united states coast guard

R 211414Z JUN 21

ALCGPSC 054/21
A. ALCOAST 194/21
1. Per reference A, the new Financial System Modernization Solution (FSMS)
implementation will begin on 01 October 21, which will delay capability to
process travel reimbursements and cash advances. A new E-Gov Travel Services
(ETS) travel system will also be integrated.
2. In order to mitigate risks associated with this transition period, all
members anticipating travel during Q1 FY22 should obtain a Government Travel
Charge Card (GTCC). Instructions to apply are available at this link: Travel
Card Program ( Additionally, all GTCC holders need to ensure
compliance with DHS Mandated Travel Card training available via the Coast Guard
Learning Portal in order to maintain an active account; this requirement is
mandated every two years.
3. Since travel reimbursements will be delayed, all cardholders without an
existing past due balance will be placed in a Mission Critical status, allowing
continued travel card availability without becoming past due until claims can
be processed. Members are expected to make payment as soon as they are able to
submit a travel claim using the split disbursement feature on the travel
voucher. Most importantly, existing past due balances must be paid off to be
eligible for Mission Critical status.
4. Travel completed prior to 10 September 21, must have a travel claim submitted
by 17 September to allow for payment by the end of the September billing cycle.
All travel concluding on or after 10 September 21 will likely not to be
processed until the transition period ends.
5. The GTCC program will continue to provide key updates and information on the
Travel Card Program Web site at: and MyCG at:
a. Travelers should direct questions to their unit GTCC Travel Manager. Members
can determine who their supporting Travel Managers are under the contacts page
located at this link:
6. Released by: RDML S. N. Gilreath, Commander, Coast Guard Personnel Service
Center. The Service
Center for Our Most Important Resource Our People.
7. Internet release is authorized.