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R 062015Z AUG 21
ALCOAST 286/21
SSIC 7000
C. PCN 05-12-2021
1. This ALCOAST provides an update on the Coast Guard's transition
to a new integrated financial system called Financial System
Modernization Solution (FSMS). With less than 60 days until
"cutover," this is also a call to action for all-hands, including
financial management and procurement services (FMPS) professionals,
field commanders, and end-users, to play an active role in
facilitating this monumental transition. The following provides a
list of key dates and resources:
2. Key Dates:
a. ASAP: All units must ensure user role validations for FSMS
have been completed for their commands (if you use FPD, you will
use FSMS). Units should use the quick reference sheet to validate
users for their commands:
(Copy and Paste URL Below into Browser)

Validated user roles will drive communication and tracking of FSMS
user trainings being made available on the Common Core Learning
Platform CCLP:
(Copy and Paste URL Below into Browser)"CCLP"

If roles are not
validated, training on how to request access to and use the new
system will not reach users. Submit a CGCC TECH Support ticket:
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if you need access to update information within LIBERTI.
b. 9 Sep: Last day for contractors to submit routine invoices
that will be paid before cutover.
c. 14 Sep: Last day for CORs to complete reviews of invoices and
forward to KOs, for payment before cutover.
d. 17 Sep: Access to Purchase Card Application (PCA) closes.
Cardholders and Approving Officials will no longer be able to
process reallocations after this date, IAW REF (C). This is also
the last day for KOs to complete reviews of routine invoices to be
paid before cutover.
e. 29 September: CAS is placed in Read-only mode at 1800. No
obligations can be made in CAS/FPD after this time.
f. 01 October: FY22 cutover begins. All financial obligations
made during the planned 45-day cutover period must be entered into
FSMS once it is online. TSA's transition to FSMS in FY21 resulted in
a backlog of procurement data that took several months to clear via
manual entry. We will want to minimize the volume of manual data
entry post 'Go-live', in order to ensure FMPS service providers have
the capacity to continue to enable mission execution. Guidance is
forthcoming regarding prioritization of procurements during the
cutover period. A CG Portal-based Cutover Financial System (CFS) is
being developed to track all FY22 obligations made during the
cutover period with the intent to 'migrate' certain transactions
directly to FSMS, further minimizing manual entry requirements
g. 15 November: Planned end of cutover; FSMS will 'Go-live'.
3. Each unit should utilize the following resources to stay
informed and continue to assist with this transition:
a. Visit the FMPS Homepage
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and sign up for announcement notifications
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b. Commanding Officers and Directors should confirm your
Unit/Directorate is receiving FSMS transition & training information
from a FMPS Lead Change Champion (LCC). If your unit is not
receiving communications from a LCC, contact your LCC and request to
be added to their distribution list (find your Lead Change Champion
(Copy and Paste URL Below into Browser)

or designate a command representative to join the FMPS LCC Network
sign up here:
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to ensure your command is receiving the most up-to-date information
regarding our transition to FSMS.
c. Receive regular FSMS updates including Open House Invitations
and the monthly FMPS Pass Down by joining one of the following
distribution groups:
(Request access here:
(Copy and Paste URL Below into Browser)

4. Training: Training for FSMS users will be primarily self-paced
through CGPortal, with some roles requiring instructor-led training.
The Common Core Learning Platform (CCLP) will host the web-based
training and is continually updated as training modules are
finalized. ALL FUTURE FSMS USERS should go to the CCLP and complete
FSMS 201 – General Navigation

(Copy and Paste URL Below into Browser)"CCLP"

then click "FSMS" -> "System/UAT Training" to gain an
understanding of available tools and functions within FSMS. Users
are highly encouraged to review other available trainings including
iProcurement, Access Lifecycle Management (ALM), and FSMS
Foundations. In mid-August, users with validated roles in LIBERTI
will receive an email notifying them of their future FSMS roles and
the training they need to complete for those roles prior to
5. User Acceptance Testing: One of the key activities currently
underway in support of the FSMS transition is User Acceptance
Testing (UAT), which is the opportunity for Coast Guard personnel
to test the system functionality and ensure it operates in
accordance with the design requirements. Because of the
de-centralized nature of Coast Guard finance and procurement
support, UAT participation is required from FMPS professionals
across the Coast Guard. The full participation of the hundreds of
testers, comprised of volunteers from Air Stations, Bases, Sectors,
HQs and Service Centers, is essential. UAT requirements may pull
these volunteers away from their primary duties. So far as
practicable, supervisors of these personnel should make them
available for testing. Without a robust UAT, the transition to FSMS
will be all the more difficult – there will be more system defects,
users will be less familiar with the new system and we will have
less confidence in the fidelity of our interfaces, just to name a
few ramifications. Unit business and the demands of end-of-year
closeout are understood, but the enormity of this transition cannot
be understated. It has been 25 years since the Coast Guard
attempted a major system transition, and the Coast Guard has never
attempted a transition as complex, challenging and risky as what we
have at hand. With your support, we will be one big step closer to
a successful transition; a transition that promises reduced risk of
cyber vulnerabilities, improved audit readiness and standardization
across the Department.
6. I am extremely proud of the Coast Guard FMPS program managers,
technical authorities, and teams that are working tirelessly to make
this transition as smooth as possible, with the end-users and
Operational units at the forefront of their minds. The level of
"all-hands" engagement and willingness to facilitate this
organizational change will directly correlate to the success of this
effort, and the Coast Guard's continued mission execution. I ask
that everyone prepare themselves and their units for change by
becoming familiar with this ALCOAST and associated references and
begin integrating this information into their plans for the next
several months as we transition from FPD/CAS, to Cutover, to FSMS
7. POCs.
a. Craig Bennett, COMDT (CG-8D), 202-372-3476,
b. CAPT William Arritt, FMPS Deputy Director, 202-372-4674,
c. CAPT Adam Kerr, COMDT (CG-9336) FMSII Team Lead, 202-475-3039,
d. CAPT Erich Klein, Deputy Director of Financial Operations/
Deputy Comptroller, 202-372-3652, Email:
e. Mr. Stephen J. Weagraff, COMDT (CG-86) Office of Financial
Systems Business Requirements, 202-372-3675, Email:
8. RDML M. J. Fedor, Assistant Commandant for Resources
(CG-8), sends.
9. Internet release is authorized.