united states coast guard

R 111053Z AUG 21
ALCOAST 291/21
SSIC 1650
1. Purpose: This message solicits nominations for the FY21
Special Command Aide (SCA) of the Year.
2. Background: This annual award recognizes the outstanding
performance of Coast Guard SCAs working within Coast Guard
Representational Facilities (REPFAC) and the Chairman of the
Joint Chiefs of Staff residence. This award recognizes and
encourages outstanding achievement, creativity, and contributions
to the Coast Guard.
3. Award eligibility: Presented annually, this award recognizes
individual performance and contributions between the dates of
01 OCT 2020 and 30 SEP 2021. Because the award is tailored to
SCAs that serve in REPFACs, nominees must have served as an
SCA in a REPFAC for at least six months during the qualifying
period. SCAs who transferred during the competition year will
compete from the REPFAC to which the SCA was assigned as of
01 APR 2021. Previous SCA of the Year award winners are not
eligible to apply.
4. The member selected as the Coast Guard SCA of the Year
will represent the Coast Guard at the Inter-Service Enlisted
Aide of the Year Competition held in conjunction with the
United Service Organization (USO) Salute to Military Chefs
event in Washington, D.C. The focus of the competition is
Enlisted Aide duties with the purpose of relieving General
and Flag Officers of those minor tasks and details which,
if performed by the officers, would be at the expense of
the officers' primary military and official duties. Cooking
will not be part of this competition.
5. Nomination package requirements: Commands may submit an
application package for eligible members, which should be
scanned and emailed, to NLT 15 SEP 2021.
The package must include the following items:
   a. General information sheet.
   b. Command endorsement cover letter.
   c. Justification remarks.
   d. Personal statement.
   e. Military biographical data.
   f. Official photo (head and shoulders in service dress
uniform without combination cover).
6. Please contact CSCS Derek Johnson to obtain the templates
for the general information sheet, justification remarks,
personal statement, and the military biographical data sheet.
7. Command Endorsement: Command endorsements are critical to
the selection process and must provide specific comments on
the member to include:
   a. Leadership and Job Performance: Describe significant
leadership accomplishments and how well the member performed
assigned primary and additional duties. Define the scope and
level of responsibilities and the impact on the mission and
unit. Include any new initiatives or techniques developed by
the member, and comments on the establishment of quality
household management. Also describe any significant contributions
that positively impacted the unit and/or increased mission
effectiveness during the recognition period. Include awards
received: e.g., enlisted person of the quarter, and other
local and civilian organization recognition.
   b. Significant Self-Improvement: Show how the member developed
or improved skills related to primary duties: e.g., formal training,
career development course enrollment or completion, on-the-job
training, certifications, and off-duty education related to
primary duties, etc. Include completion of any professional
military education as well as any off-duty education not directly
related to primary duties: e.g., class, course, degree enrollment
or completion, and grade point average. Cite any other relevant
training, activity or achievements in professional or cultural
societies or associations, and the development of creative
abilities that significantly enhanced the member's value as
a military citizen during the recognition period.
   c. Base and Community Involvement: Define the scope and
impact of the member's positive leadership and involvement
in the military and civilian community. Include leadership,
membership or participation in unit advisory councils,
professional military organizations, associations and
events: e.g., president of the local Coast Guard Enlisted
Association branch, member of the nutrition and wellness
board, officer in culinary chapter, youth coach, etc. Include
contributions (tangible or intangible) to the professional
community and service industry's welfare, morale or status.
Highlight demonstrated ability as an articulate and positive
member of the Coast Guard during the recognition period.
8. POC: For additional information regarding the submission of
packages, contact the SCA program manager, CSCS Derek Johnson,
at (202) 372-4412.
9. ADM Linda Fagan, Vice Commandant (VCG), sends.
10. Internet release is authorized.