CG "Pilot" Retiree Mentoring Program

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To the 275 CG Military Retirees who responded to my newsfeed below - Thank You!

The quantity, quality, diversity, and enthusiasm of your rapid responses, including below snapshot of demographics, are a reminder of the solidarity our CG Long Blue Line and compelling indicator of the "need" for a CG-wide Retiree Mentoring Program. 

  • E-3 - E-9, O-2 - O-9
  • 47 Reserve (14 RET-2)
  • 22 Female
  • 35 U.S. States, PR, Guam
  • CG/DoD/Federal Government, Non-Profit, Small/Large Business Owners, Contractors
  • College Professors, Educators, Training Specialists

I'm also engaging with +900 CG members transitioning to retirement Jan - Dec 2022 and will be following-up after the New Year with the "next steps" as we move forward with this important initiative. 

Again, thank you for stepping-up in continued service to our Coast Guard and Long Blue Line.  



CG "Pilot" Retiree Mentoring Program


12/10/2021 07:27 PM CST

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USCG Military Retirees: I'm exploring the feasibility of establishing a centralized CG Retiree Mentoring Program as a formal activity of the CG Retiree Services Program.  As such, this is to invite retirees who might be interested in helping to launch a "pilot" program to contact me at  The pilot would serve as a feasibility study/experimental trial to learn how a full-scale program might work, testing logistics, revealing deficiencies, and proving value.  Should there be sufficient interest, I'd plan to schedule the first "virtual" meeting in mid January 2022 to discuss the concept, goals, logistics, and roles/responsibilities for the pilot program. A key goal of the pilot program will be to connect active duty members transitioning to retirement (mentees) with retirees (mentors) who can help provide needed support/mentoring and a "soft-landing." 

CG Base NCR and the Capital Area Retiree Council are experiencing success with their NCR Retiree Mentoring initiative, matching retiree mentors and mentees, and their input will be of great value in efforts to launch a CG-wide pilot program.