united states coast guard

23 OCT 2021

ALCGRSV 066/21
A. PY22 Schedule of Officer Personnel Boards and Panels, CG PSCNOTE 1401
B. ALCGRSV 020/21
C. Officer Accessions, Evaluations, and Promotions, COMDTINST M1000.3 (series)
D. ALCGPSC 032/21
1. IAW REFs A and B, the IDPL Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Selection Board convenes
on 9 November 2021 to recommend eligible officers for selection for promotion to the rank
of Lieutenant (Junior Grade). The following Ensign will be considered for selection:
No.  Name                       Unit
1.   DeSimone, Melissa M.       LANTAREA (LANT-82)
2. Selection Boards are given a complete roster of eligible candidates. Above and
in-zone officers are integrated so the status of each candidate is not discernible.
The opportunity of selection (OOS) for candidates is 100 percent. All Ensigns listed
above are eligible for consideration due to their ADPL running mate going in-zone as
a candidate on the PY22 November ADPL LTJG Selection Board.
3. Officers electing to submit letters of communication to the Board must follow
the guidance in REF A and Section 3.A.4.f. of REF C. Communications must be sent
via the chain of command thru CG PSC-RPM to the Board President, scanned with
candidate signature and a command signature endorsement, and e-mailed to:, with subject line:
PY22 IDPL LTJG Selection Board - Letter of Communication. Submissions must arrive NLT
one business day before the Board convenes.
4. All officers should review REF D regarding OER policy and guidance.
5. Rating chains and OER administrators should expedite submission of OERs to ensure
eligible officers have up-to-date performance files before the Board convenes. All board
candidates under consideration are reminded that OERs may not be extended past their normal
submission schedule. Required OERs for these officers shall arrive at CG PSC-RPM-1 no later
than 14 days before the board convening date.
6. All officers under consideration are encouraged to review their
Employee Summary Sheet (ESS). The ESS provides a consolidated view of
member information as it appears in the Coast Guard's enterprise-wide
human resources management system, Direct Access. All officers in-
zone are encouraged to review their official Electronically Imaged-
Personnel Data Record (EI-PDR). To find out more about obtaining a
copy of your EI-PDR, please visit the CG PSC-BOPS-mr website at:
7. Officers are also encouraged to review the Commandant's Guidance to Promotion
Year 2022 Officer Selection Boards and Panels. This document will be provided to
the Board and clearly sets forth the Commandant's vision for selection to
Lieutenant (Junior Grade). This document is available at the following link:
8. Any officer who believes they are eligible to be considered
for selection by this Board and whose name does not appear on the above list should
contact LT Marvi M. Rivera, Chief, Reserve Boards and Panels Section at
(202)795-6507 or by e-mail at:
9. Points of contact in CG PSC are:
   a. Reserve Officer Inquiries:
   b. Reserve Officer Management Issues: LCDR Erin M. Bennett, 202-795-6525.
   c. Reserve Board Coordinator: LT Marvi M. Rivera, 202-795-6507.
   d. Reserve Officer Status: LT Marcus H. Leibowitz, 202-795-6512.
   e. Reserve OES Manager: LT David W. Holden, 202-795-6519.
10. CAPT Michael W. Batchelder, Chief CG PSC-RPM, sends.
11. Internet release authorized.