21
Approving Advances How to approve a travel advance request in ETS. UG75 01/22
Approving Group Authorizations How to approve a group travel authorization in ETS UG85 01/22


Be sure to visit the ETS User Guides web page at https://www.dcms.uscg.mil/ppc/Travel/ETS/Guides/ for more guides and Quick Reference Cards.

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