united states coast guard

14 OCT 21

ALCGPSC 109/21
A. PY22 Schedule of Officer Personnel Boards and Panels, PSCNOTE
B. Active Duty CWO Appointment Guide
C. Appointing Warrant Officers, COMDTINST M1420.1(series)
D. ACN 078/21 Update to Enlisted Marine Inspector Training
Program (EMITP) Manual and Appointing Warrant Officers Manual
E. Enlisted Accessions, Evaluations, and Advancements, COMDTINST
F. Coast Guard Weight and Body Fat Standards Program Manual,
COMDTINST M1020.8(series)
G. Performance, Training, and Education Manual, COMDTINST
1. This message announces the schedule and requirements for the
PY22 CWO Appointment Board. Per REF (A), the CWO Appointment
Board will convene on 4 April 2022. Members will only be allowed
to compete for one specialty. It is imperative that candidates
read this entire message thoroughly, use the above references to
assist with application requirements, and meet all specified
2. REF (B) was created by CG PSC to provide guidance and outline
procedures on the CWO appointment process. Applicants, units, and
servicing personnel offices (SPOs) should use this guide and its
checklists to ensure eligibility requirements are met and Direct
Access functions (i.e., My Panel Submission, etc.) are submitted
correctly and on time. REF (B) is available at the following
3. Per REF (C), the following is the normal path for all enlisted
ratings to CWO specialties:
AET/AMT               Aviation Engineering (AVI)
AST                   Aviation Engineering (AVI)
                      Marine Safety Specialist Deck (MSSD)
                      (See Notes)
BM                    Boatswain (BOSN)
                      Marine Safety Specialist Deck (MSSD)
                      (See Notes)
                      Marine Safety Specialist Response (MSSR)
CS                    Finance and Supply (F&S)
DC                    Material Maintenance (MAT)
                      Marine Safety Specialist Engineering (MSSE)
                      (See Notes)
                      Marine Safety Specialist Response (MSSR)
DV                    Diver (DIV)
EM                    Marine Safety Specialist Engineering (MSSE)
                      (See Notes)
                      Naval Engineering (ENG)
ET                    Electronics (ELC)
GM                    Weapons (WEPS)
HS                    Medical Administration (MED)
IS                    Intelligence Systems Specialist (ISS)
IT                    Information Systems Mgmt (ISM)
IV                    Criminal Investigator (INV) (See Notes)
ME                    Maritime Law Enforcement Specialist (MLES)
MK                    Naval Engineering (ENG)
                      Marine Safety Specialist Engineering (MSSE)
                      (See Notes)
                      Marine Safety Specialist Response (MSSR)
MST                   Marine Safety Specialist Deck (MSSD)
                      (See Notes)
                      Marine Safety Specialist Response (MSSR)
OS                    Operations Systems Specialist (OSS)
PA                    Public Information (INF)
SK                    Finance and Supply (F&S)
YN                    Personnel Administration (PERS)
(Notes): Special agents applying to the INV specialty shall
follow the eligibility requirements outlined in Article 3.H.6 of
REF (C) and meet deadlines published below. Applicants for the
MSSD and MSSE specialties are encouraged to review recent policy
changes outlined in REF (D).
4. General Eligibility: Members must be on active duty to apply.
Title 10 and SELRES members are not eligible to apply. All
members must meet the minimum eligibility requirements outlined
in Article 3.E of REF (C), and Commanding Officers shall confirm
compliance with these requirements before positively endorsing an
applicant for this highly competitive program. These requirements
will not be waived. In addition to meeting all minimum
eligibility requirements, it is imperative that members and
commands are familiar with and adhere to the following policies:
   a. Maximum Active Service: Members cannot have more than 26
   years of active duty service as of 1 JUN 2023.
   b. High Year Tenure (HYT) and Senior Enlisted Continuation
   Board (SECB): Members whose mandatory separation date will have
   occurred prior to the effective date of the Final Eligibility
   List (1 JUN 2023) are not eligible to apply.
   c. Weight and Body Fat Compliant: Members on weight and body
   fat probation, in accordance with REF (F), are ineligible to
   d. Previously Found Not Fully-Qualified: Applicants to the
   PY20 and PY21 CWO Appointment board found not fully-qualified by
   the Appointment Board are not eligible to apply in accordance
   with Article 3.E.11 of REF (C). Waivers will not be considered.
5. Exceptions: Color perception and hearing requirements are
outlined in Article 3.H.1. and 3.H.6.d. of REF (C). Waivers will
not be considered; however, the following three exceptions do
apply with respect to color perception:
   a. IT or OS enlisted personnel without normal color vision who
   were previously grandfathered into their respective ratings or
   were selected from other ratings by a panel to lateral to IT or
   b. MK enlisted personnel who entered the MK rating, whether MK
   A-school or striker program, prior to 1 OCT 2001.
6. After reviewing and ensuring compliance with all of the
eligibility requirements outlined in Article 3.E of REF (C),
applicants shall:
   a. All applicants: Submit a “My Panel Submission” via Direct
   Access to their Commanding Officer to obtain a positive or
   negative recommendation as outlined in paragraph 7.
   b. Prior service or eligible reserve applicants: Pay
   particular attention to the time in grade (TIG) listed on the
   Personnel Data Extract (PDE) and profile letter. Direct Access
   cannot distinguish between active duty time and reserve time,
   leading it to overstate all TIG for members with reserve time.
   Only active duty time may be counted towards TIG, which may
   require manual calculation and adjustment for some members. If
   you think your TIG needs to be adjusted, notify your SPO to
   complete a statement of creditable service (SOCS).
   c. BOSN and ENG applicants: The CWO appointment PDE only lists
   whether the applicant is sea duty qualified or not. The
   calculated sea time has been removed from the CWO PDE. The sea
   time used to determine eligibility does not include creditable
   sea time while TDY, sea time at TACLET, LEDETS, etc, and surfmen
   (CXNSJ, CXNSK or CXNSM) who have completed 12 months as certified
   surfman in a designated surfman billet. This time will have to be
   manually calculated to ensure applicants' eligibility for these
   specific specialties. Applicants who believe their sea time
   eligibility is incorrect and needs to be adjusted should notify
   their SPO and inform the CG PSC (opm-1) POCs listed in paragraph
   14. Sea time does not affect pre-board score. Sea time is solely
   used to establish eligibility to compete for BOSN and ENG chief
   warrant officer specialties.
7. The Commanding Officer's recommendation is the most important
step in the CWO appointment process, as the recommendation
assists the Service in affirming the candidate's mental, moral,
physical, and professional qualifications for appointment to
chief warrant officer. The Commanding Officer's recommendation
shall take into consideration the totality of the applicant's
career, not just the time observed while assigned to his or her
unit. Only the Commanding Officer's endorsement is authorized. An
Officer-in-Charge shall forward the “My Panel Submission” up the
chain of command for appropriate command approval. The Commanding
Officer shall:
   a. Ensure the applicant's compliance with all eligibility
   requirements outlined in Article 3.E of REF (C).
   b. Review the applicant's unit and/or SPO personnel data
   c. Review Article 3.I.3.d of REF (C) to ensure members'
   suitability for appointment, including past performance and
   historical documentation while assigned to other units.
   Potentially disqualifying behavior includes, but is not limited
   to, non-adherence to Core Values, substance and/or alcohol abuse,
   misconduct (civil and military), domestic violence, financial
   irresponsibility, sexual harassment or discrimination, or other
   related disciplinary issues.
   d. Positively or negatively recommend the applicant for
   appointment to chief warrant officer via endorsement of their
   application. Recommendations are only viewed by OPM to ensure
   compliance with the eligibility requirements and are not viewed
   by the board, therefore lengthy recommendations are not required
   nor desired. Positive recommendations shall simply state 'Member
   meets eligibility requirements,' and negative recommendations
   should state 'Member does not meet eligibility requirements.'
   Commands are required to either recommend or not recommend all
   requested endorsements. Blank endorsements will be sent back to
   applicant requesting an endorsement.
8. Deadlines:
   a. 7 DEC 2021: Submission deadline for “My Panel Submission”
   application and command endorsement in Direct Access. Step by
   step application instructions are provided in paragraph 4 of REF
   (B) for applicants and in paragraph 6 of REF (B) for command
   b. 7 JAN 2022: Command ensures Enlisted Employee Review (EER)
   up to date in Direct Access per Article 4.C.1.b. of REF (E).
   c. 11 JAN 2022: Applicants log on to Direct Access and
   view/validate their PDE.
   (Note): To access PDE: From the main DA screen, under the
   Employee pagelet, click ‘View’ then ‘Warrant PDE’. Members unable
   to view their PDE may not have submitted their application
   properly and should immediately notify their Commanding Officer,
   SPO, and PSC-OPM-1 so that prompt corrective action can be taken
   to ensure consideration in the cycle. For any needed corrections,
   review paragraph 8 of REF (B).
   d. 25 JAN 2022: Deadline for PDE corrections and waiver
   e. 31 JAN 2022: Members can log into Direct Access and view
   their profile letter.
   (Note): To view profile letter: From the main DA screen, under
   ‘Employee’, click ‘View’ then ‘Warrant Profile Letter’. The pre-
   board score is a live number and will continually change as
   candidate information is changed or corrected. The score used for
   the pre-board eligibility list will be finalized on 29 JAN 2021.
   f. 8 FEB 2022: PSC will publish the pre-board eligibility list
   via ALCGPSC. This list consists of those applicants whose pre-
   board scores as of the 25 JAN 2022 deadline qualify them as
   primary or alternate candidates.
   g. 2 MAR 2022: Recommendation Files (OERs) and Resumes due to
   CG PSC (opm-1) for all primary and alternate candidates as
   published in the pre-board eligibility list. Candidates shall
   strictly follow the procedures outlined in REF (B) and Articles
   5.B and 5.C of REF (C) for preparation and distribution of these
   core documents, including appropriate formatting and content.
   Candidates shall scan and email Recommendation Files to CG PSC
   (opm-1) via HQS-SMB-CGPSC-OPM-1-BOARDS global e-mail address.
   h. 4 APR 2022: CWO Appointment Board convenes.
9. In order to maintain fairness to all candidates in this highly
competitive process, there will be no exceptions or waivers of
the published deadlines listed above, except for extenuating
circumstances listed below in paragraph 10 and with prior
approval. Applicants seeking this unique opportunity to join the
commissioned officer corps bear the responsibility for completing
this process, as well as working closely with their commands and
SPOs to identify and correct any errors before submitting final
10. Afloat commands with limited or no access to Direct Access
who are unable to comply with any of the above listed
requirements or deadlines should notify the CG PSC (opm-1) POC
prior to deadlines to work out an alternate solution.
11. The subject line of any email relating to the 2022 CWO
Appointment Board shall read “PY22 ACTIVE DUTY CWO APPOINTMENT
12. The content of personnel records is the responsibility of the
member. Candidates should review paragraph 11 of REF (B) for
Officer Military Record (OMPF)guidance. Direct Access and the
OMPF are two different systems and may not match. The contents of
Direct Access do not contain actual imaged documents, such as
award citations and college transcripts. It is extremely
important that candidates ensure the imaged content of the OMPF
is correct and up-to-date. Procedures for obtaining a copy of an
official record can be found at:
13. Members who have education, training, professional
certifications and licenses, and other information are encouraged
to complete a CG-4082 in accordance with REF (G). The CG-4082
form must include a commanding officer's signature to be entered
into your OMPF. Completed CG-4082 forms should be submitted to CG
PSC (BOPS-C-Military Records) according to instructions on the
link in paragraph 12.
14. CG PSC (opm-1) POCs: CWO Michele Natale and CDR David Ratner.
Preferred method of communication is email to: and
15. Released by: RDML S. N. Gilreath, Commander, Personnel
Service Center. The Service Center for Our Most Important
Resource – Our People.
16. Internet release is authorized.