united states coast guard

R 281706Z SEP 21

ALCGENL 156/21
A. Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8 series
B. Boat Operations and Training Manual, COMDTINST M16114.33 series
1. All members are highly encouraged to pursue at least one Special
Assignment during their career. These career broadening assignments
provide members valuable opportunities to represent their ratings,
network, and learn about other operational and mission support
activities, making them ideal candidates for future assignments to
highly visible leadership and management positions (e.g. Silver Badge,
OIC, School Chief).
2. Assistant Battalion Commander (ABC): This position is designed to
assist the Battalion Commander (BC) in meeting the numerous managerial
demands of recruit training and provide experience at the E8 level to
assist in leading and mentoring the Regiment. Success at this position
could make the incumbent eligible for a fleet up to the Battalion
Commander position based on service needs. This duty is one of the most
important, demanding, and rewarding assignments in the Coast Guard. On
any given day, the ABC will lead, inspire, and mentor at the individual
and organizational level while simultaneously overseeing the training of
700 plus recruits and supervising 51 Company Commanders (CCs). The ideal
ABC is career diverse with a strong record demonstrating outstanding
leadership and communication skills, partnership, and accountability.
Applicants will be required to complete Recruit Company Commander
School prior to assuming the duties of the ABC. Previous experience
as a CC is desired but not required.
3. Eligibility:
a. Tour complete in AY22 or AY23.
b. ABC: All active duty E8 and E7 (above the cut for E8 at the time of
c. Meet the requirements listed in reference (A), CH 1.E.2 and 1.E.8.
d. Meets the requirements listed in reference (B), Part 2, CH 4.D.1.
4. Process/timeline:
a. NLT 20 OCT 2021: Standard applications are emailed to EPM-2 at
b. OOA 21 OCT - 31 OCT 2021: TRACEN CAPE MAY interviews applicants.
c. OOA 01 NOV 2021: EPM-2 notifies selected applicant.
d. OOA 24 JAN - 06 MAY 2022: Window to attend CC Class "C" School.
e. 01 JUL 2022: Expected report date.
5. Standard Application: Members and Commands should pay close attention
to the requirements listed in the standard application found at reference
(C). Incomplete or improperly formatted applications will be returned.
Deadline extensions will not be granted to correct errors.
6. The Special Assignments Officer will coordinate the release from
rating process. Applicants should not contact their detailer asking if
they can be released from rate.
7. Points of contact:
a. Questions concerning the ABC position should be directed to the
current Assistant Battalion Commander, EMCM Sean Smith at:
(609) 898-6778 or
b. Special Assignments: CWO3 Jaime Baldueza, (202) 795-6587 or
8. Released by: LT S. Grell, (202) 795-6584.
9. Internet release authorized.