united states coast guard

R 091847Z AUG 21
ALCOAST 287/21
SSIC 5350
1. On August 26, our Nation celebrates Women's Equality Day to
commemorate the passage of the 19th Amendment to the U.S.
Constitution, which granted women the right to vote nationally.
The state of Tennessee provided the required 36th vote when it
ratified the amendment on August 18th, 1920 and the proclamation
was signed on the 26th. In 1972, Richard Nixon issued a
Presidential Proclamation designating August 26, as
"Women's Rights Day." The following year, Congress formally adopted
the date as "Women's Equality Day." Annually, tributes are given to
commemorate the transformative change that was 70 years in the
making, beginning with the first women's rights conference in 1848
and culminating with the passage of the Amendment. While the rights
of women of color -- and others -- to cast ballots, remained
elusive for decades more, those who marched, lobbied, and practiced
civil disobedience to bring about this hard-won, transformative
change, are commended.
2. Women's Equality Day provides an opportunity to reflect on the
pursuit of equality and the role of women in public life. The power
of the 19th Amendment and the continued pursuit of equality by
women is exemplified by the historic election of Kamala Harris as
the first woman to serve as Vice President of the United States.
The influence of many new female legislators brings new
perspectives and solutions that directly impact our national and
local governments. These women, along with millions of others,
honor suffragists as they vote in record numbers, wage campaigns,
and serve in local and national offices. Their efforts to achieve
equality continue to effect positive change throughout society. 
3. Women in government have long served this nation by working to
clear barriers, enforce laws, implement new ideas, and change
attitudes. In 1889, well before the passing of the 19th amendment,
Ms. Lillie Ahern broke barriers by holding one of the first
non-clerical U.S. government jobs that were open to women,
lighthouse keeper. This year, Admiral Linda L. Fagan became the
first female four-star admiral to serve as Vice Commandant of the
U.S. Coast Guard. Women throughout the Coast Guard continue to
advance the 19th Amendment’s historic achievements every day
through their service and commitment, providing remarkable
examples of success at all levels of our Service to present and
future generations.
4. All CG commands and units are encouraged to celebrate the
numerous accomplishments and contributions of women and others
who never gave up on their quest for equality and the right to
vote. In light of public health guidance during COVID-19,
please adhere to the CDC guidelines for in-person gatherings or
use remote collaboration tools, websites, newsletters, and/or
social media to celebrate this observance.
5. POC: COMDT (CG-00H), Mrs. Shawntell Williams, Special Emphasis
Program Manager, at or 202-372-4519.
6. Dr. Terri A. Dickerson, Civil Rights Director, COMDT (CG-00H),
7. Internet release is authorized.