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R 241505Z SEP 21
ALCOAST 351/21
SSIC 1710
A. Coast Guard External Affairs Manual, COMDTINST M5700.13 (series)
1. The Coast Guard Office of Cutter Forces (CG-751), the Heart of
the Service, is sponsoring a Sea Service Celebration centered
around 18 October 2021 that honors the sacrifices of the women and
men serving aboard Coast Guard cutters, and highlights the hard
work of the thousands of shoreside administrative, training, and
engineering personnel who enable our fleet to operate. On
18 October 1974, the Office of Personnel promulgated the Coast Guard
Cutterman Insignia program, to "recognize the contributions and
qualifications of our personnel." This year, we celebrate more than
231 years of our sea-going traditions, currently upheld by over
8,000 active duty personnel aboard our 257 cutters.
2. Eight Bells – A Sea Service Celebration is intended to recognize
the hard work done by everyone who serves on a cutter, including
career cuttermen, cuttermen-to-be, and those who support cutters.
Despite the diversity in missions and capabilities among the cutter
classes, the time-tested sea going traditions unite and bind the
entire cutter community together. A new crewmember can go aboard a
cutter of any size or class and be comforted by the shared
traditions of the ringing of eight bells and testing the ship's
alarms and whistle at noon, completing underway checklists,
checking the setting of material condition Yoke, closing the brow
at first call to morning and evening colors, and, of course,
coffee break for the crew among many others.
3. As part of Eight Bells – A Sea Service Celebration,
COMDT (CG-751) encourages all cuttermen, operational commanders,
and cutter support elements to participate in the following events:
   a. One-page essay/poem contest: By 11 October 2021, our current,
past and aspiring future professional mariners are invited to
submit a one-page essay, story, or poem, on the theme of
"The Allure of Being Afloat." Potential topics include, but are not
limited to: best sea stories, experiences, traditions, missions,
lore, history, professional incentives, etc. Submissions will be
judged on creativity and ability to inspire shipmates to answer
the call and stand the watch.
   b. Submissions have no format requirement beyond the one page
limit. Submissions must include the name of the author, unless unit,
department, or group name applies. The poem may rhyme like a New
Year's Day log entry, or be free verse and free flowing like a
body of water, or even a haiku or two. Pictures are also encouraged
if they add value to the essay, story, or poem. Chain of command
approved contest submissions should be sent via email to the two
POCs listed below. The top three winning entries will be posted on
social media platforms and the COMDT (CG-751) portal page, and
shared with Surface Naval Association Presidents, Rating Force
Master Chiefs, and Operational Commanders for distribution within
the cutter community.
   c. All submissions should be of good taste and professional in
nature. For more information on this and other public affairs
policies, see REF (A), Chapter 3, Section H. Submissions will be
judged on creativity, quality, and ability to inspire esprit de
   d. Local events: All commands are encouraged to host appropriate
functions that celebrate sea service traditions during the month of
October, particularly on 18 October if possible. Suggestions
include: local Cuttermen’s Calls, Dinings-In, or cutter round-ups
with friendly competitions (DC Olympics, Shiphandling challenge,
etc.), while adhering to local and Coast Guard pandemic guidance.
Notify POCs in paragraph 4 below of any planned events and tag any
social media posts with #EightBells.
   e. Submissions will be judged by a panel consisting of
COMDT (CG-751) members, the Douglas Munro Chapter of the Surface
Navy Association Board of Directors, and other illustrious
cuttermen within the COMDT (CG-7) directorate.
   f. For a concurrent annual Surface Naval Association (SNA)
competition, submit photos by 01 October 2021 at:
(Copy and Paste URL Below into Browser)

under the CAPT Raymond Komorowski Photo Award section.
   g. On 18 October there will be a 1000 coffee break for the
crew at CGHQ with details announced in separate correspondence.
The event will adhere to local event pandemic guidance. The award
winners will be announced at this event.
4. POCs: LCDR Jack Sloan and LT Brian Hagerty at:
5. RDML Todd C. Wiemers, Assistant Commandant for Capability
(CG-7), sends.
6. Internet release is authorized.