united states coast guard

17 SEP 21

ALCGRSV 057/21
A. Reserve Policy Manual, COMDTINST M1001.28 (series)
1. This message announces the AY22 Reserve assignment
season kickoff and provides important guidelines and
information for Reserve Lieutenant Commanders through
Ensigns competing for assignment, their command cadre or
supervisors, and the Reserve officer corps at large.
Supplemental information on the assignment process,
is available in the AY22 Reserve Personnel Assignment
guide, located on the PSC-RPM website: https://www.dcms.
Personnel-Management-PSC-RPM/RPM-2/AY22/. Request widest
dissemination of this message.
2. Shopping lists: PSC-RPM-2 is developing and validating
AY22 shopping lists, which will identify anticipated
billet vacancies. Updates will be published on the PSC-
RPM website.
a. Validation: Unit commanders should verify the accuracy
and status of each Reserve position on their PAL as reflected
in Direct Access (DA), along with anticipated vacancies. The
Command Concerns process guide is located on the PSC-RPM website
denoted in paragraph 1. Select the "Command Concerns" link after
expanding the "RPM-2" tab on the left. Submit
discrepancies or comments to the appropriate PSC-RPM
Assignment Officer (AO) via Command Concerns by 29 Oct 21.
b. Availability: Shopping lists will be released
OOA 18 Nov 21.
3. AY22 Assignment Candidate Pool:
a. The primary candidate pool consists of members
reported in DA as tour complete in 2022, members filling
positions in which a paygrade mismatch (plus or minus 2
pay grades) exists between member and billet, members in
reprogrammed positions, and members projected to be
released from active duty. This includes Reserve
Lieutenant Commanders through Ensigns serving on long-
term Active Duty for Operational Support (ADOS) and
Extended Active Duty (EAD) who desire a SELRES assignment
following their release from active duty. PSC-RPM-2 will
track additions and deletions to candidate pools caused
by promotions, screening panels, separations, position
reprogramming and other actions.
b. Members serving on long-term ADOS orders that
terminate at any time during 2022 are highly encouraged
to apply for assignment. Members who do not apply for
assignment will be transferred to the Individual Ready
Reserve (IRR) and may participate in the AY22 Off-season
cycle or AY23 assignment cycle.
c. PSC-RPM will adhere to tour completion dates when
considering assignments. Members generally will not
rotate prior to completion of their tours. However, early
rotations are sometimes necessary to meet Service needs.
d. Members who will be affiliating with the SELRES via the
Regular to Reserve (R2R) process should make every effort to meet the
timeline in paragraph 10. Those who miss the deadlines in
paragraph 10 will fall into the AY22 Off-Season assignment
process or expect to remain in the IRR until the AY23
assignment cycle.
4. Reasonable Commuting Distance (RCD): REF A, Article 5.C
describes policy regarding RCD. As a member becomes more
senior, opportunities for assignment within RCD become
increasingly scarce. If a member wants to continue to serve
in a SELRES status, the member should consider assignments
beyond RCD.
5. Members who will voluntarily accept orders beyond RCD
shall include the following statement in their e-resume
member comments: “I, (rank and name) on (date), understand
the Reasonable Commuting Distance (RCD) policy stipulated
in COMDTINST M1001.28 (series), and will voluntarily accept
orders beyond RCD.”
6. IAW REF A, Article 5.E.1., members may be assigned to
a Deployable Specialized Forces (DSF) unit without their
consent if they live within RCD of these units and not
enough qualified volunteers are identified. DSF units
include the Port Security Units (PSUs), Strike Teams and
Naval Expeditionary Combat Commands. Members who have not
been assigned to a DSF unit during their career are strongly
encouraged to apply. Members who have been assigned to a DSF
unit for more than 5 years may apply for reassignment through
the normal assignment process.
7. Members who decline orders are subject to a transfer
to the IRR, Standby Reserve, or may request retirement or
separation, IAW REF A, Article 5.A.10. Members who do not
successfully compete for an AY22 assignment will be
transferred to the IRR and may compete for an AY23
assignment. Members who do not submit an e-resume IAW
paragraph 10 will be transferred to the IRR and may
compete for an AY23 assignment.
8. For e-resume guidance refer to the CG PPC DA II website
To ensure that an e-resume endorsement is completed on
time, members should notify their command when an e-
resume requiring command endorsement has been submitted.
The current version of DA will not notify the endorser of
the request and does not allow late e-resume submission.
9. For assignment guidance refer to the PSC-RPM website
denoted in paragraph 1.
10. AY22 SELRES Lieutenant Commander through Ensign Timeline:
a. 01 Sep 21: Potential shopping lists were posted in
DA for unit validation.
b. 29 Oct 21: Command Concerns and shopping list
corrections due to PSC-RPM-2.
c. 18 Nov 21: Shopping lists released and available
in DA.
d. 18 Nov 21 - 16 Jan 22: E-resume submission period.
e. 18 Nov 21 - 16 Jan 22: AOs available for
assignment counseling.
f. 16 Jan 22: Deadline for members to submit e-resumes.
g. 21 Apr 22: Assignment slates approved and finalized.
h. 12-31 May 22: PCS orders released in DA, available to
units in DA airport terminal.
i. 29 Jun 22: Requests to retire or separate in lieu
of orders due to PSC-RPM.
j. 01 Oct 22: Effective date for AY22 assignments.
11. Assignment officers:
a. LT Luke D'Lima: CGD ONE, FIVE, and SEVEN junior officer
assignments, (202) 795-6534, Luke.T.D'
b. LT Claricia Gautier: CGD EIGHT and NINE junior officer
assignments, (202) 795-6498,
SEVENTEEN junior officer assignments, (202) 795-6528,
12. CAPT Michael Batchelder, Chief CG PSC-RPM, sends.
13. Internet release authorized.