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R 201208Z OCT 21
ACN 110/21
SSIC 1418
A. Enlisted Accessions, Evaluations, and Advancements, COMDTINST
1. This ACN implements a single, annual Servicewide Exam (1-SWE)
for active duty enlisted members competing for advancement to E5
and E6 beginning in May 2022 and provides clarification on
evaluation, eligibility, and administration. There will not be a
November 2022 SWE, or subsequent November SWEs, for E-4s competing
for E-5 and E-5s competing for E-6 beyond the upcoming November 2021
SWE. E6s competing for E7 and E7s competing for E8 already compete
for advancement through the administration of a single, annual SWE.
The intent of this initiative is to maximize advancement
opportunities for junior enlisted personnel, while reducing the
number of advancement notifications late in the assignment year.
1-SWE will reduce the volatility for members without reducing the
number of advancements authorized each year. Advancements will
continue to be based on Coast Guard personnel service needs,
special assignments, advanced education, enlisted to officer
appointments (i.e. CWO, OCS), and losses such as retirements,
separations, and Release from Active Duty requests.
2. The changes to REF (A) below are effective immediately. They
are intended to offer commands flexibility in the administration
of 1-SWE and increase the number of members eligible to compete
in 1-SWE.
a. The second cell on the right of the table in article 3.A.7.b.
now reads, "12 months prior to the SED" for the E-5 enlisted
evaluation report window.
b. The updated note of article 3.A.7.c. now reads, "Note: A SWE
EER will not be completed if an in-grade evaluation was completed
after the previous SED to raise the sum of an individual factor or
change an unsatisfactory conduct mark. Further, a SWE EER will not
be completed to change a Commanding Officer's advancement
recommendation if a Commanding Officer's Recommendation Change
(CORC) EER will suffice or if the member's performance observed is
less than 30 days."
c. The following criteria is added to article 3.B.2.b.(2) of
REF (A), "(f) Maternity Convalescent, Primary Caregiver, and
Secondary Caregiver Leave. As approved by the member's command in
connection with a birth/adoption event.", and "(g) Command-verified
court appearances for dependency, adoption, divorce, custody; or to
serve as witnesses for civil or criminal cases; or to serve on a
jury or grand jury."
d. The second sentence in article 3.B.2.c. of REF (A) now reads,
"Administer all substitute SWEs on the date pre-approved by
(CG PPC (ADV)) and return them as soon as possible but no later
than thirty-five (35) days after the regularly scheduled SWE date."
e. The updated article 3.B.4.d. of REF (A) now reads,
"Administration Day. Examinations will normally be administered by
pay grade on the first Tuesday through the following Friday in May
for active duty members and on the fourth Saturday in October for
reserve members."
f. The second sentence in article 3.B.4.e. of REF (A) now reads,
"Commanding officers of vessels underway on the scheduled
examination date may delay examinations up to ten days subsequent
to the scheduled date due to operations, weather conditions, or
making port."
g. The following definition is added to article 4.A.3. of
REF (A), "q. Observation. The time-based period of performance by
a member."
h. A note is added to article 4.C.1.b.(4) of REF (A) to read,
"Note: Members in advanced training or "C" schools that performed
rated duties for 92 days or more for E-5 and below, 184 days or
more for E-6 and above, are excluded from this limitation."
i. The last two sentences of article 4.D.3.i. of REF (A) now
read, "A CORC can be used to change the advancement recommendation
of a discipline EER given by the same command issuing the
discipline EER, or by a new command, if the member meets the
requirements and, in the currently Commanding Officer's/AO's
judgement, is ready to carry out the duties and responsibilities
of the next higher grade."
3. This message will be cancelled on 19 OCT 2022.
4. These changes will be made to the next revision of REF (A),
which will be released within the next year.
5. Questions regarding One Servicewide Exam policies outlined in
this message or other human resource management matters may be
directed to the Office of Military Personnel Policy (CG-133) at: Questions regarding Enlisted
Evaluations may be directed to CG PSC-epm-3, at: Additionally, members
and commands are invited to review 1-SWE FAQs on the PPC (ADV)
portal site at:
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6. COs and OICs must bring the content of this ACN to the attention
of all personnel.
7. Released by Dr. D. M. Navarro, Acting Assistant Commandant for
Human Resources (CG-1).
8. Internet release is authorized.